Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Gun Crimes? Gun Running? To-day, let's touch a few bases.


     It is such a pleasure to watch, read, and listen to the Obsoleteers within the leftist ranks, playing with a Coaches's Playbook -  Six basic plays to run over  and over until no defense will ever believe that you will run them again.   We strive to-day do do a quick rundown on various of the sundry sophistries that pop up from the Field of Nightmares.
(1)   Starting with Race:
      Racial and ethnic baiting is the forte of the Saul Alinsky people.  No one wants to be called a racist, so the white fools will bend over backwards to appease any demand, no matter how ridiculous in order to avoid the charge.    Problem?   Yes.   The Luciferin prophet confesses within his own charge that Americans, in their overwhelming majority, are good people of good will.   You who are Luciferians recognise the fact when you take advantage of the fact.
Chalk up one for El Gringo Viejo
(2)  America and the world:
     We are told that only America is a racist place.  Slavery, mistreatment of the Indians, mistreatment of the Mexicans....it is just a nightmare how historically racist America is and how racist it remains....When will they ever learn?   How many roads must a man walk down?
    But, we go to Africa and find that Africa is a septic tanque, full of racism, ethnic and racial and religious combat and discrimination.   Most of the living situation is abysmal.   It was during the time of the sacking of villages to extract likely candidates for the slave auction in Charleston and/or New Orleans.   It remains so to-day.  There was a brief episode when the continent was under colonial rule and administration that there was relative peace, and a functioning formula for material improvement among the nations, both Tribal and European.
     It appears that the best of times were those provided under the Union Jack, and during the Victoriata. The other colonial "masters'' did lesser to equal good and bad as the Brits, depending upon the season and lunar stage, but the Brits were steadier of hand and measure.
     To this day, brutality against women is the norm, not exception.  The practice of Paternity is still a novel concept in many, perhaps most places.   The despair of socialism is the theme of almost all post-Colonial Africa. 
      Socialism is the best method to invoke if one wants to prove that income redistribution can be more efficient.   Everyone will have the same...which is next to nothing, plus whatever crumbs the ones in charge allow a person to have.  Fidel has used socialism as an effective cloak to hide massive personal enrichment, as did Hugo, and do almost all hypocritical leftist leaders.
     If one wishes to find out who the elite are, simply determine who has control of all the guns in the dump that practises distilled  pure socialism.     The material state of affairs for the entire Continent of Africa is such that Mexico, with one-eighth of the population of all the nations of Africa, has a slightly higher Gross National Product than all the continent combined.   The numbers are even more somber if one considers only sub-Saharan Africa.  And discrimination?   The tribes of Africa did at least as well as the white tribes of Europe in hating whomsoever might live next door.
Pope Fracis
How can an Italiano
be a "Latino"?
      The leftists are quick to point out that they are the only true judges of what is the correct racial alignment and outcome.   The left also ascribes within its job description that they are the only ones who are entitled to determine what a "real Negro" or a "real Latino" and what they should and must do to have and maintain the Left's permission to be a "real Negro" or a "real Latin".   And now we are at that point to close point (2).
     We were treated to a brief clip of a very wise pinko informing a bunch of dull cracker Obsolete Press reporters....who were nodding, while drooling, with serious looks of apt consideration of the high minded pontifications of a braying fool....while that informant, the braying fool...is advising the assembled that the Bishop of Rome is not a real "Latino".
     "You see. Andy....He jist ain't no real meskin.  He don't got no Chaygavara shirt....he don't got no street cred and barrio-bility.  He ain't got no scars from fightin' the man and gittin' down with the cirrus community organisin'.    Aint got no picture with Fidel...no picture with his left fist high in the air, clenched with the hatred caused by suffering discrimination from the white-patties.  Nope...ain't no Latino, bato."   Of course, what is really meant is that the Bishop of Rome is that great and fine rarity -  He is a conservative, culturally and ecclesiastically, which is a rarity for a Jesuit.   The Jesuits invented the heretical notion of "Liberation Theology"....but they also have a large number of humble, articulate, monk-like, well-studied sociological and philosophical and religious and historical and overall academic geniuses.

      So then, let's see.   He is not Latin, but he has almost pure Italian ancestry?
     He learned Italian, Latin, Spanish, English, French, and several other languages without the benefit of bi-lingual education and Head Start.   But, some guy named Cortez ( who thinks he is "Latino" because he wears a Chez Gevara shirt and has  a Semitic surname commonly associated with Jews who came into Iberia during the Mohammedan Invasion of the VIIth Century as quartermasters of the Islamic Armies) has decided that an Italian type person is not Latin.   Then who were the dumboes who spread the Latin language throughout the Mediterranean World, and then some?   And did the Latin speaking Romans waste their time making the neo-cave dwelling Brits learn to start the process of turning their language into one of the "Romance Languages".
     That did not make Brits "latinos"....but it did demonstrate that "gente latina" did have a profound impact on huge swaths of the Tierra Firma.    So pardon il Gringo Anziano !!   And be certain Cortez, that the present Roman Catholic Bishop of Rome...IS LATINO!!!!   Neither he nor you can change that.   You can be wrong and you can say what you wish, but if you say that, in racial in ethnic terms he is  not Latino, then you are flat our and very, very WRONG!
    The Truth cannot be redefined by a fool, especially a marxist fool.   What would one expect of a person opining in the Huffington Post, anyway?  So, now, chalk up (2) for El Gringo Viejo.

