Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ahem! AAHHEEmmmm!!! May I have your attention?


 Before the second war with Saddam Hussein broke out, some seven weeks in advance of the first bombings, the entire world was in agreement with the fact that Saddam Hussein al Tikriti had substantial reserves of various cannon launched and missile launched weapons and devices of mass destruction.
     It was known, and evidentially proven that he had deployed such weaponry during the Iran - Iraq War that left a staggering one million humans of sorts dead, including battalions of Iraqi children of no more than 12 years of age, who were designated and trained to charge machine gun positions.   This tactic was justified because (1) they were smaller targets (2) since they were children, Allah would take them up without sin and give them a greater life at another time and place, (3) it would reduce casualties among the Iraqi regulars because the Persians would exhaust their ammunition shooting at the waves and hordes of children.
     Before people laugh at this silly notion, it was, has been true that  such measures were commonly used among the uncivilised totalitarian regimes throughout ancient and recent history.   The Red Chinese used the tactic...nay, the strategy against both Chung Kai Shek's forces, and later against the Gringos and United Nations troops in Korea.  The North Vietnamese commands used variations of the tactic, and both the Communist Chinese and the North Vietnamese Communist forces gathered up groups and crowds of women and children, purposely, to be placed in front of small but significant infantry manoeuvres.  Most frequently these bullet catchers were drawn from populations known to be friendly to the Gringos and/or anti-communist (Meos, Fundamental Buddhists, Roman Catholics and other Christians, and intellectual anti-communist traditionalists).

     Saddam Hussein used various gasses against his own populations.   Shi'ite and Kurdish opponents of his dictatorship were slaughtered en masse and with intermittent and unpredictable schedule.  Another form of culture torture was, of course, the draining of the marshes and river back-ups and seasonal flood zones of the Swamp Arabs, who had produced excellent vegetable crops for centuries on the floating pads of rich soil.   Saddam caused the swamps, marshes, and river estuaries to be drain, thereby all but destroying the arch-traditional, self-sufficient and noble people that served as an example of the success derived from hard work.

      We return to that period just before the Second Iraq  War began.   Several weeks before the  War,  Saddam Hussein was known to have led the atomic projects inspectors sponsored by the United Nations on wild goose chases, minded by "minders", while certain strange convoys were seen transporting covered loads of something to Syria to the west.    Many of the tractor-trailer rigs had trailers with triple rear axles, used almost exclusively for ultra-heavy loads.    The rigs were waved through at the usually horridly corrupt, extortionist, manipulative border personnel....and DID NOT STOP.   There were an estimated  (low end) 17 or 18, and (high end) up to 35 or 40 of these rigs sent by Saddam Hussein.

        The trucks were conducted to some area within the confines of the Bakaa Valley.    This issue has been looked at, overlooked, studied, denied, supported, discussed, and analysed.  It is certainly the opinion of the important people who count that such an event never occurred.  The Israelis and the Saudis seem to think that there is "something there".  One thing is certain.
      There is a group of people who HATE HEBES.  It is an inborn hatred that comes especially from National Socialists and Communists and elitists.   Much of the inborn hatred comes from atheist, Jew-hating Jews.  Many such Jew hating Jews are found in the broadcast and print media...and of course they are the ones who come up with terms like "neo-conservatives"  as a "dog-whistle" to identify those terrible Jews who think that socialism is bad and that there is a god named Yahweh (Jehovah- same word).
      The Jew-hating Jews...really, really hate Jews who know what the inside of a synagogue looks like....who do stupid things like jump up and down on perfectly good cocktail stems at weddings, who wear funny clothes and say dumb things like "lookit, dollink" and "Hello muddah, hello faddah" and so forth.   They even hate Sandy Koufax.....and they have never seen a screening of "Fiddler on the Roof"  (Hebrew for 'Porgy and Bess').  Their theme song is "Lips that taste Kosher, will never kiss mine". 
      Then there are the (Sir Edmund) Hillary who discovered that the Jews displaced the poor innocent "Palestinians" and learnt at Wellesly to HATE ISRAEL!!!  And hate Jews in general.  BAD, BAD HEBES,  BAD, BAD ISRAEL...oppressing the poor Palestinians who they displaced.

     If a dumboe traditionalist Episcopalian comes along and says, "Can we not all just get along?  Are we not all sons of Abraham...?"  we are ridiculed with the "dog-whistle" of  snake-handler, rube, hillbilly, intellectually challenged, Southerner, fascist, gun-owner, backwards, anti-Arab, and of course, RACIST!!!!

     NOW, we are met with the greatest Jew-hater of all, Barack Hussein Obama, walking among the 12 tribes.   Nothing good can come of it.   Every step Obama takes obscures  the line between treason and the oath of fielty to the constitutional republic that we were.

     NOW,  we are watching the greatest Arab-haters....Assad, the Muslim Brotherhood,  the regime in Teheran, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Al Fatah, Jamaz, and the 319,436 other radical Muslim/Arab groups with really strange, stupid names.....continuing to do what they do best.....kill Arabs and Muslims (women and children, first, of course) when there aren't any Jews or Gentiles handy.

      This is not a time to be reasonable with Islamist radicals.  This is a time to be reasonable with ourselves and our stewardship of our own resources.   We could start by withdrawing the forwarding of 250,000,000 dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.   And the tanks and F-16
This brief summary of how a "Goldwater Girl" is re-booted into a marxist robototron at schools that used to be bulwarks of tradition and normalcy.   Reprinted from Wikipedia, because they know that no one will believe you when you say that Hillary Diane Rodham was lobotomised by an atheist Jew-hating-Jew marxist.   The radioactive linkages lead nowhere except to definitions, but Dr. Alan Schechter was an interesting personality.   More on him at some other time, however. 
Alan Schechter (born 1936 in a Jewish family) is a Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. He was educated at Amherst College, where he received his AB, and at Columbia University, where he earned his PhD. He is a distinguished and award-winning political scientist. He was also Hillary Rodham's advisor during her years at Wellesley College and supervised her senior thesis; Susan Estrich's book The Case for Hillary Clinton mentions her experience also writing an honors thesis for Professor Schechter (at a different time). He remains involved with the college, running the Wellesley in Washington internship program, in which Rodham participated as a student and which continues to send approximately twenty women to Washington for internships each summer. Professor Schechter is the former Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and member of the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (Fulbright Program), a Presidential appointment.

File:Wellesley College Library.jpg
Where the left sides of brains
are de-activated.  Wellesly
College Library
That should do it.   Pardon the inflammatory nature of our beginning of the day.  The Republic is burning and the low-information, low-intelligence, obsolete-media, male-lesbian, left-handed, Eskimos are riding around our circled wagons shooting their child-safe, lo-cal, non-fat arrows.   They really look silly wearing those safety helmets.
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