Monday, 14 January 2013

Over the Weekend Housecleaning, advisories, up-dates

First, we would like to notice that the AP did a bit of an article about the boys and young men in the State of Guerrero, Mexico substantially taking matters into their own hands, and with their own armaments and initiative, establishing a non-criminality zone in their home area.  The AP article was "flexibly inaccurate and accurate" .   They do not want any notion to be presented that armed civilians, not in the constabulary, should have any right to defend themselves, especially with firearms, and certainly no right to enforce law or customs of a locale without receiving permission from (Sir Edmund)Hillary and the Peoples' Committee for the Popular Front for the Solidarity of Oppressed Popular Fronts and Committees for Solidarity.
     Please be aware that the comments and presentation made by El Gringo Viejo were and are substantially more accurate than the article prepared by the AP.   Over 90% of the area concerned is, in fact, in the State of Guerrero, and the spillover of the dispersed and disparate thugs that have been set on the run by the Military came from westernmost Michoacan and  from Mexico States that lie to the east of the area we are citing.  Also, once the young men began to defend their mothers, sisters, and cousins, and the general social peace, they were contacted by the Governor of Guerrero, who then FINALLY requested the Army to enter the area (a constitutional oddity in Mexico).   The Army, all veterans of combat with the cartels determined that the moral ground was held by these self-motivated boys and that their procedures had been in keeping with reasonable self-defence prerogatives.   The Army even assisted in refining the boys'  strategies, appearances, tactics, and understanding of detention as to not lose in court what was gained on the battlefield.   The proof of the pudding is that these young men are operating under the guidance of the Army, but the Army is allowing the young locals to, as we stated before, do the heavy lifting.
      It is a massive victory for our side...especially during these days when vermin in the American White House and in the United States Congress and in the general agrupation of leftist eltiist snobs are in a full-court press to abolish the intent and effect of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.    All OROGs should become more familiar with this matter, not through the Obsolete Press however, and cram this story down their whatevers,  We can tke the AP story to the nearest kitchen lavatory disposal. !!!
     Next, please notice how, for the next few months at least, the Obsolete Press will print articles about Mexico, but those articles will not close with "Mexico has been involved with an on-going issue involving violence that has taken the lives of 60,000 people since Felipe Calderon Hinojosa began military action against the cartels.  This action is widely unpopular among the Mexican people and has failed to curtail any of the violence".
      This is a shout around to El Gringo Viejo's closest friends and neighbours.   The Obsolete Press ran those paragraphs in almost every article about Mexico for five years.   It was an obligatory tag-on.  Why?    Because Felipe Calderon Hinojosa was a fairly popular...very popular by Mexican standards...president.   While the people did not like the disorder, the execution of the war was and is widely understood to the necessary and better than any other alternative.   As Calderon left office, the Mexican economy was entering into labour shortages, the peso was essentially stronger than the dollar due to fiscal restraints practised by the administration....especially when compared to the profligacy of the Obama nightmare.  And another thing had happened.  The war on the cartel had, for all practical purposes, tipped over in favour of the Military and other active measures.   Violence was increasing contained to cartel vs. cartel, gang vs. gang, and even that was diminishing.
     Lamentably, the Mexican electorate fell for a hatchet job on the PAN candidate, and elected a pretty boy from the old ruling party.   One of the ways he gained election was by convincing a bunch of RINO type Mexican Republicans (National Action Party members) that he would continue the war and military presence against the cartels, and continue to advance  pro-business, pro-independent labour unions, and tight fiscal policies of the previous two administrations.
      Some of the Rhino-PRI mastadons snickered and knew that Pretty Boy (Pen~a Nieto)would not be able to keep his word because the PRI always says whatever is necessary to be elected and then they go to McAllen to spend the (city's)(county's)(State's)(nation's) budget allocations on their daughter's wedding, porno films, and a condominium at South Padre Island.  While such a charge is a bit of an oversimplification,  Mexicans are holding their breathe to see if the once atrocious, tectonic central government bureaucracy is going to continue with its efficiency and civility that has been increasingly the rule for the last decade....or if it begins to slide back into the dark labyrinth of interconnected cavernous hide-outs for slothful, corrupt, gratuity driven slobs and their "secretaries".
       So far, the cartels have remained terribly degraded.    The military pressure has, if anything,  broken into small, almost commando-like search and destroy units...still very much under regimental and division control, but apparently dedicated to tracking down the dispersed and disorganised remnants of the Cartels evermore aggressively.  A band of 12 in rural eastern Durango State made the mistake of taking on a slightly larger Army Patrol last week.   The score was 12  -   0   after the first 4 minutes. may be the case that in a couple of months the Obsolete Press will start reporting that 70,000 have died in the war that Felipe Calderon started and Pen~a Nieto is stupidly continuing and all Mexicans are begging for Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador (marxist) and Hillary Rodham Clinton  (Hillaryist) to come and save the nation.  Or, hopefully, maybe the Obsolete Press will just....fade.........away.
       Next, folks....Gretchen....all press people.....all the girls.....ALL FIREARMS ARE ASSAULT WEAPONS.....ALL BB GUNS AND PELLET GUNS ARE ASSAULT WEAPONS.  When (Sir Edmund)Hillary is around, any lamp or ashtray is an assault weapon.   BUT,   an AR-15 is not a militarised rifle...that is an AR-16....although they are similar in appearance and both come in various formats.   Gretchen, please think!!!   The term "Semi-automatic" does not mean meaner and more devastating.   It only means  that a new cartridge is loaded into the breach and firing chamber by means of using the gasses that were produced by the firing of the previous bullet. pull of the trigger - one shot.    AUTOMATIC means one pull of the trigger ....lots of shots...
        The banning of any and/or both and/or all of  any types of weapons or weapon-like instruments will never, never, never, never, have any effect upon that individual or group that intends to obtain said machinery for nefarious, immoral, and/or illegal purpose.