   (3)      If the Left is so terribly concerned that there are people wandering around loose who have firearms...in their houses....in their autos....in their offices and businesses, then why don't they get some practice in hating people who illegally traffic in weaponry and in the illegal international firearms and ammunition market.  The most dangerous Cartel there is, it seems, in selling weapons that can be jerry rigged by dolts to be fully automatic, without fear of prosecution in the United States of America is the Cartel de la Secretaria de Justicia.....aka The Justice Department, especially the Secretary of the Justice Department, Eric Holder and much of the Civil Rights Enforcement division, and the ATF and E.
     They have run more guns, lied about it more, and set up over 400 Mexican innocents to be killed by their illegal gun running activity more than any common, law abiding American firearms owners as individuals or as groups of individuals.   So...Chalk up another victory for El Gringo Viejo, easily defeating the posturing of the lying, marxist Attorney General Eric Holder, and his demagoguing boss who runs to the teleprompters to lecture responsible American gun owners while his own government is putrid with criminality and perjury, and while his Nirvana, Chicago, Illinois chalks up gun-violence rates that would make even Caracas, Venezuela jealous.

     (4)     And the Fourth is like unto the Third, demonstrating that lying marxists who are as brazen as they are mendacious....can paint themselves into desperate corners very easily.  As it becomes clear that the Benghazi affair might well have been Obama, Holder, and Clinton selling arms privately to the "secular Freedom Fighters" in Syria....in something so sleazy that Americans could not begin to think of such depravity....and that they lost control of the issue when Islamist psycho-militants decided to put an end to the practice of American politicians selling off stashes of Qadiffi's small and medium arms to non-Islamiic, pro-communist "freedom fighters". 
    We know the Ambassador did not know about the deal, but the Turkish freighter captain did know.   He was very aware that the munitions were to be delivered to Syrian anti-government guerillas.   It would be doubtful if he would have known that they were "secular".   The word "secular" is a buzz-word throughout the Middle East for marxists or self-styled communists.   They are the ones who fight dictators and kings as the like and then liberate the people to something like what exists 90 miles south of Key West.
     When we depose dictators and kings, it seems like there are kooks like the Persian ayatollah beheading committee and their puppet Ahmadinijad....or something like the Ortega Brothers and the Sandinistas who take over.
       There is certainly a stained hand mired into this Benghazi thing.  It wreaks of the torn up note inside of an unfound briefcase in Vince Foster's White House office a week after his suicide.   Somehow the police had failed to take note of the briefcase, and therefore could not have known about the poorly forged letter inside of said briefcase.   It was torn into 25 or 30 roughly equivalent pieces.   When assemble...why Glory be!....it turned out to be a "suicide note" from Vince Foster.   Now, just how did we overlook that there briefcase, Mr. Police Sergeant Investigation Man?   It must have been there the whole of the live-long day, and just everybody overlooked that there briefcase just a'sittin' there like a briefcase on a desk might.
     Faithfully replicated by Wikipedia...not a rightwing blog....the WonderWoman Sir Edmund Hillary....who had already forced the number three man at the Justice Department to take a fall for her...OR ELSE....just couldn't have had anything to do with this poor boy's self-destruction, NooooeeeeSireeee.   Lawdy...why Mizz Hillary....she just tripped and concussioned her haid...right after she had real bad stomach flu....an' then she was up there writin' a note, tryin' to write like it was somebody else doin' the writin', you know....
Will (Sir Edmund) Hillary's "approval rating" stand at 63% when the low-information voters are told that this "unfound note" was turned over to the police..... 30 hours after they had already investigated the office and yellow taped it as a crime scene?   To wit:

A suicide note of sorts, actually a draft of a resignation letter, was found torn into 27 pieces in Foster's briefcase after his death. The note is clearly shown to be missing a piece, therefore it was 27 of 28 pieces. The note was not initially found upon the original search of the briefcase in which it was cleared of its effects. It was found on July 26, 1993 and held by the White House for some 30 hours before it was turned over to USPP investigators. The full text of Foster's note was as follows:
"I made mistakes from ignorance, inexperience and overwork
I did not knowingly violate any law or standard of conduct
No one in The White House, to my knowledge, violated any law or standard of conduct, including any action in the travel office. There was no intent to benefit any individual or specific group
The FBI lied in their report to the AG
The press is covering up the illegal benefits they received from the travel staff
The GOP has lied and misrepresented its knowledge and role and covered up a prior investigation
The Ushers Office plotted to have excessive costs incurred, taking advantage of Kaki and HRC
The public will never believe the innocence of the Clintons and their loyal staff
The WSJ editors lie without consequence
I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport."
Sourced from Wikipedia informational page concerning oddities about the Vince Foster Death.   We urge that  the OROG think of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton while going over the disclaimers in the suicide note...."I made.....I did not.....to my knowledge....and that all of the matters listed were those that involved Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.   Had he waited a bit, he could have included that "I had nothing to do with the disaster at Mount Carmel in McClennan County, Texas.

     The above is placed for the attention of all, so as to remind all concerned that Hillary
has more than enough 'splainin' to do for her and Lucy, and Vivian and everyone.   We have to remember that all these principals...Obama, Hillary, Eric Holder have made a business and a career of lying by being too cute by half.    When caught, they deny or say it is the fault of Bush, a right-wing conspiracy, or the Tea Party or racism or barbershopism, or God knows whatever.

Now, however,  point number four is a home run for El Gringo Viejo.   Or as they say in what used to be baseball...Four for four.
El Gringo Viejo