Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Campaign Never Ends

The scene presented by the President of the United States  suddenly talking about gun control, with beaming, innocent little children seated behind him tells a mighty tale. 
     There was nothing being said about any of this until the massacre at Newtown, Connecticut.  Why, one might ask, have the responses by the White House turned out this way.   It is because of the following.
(1)   The White House and the Stalinist control freaks within the guidance group of the Democrat Party brush off their templates of demands for "protecting Americans from guns and America from gun owners".    Templates include but are not limited to...eliminating "cop killer bullets", "assault weapons" "military-style weapons", "semi-automatic firearms", "Saturday Night specials", "non-hunting weapons", "un-necessary firearms", and the whole gamut of leftist bogey-men lurking in the shadows to frighten the easily confused.
(2)    With the agenda and objectives taken out of the drawer in the big desk of the foundations, leftist think tanks, progressive organistions, and professional America-haters, the leftist  engineers empanel focus groups of the stupid, dull, consumers, SS-disability0, unemployment compensation, food stamp people and others commonly referred to by the President as "The American People".   These people are asked questions such as, "What do you think the President should do to keep America's children safe?" 
          As the people respond, the engineers tape, watch, study inflections, and the reaction of head noddings of the dolts surrounding the dolt who is speaking..."We need to keep the children safe.   The president should take all the guns and bullets and not let anyone hurt people with them".  
          The engineers can go through a lot of answers with a focus group of 20 people.   They will usually have 10 or 12 questions, half of which will be "What should the president do about.....?"   And, half will be"Do you think that the president should propose that failure to register already owned guns of all kinds should be an action punishable by stiff prison terms?"
 (3)    When the dolts are released to go back to their couches and their Oprah and re-runs of Three's Company, the engineers begin to take out phrases....focus group phrases for the stupid and non-critical thinkers.   "Hard working American people",  "working-class families", "single moms trying to get through....",  "millionaires and billionaires", "everybody has the right to (a house)(three square meals)(a safe place to....)(things that they need)".   The best ones though are, "the children" and "the government should provide....", and "the government should make everyone ......".
      The very best ones are like the one Obama used when talking to the press about his demand and order...under the provisions of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative....that declared "....that all contraceptives will be provided  FREE under any private insurance plan..." and ".....that all childen aged 26 and under will be included, FREE, on their parents' insurance plan...."  .   The stupid, lazy, doltish, consumers, envious, mean, small, visionless, inarticulate, incapable of deductive thought, dependent slobs....who compose about two-thirds of the Obama trough of humanity love that word "FREE".   Please notice how frequently it is used in advertising campaigns aimed at the dense, stupid, and compulsively dull...."BUT WAIT, Order Now! and we'll include another bassmasher FREEEEEE, (just pay for separate shipping and handling).
(4)     Then, the Stalinist engineers are sent to round up Police and Firemen from the Union. They will be told to report in full formal uniforms at such and such hour, date, and place in order to stand behind the president as he demonises the other half of the world that can still think critically.   Like the white-trash that he is, he likes to show off and do a bully-strut like he did when he had the Supreme Court captive during one of his incredibly boring State of the Union harangues.   Like the defective, narcissistic, un-accomplished, yet totally indulged personality that he is, Obama must have continuous approval and adoration.
      This is the chronic condition of a person who has undeserved credit or comfort.   Being certain that he does not deserve his rewards he requires that there are people around him who reassure him that he really, really does deserve to have a private 747 and a big white house.   He knows he is a plastic man.   The people around him know he is a plastic man.  The press knows that he is a horribly shallow, plastic man...but it's all each party has...they cannot change the stage now, because the curtain went up quite a while ago, and the audience is watching.
        So, the Greek Chorus stands by....bulge-buttoned, union-thug, police and fire officials in full formal regalia, looking both confused and officious, and/or "regular folks" yawning through the dull drone from the president as he speaks to his dull followers and marxist sychophants from his obamaprompter.

(5) times...when it is absolutely, positively necessary.....THE CHILDREN.  The White House, being under the control of white trash and marxist, cares little about class.  They think class is hobnobbing with vile, profane, degenerate MTV and rapper slime...or the banal self consumed air-headed hollywood left that can only act like they are acting like they care.   They think this is classy:

We know it to be trashy.   This all was kept in the freezer, waiting for just the right "firearms incident" to then put into motion.  The time frame....with an allowance of a couple of weeks to demonise the horrid Republicans who hate children and want to see them all murdered and brutalised, and to allow the press to fan the flames of illogic and hysteria, and to massage congress members to not be afraid of the big meany....the National Rifle Association.... and a few days to work out the security clearance for the children's parents to clear security at the White House....let the people know what to wear and now to dress the children...and we're right on time for the OBAMA Show...DEMAGOGUE the NATION....For FREEEEEEEEE!!!

El Gringo Viejo