         While the Brits have all but a total ban on firearm possession by dumboes like me, and they have many fewer per capita shootings of people than in the United States, they also have another little problem brought on by the dole and socialism.   Their overall crime rate, including pilfering, burglary, home invasions,  assault, assault with the intent to do serious bodily harm (intent to murder), rape, sexual assault, robbery by force or instrument (knife, bat, brass knuckles) much worse than in Texas.

           The Japanese also have almost no gun crime.   That is not because of a lack of guns so much as the fact that they have had....(we shall see if they can maintain it)...essentially a sociographic of 122,000,000 people in the upper-middle class,  492 people in other classes, an Emperor and an Empress, their children, staff, and servants...and that's all.   About 98% of the population believes that their departed ancestors are watching them in cosmic communion with the Universal Balancing Force.   While they are not saints, they all have certain knowledge of the human responsibilities as put forth in Shintoism, Confusciusism, Buddhism,  Taoism, and Christianism.....and they believe, whole or in part, some and or/all all of some combination or at least one of the "isms" cited.    They play baseball, and they all (99%) have high school, trade school, and or university.   And the girls are prettier than the Chinese girls, except for some Chinese girls from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
          But they still commit violence, and sometimes with guns, but usually with knives, autos, and blunt instruments.   Those are the instruments of the small but violent  Japanese underworld.

       It will stun the ignorant, and even the fair-minded.  The period of greatest violent crime and mulitiple assassination/murder episodes in terms of per capita incidents, began to peak back in the 1918 -  1924 period with the first real automatic weapons wars between rival Italian immigrant mafia groups and certain other immigrant groups, mixed with a bit of Southern Pride...associated with the moonshine/white lightning reaction to Margaret Sanger and the KU KLUX KLAN  inspired Prohibition.   The sharpest drop in the per-capita violent gun crime and overall crime rate has been since the late 1980s to the present time.   Almost all of that is due to the incarceration of evil and violent criminals for longer terms and because more and more States are opting to allow for the permitting of an armed civilian population.

      When El Gringo Viejo was a child, the Sheriff of Hidalgo County came by our place...on a formal call.  He had a deputy driving the Sheriff's command car...all in uniform, very formal and proper.   I was about 4 years old.  We were on the front lawn, playing croquet of all things.   The two uniformed men came from our circular, gravelled driveway over to our little game and shook hands, patted heads of the children, spoke to the workers in a proper and civilised way.   The Sheriff handed my father an envelope and asked him to read the letter, and if he agreed to the terms and conditions, he wanted to swear my father in.
     It was a weekend, I presume, becaue both my brothers were present as was the maid, my mother. my father's majordomo, and some other neighbours and friends.   I remember my brothers and so of their buds cranking the ice-cream machine.   In any regard, the Sheriff had his man hold up a bible for my father to rest his left hand upon and my father raised his right hand, and he repeated a short oath after the prompting by the Sheriff's reading from a card.
      The entire deal did not take more than six minutes.   Goodbyes were said, and the fancy Sheriff's car and the two visitors were gone before there was even time to acknowledge that they had been there at all.    The thing that had happened was that my father had been named to a fairly prestigious  thing....mainly honorary....known as the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Posse.  It still functioned, and they would, at times, ride horses in the 4th of July Parade, and rarely be called upon to come and back up or look into or assist in providing traffick monitors at big important football games or funeral parking and motor corteges to cemeteries...and very rarely to form a perimeter to close in on a known position of a desperado...a person with a serious warrant or who had escaped jail or prison.

     Tht was then, when folks had been prohibited for a couple of generations in Texas from carrying a gun around or even having one in the passenger area (glove compartment, for instance) of the auto, while "just driving around town".    Now, Texas has decided, "more guns,  less crime"....and Texas decided correctly.  By urging, legally allowing, and pushing firearm safety and reasonable use, the bad guys are less and less disposed to take on just any dumboe.   It still still happens too much, but the overall violent crime rate in Texas, per capita, has plummeted in the last 10 some cases and categories as much as 80%.   !!!
      The worst criminal activity?   Where there is a culture of multigenerational welfare and other forms of public assistance.

     We are trying to breathe life into another page, where would really like for all OROGs, new and old to place their questions and comments.   We are going to be using that site also for clients to make reservatins and make lengthier enquiries about a possible stay at our Bed and Breakfast.    The New Pax Mexicanus is beginning to seep into the active part of  peoples' brains and we are picking up more questions that are at times shunted off into the Spam section.   So we are providing a less efficient but more effective entry point on our side-bar.   It is still under construction, but it can be navigated...1950 technology..don't you know.


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El Gringo Viejo