Sunday, 10 March 2013

Malvinas, Falklands...? What difference does it make?


A very small but important kettle of fish, and wool,
and provisioning.
  The Falklands.

File:Falkland Islands topographic map-en.svg

     Stated briefly, the demise of Hugo Chavez, in the way of all flesh that has had repeated ...shall we say...pelvic infections during his younger years, now presents a growing issue of disorder throughout the leftwing in Latinoamerica.   Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and certainly Venezuela now are casted off into an uncertain sea of many serpents and sharks, and very few charts to show the way to a successful crossing of the troubled waters.
     The elephant in the group has gradually withdrawn from the sirene song of free oil and the constant singing of "The International" and the constant genuflecting before images of various little disciples of Satan like Fidel and Che'.   That pachyderm, of course, is Brazil.   The once seat of the Portugese throne, and recently regarded as the Red China Miracle of Latin America has fallen on hard times.   Brazil is being totally awashed in unfathered children, and in the middle of the worst violence and criminal turbulence since the fall of slavery in the country (By decree of HRH Princess Isabel of Brazil, in 1888).   Presently the onslaught of inter-gang murder and mayhem, along with a general and very intense crime wave throughout the country, threatens the various world events of great interest, including both the Mundial de Futbol Soccer (2014) and the Summer Olympics (2016).    A crummy and declining electrical grid, plus crumbling highways and railways plagues those sectors that are being disregarded while the "official class" makes pretty the scene for the coming events.
    There is no other alternative except to use extremely "active" measures against the street level criminal activity which has long since passed even epidemic proportions.   Beatings and assassination of gang leaders and principal followers make Mexico's body count in the drug war look almost reasonable.  We have frequently pointed out that Mexico's war against the cartel was sneered and snickered and defamed by the Obsolete Press, primarily because its Commander in Chief was Pres. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, who is a member of Mexico's equivalent of the Amerian Republican Party.   Silly them, because they know...forgot to tell the public that 60,000 over six years in Mexico, of whom 90% were cockroaches, over a population of 110,000,000 is statistically nowhere near 250,000 in four years over a population of 135,000,000 "souls".   The reason for the silence?
     Like Obama, Brazil had Lulu da Silva, a socialist, redistributionist, global warming dude.  He had to be good, because he, like Hugo Chavez, only cared about the poor.  So we cover for him in the Obsolete Press and defame Mexico and Texas and Conservatives in general.   We can be certain that the Olympics and the Mundial de Futbol will both be plagued by unreported and reported violence.    I remember the the Games in Red China kicked-off with a "deranged" Red Chinese-type person stabbing an American woman to death in front of the Great Hall of the People.

     So, like the glowing press for Hugo Chavez....a totally corrupt demagogue and thug....and the absence of reporting about his tsunami of murders and street-level crime during especially the last 5 years (a becoming worse by the day) and the collapse of the currency, we have the parallel event of the sputtering renovation of threats and hysteria in Argentina concerning the Falkland matter.   To-morrow the people of the Falklands will vote on the  will of the citizens of those Islands, concerning their collective disposition to remain affiliated with the United Kingdom, or if it their wish to unify with the Silver Republic.
Here, Madame President Comrade
Cristina gives herself a sobriety test
as the warm Argentine sun rises over
the Falklands, 500 miles to the south
east.    T0-morrow, the Islanders will
vote to remain in the Commonwealth
 of HRH Elizabeth II and the left-wing
"anti-colonialist" world will be so, so
    So, while President Dilma Rousseff, the president of Brazil and head of the "Workers' Party" and her predecessor, Ruiz Inacio Lulu da Silva, also of the "Workers' Party" are resting up from their secular pilgrammage to the side of Hugo Chavez's coffin, and trying to put a prettier load of make-up on the face of their form of oppressive marxism, and distancing themselves from Chavez's hysterical, narcissistic, and psychotic form of what he tried to call "socialism".

     And since everyone brought up the word "make-up" perhaps we should finally turn to the first returnee from the crocodile-teared, sob-fest in Caracas, the murder and killing capital of South America.  Cristina Fernandez Vds de Kirchner...the latest pink star in the leftern sky, simply had to return ex post haste-o to Buenos Aires in order to (1) try to keep her government afloat in her own sea of Obama-like red ink, street protests from every significant sector in the Argentine population (including labour unions) and (2) whip up a war frenzy so that Argentina can go out and liberate the Falklands again.  The last time was so much fun that they might enjoy another round of 900 or so dead in a two month war over a few piles of rocks with a bunch of sheep grazing on them.

     The results of the election should be known around 19:00 hours, due to the fact that there are so few voting.  The "congress" of the Falklands self-government council has only eight (8) members.  There is some difficulty in logistics in terms of gathering up the ballots because of the wondrously disjointed, craggy, island-by-island construct of this peculiar, isolated, and fascinating little speck on the globe.
    British Naval resources have been self-degraded by about 35% since the last war with Argentina back in the April-May, 1982....although there have been quantum advances in terms of technology.   The Argentine armed forces will not be deployed because they are a shell of their former selves.   Their efforts in the 1982 war were stiffer than might be supposed, especially their air power, but the failure to put their best troops out and to supply them correctly cancelled any advantages held by Argentina's proximity to the front, and the almost equivalent ability of their air power.
     If one reviews the film accessed through this linkage, he/she will know more about the  1982 Falkland's War than 99% of the rest of the Planet.
    One must wonder if Presidente Cristina will be so foolish as to make the same mistake as the military jefe during the last war.   That she is in desperate political straights, is obvious, but it just does not seem possible that she cannot see that even as she is losing the political battle at home, a military disaster over a bunch of rocks with a population of 3,300 souls would send her even faster to the dust bin of history that is her inevitable home. 
To-morrow's vote will be announced in Stanley, and we shall see where the wills of man and woman take this issue in the hours following.   Thank you all for your continued interest, comments, and  following.
El Gringo Viejo