Saturday, 19 January 2013


Dueling political cartoons on the facing editorial pages of a Texas newpaper.  A fairly useless newpaper that still runs AP and Reuters.   But, it makes a good mattress for the outside cats in their boxes during this cold weather period.  Ramirez who is a genious puts the firearms issue into the proper perspective for those who use the left side of their brain.   His cartoon comes first, as it should.
     Then comes the doltish "Benson" who fails to recall, let us say, that Chicagoland has incredible "gun control"....which means that guns are predictably "out of control", and the only ones who are generally disarmed are the law-abiding and the innocent.   The leads to Chicagoland being insanely bloody.  Chicagoland is composed increasingly of soulless products of the intergenerational public welfare culture.  It is our fault.  Because we oppose intergenerational welfare subsistence because it degrades the value of the self-sufficient, free standing human.  Especially degraded is the concept of an familially integral father.
    Say, Benson....Rahm and Obama and all the progressive cartel....they blame guns or the welfare culture?  The firearms shoot themselves, right?   The law abiding are shooting up all those dead bodies in almost every large urban nightmare centre in America, right?
      Say, Benson....have you ever noticed that conservative Black folks and other what you call "minority individuals"  who are conservative in orientation...and even, dread the thought...GOP types...don't have any problems like the people who are mired in the tar pits of public assistance.   So, what do you say Benson, don't you think that it's not racial, but political, because the Democrats have to pay for their votes with other peoples' money?  Just maybe?
     Say, Benson....Read Ramirez and learn.

One of our favourite political cartoonists of all time
gives us a sad laugh, and some good statistics on the relative
dangers facing Americans.
This second cartoon, the name of the author is difficult to
discern, something like Benson, shows us a paternalistic Obama
"caring" and "hearting" two children, while Wayne LaPierre hearts
only his guns.   Very clever, save for this fact:   If Obama really does care,
and it he had a better way to solve the problem, then why did he not propose
and cause to be enacted empowering legislation to cure this problem.  If he truly
cared, and he truly knew how, then why not Yesterday, so to speak, instead of waiting until
another incident?   Why did he not vote  for the draconian anti-firearm legislation enacted in Illinois back when he was in the the legislature there?   He had the gutless gall to rise up and steadfastly vote...."present" any real weasel.
And, of course, he knows that none of what he has just proposed would have had any impact on any shootings like the one we have suffered through in Newtown.
And he is certain the we are right when we repeat the truism that "...when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns".
And, hypocrit and liar that he is, he knows that Chicagoland's bloodbath is not caused by law-abiding people owning firearms but by the onslaught of un-fathered,  welfare produced and dependent subhumanoids that are somehow held up a products of discrimination by Republicans, when in fact they are products of a purposeful enslavement of a captive group of perpetually dull and dependent and violent malcontents, made angry at the innocent for the misery they themselves with the help of the progressives and other totalitarian secularists have created.
Obama's crocodile tears and feigned concern for "the children" is exposed for the abominable lie that it is, because nothing that he proposes will ever eliminate the risks people face when there are males being drugged up because they are a bit hyper or because they daydream.   There is no ADD nor is there ADHD or any other such thing.   There is only an unwillingness to accept that "Little boys are made of snails and puppy dog's tails" and they require both a gentle, understanding hand and a firm, and posteriorly applicative hand to drag up to the age of 15 - 20.   Over 50% of these incidents are caused by post adolescent males who are taking all nature of mind numbing poison, rendered by male-hating or quick draw prescriptionists.
Further hypocrisy points to the fact that this same administration flooded Mexico with the very firearms they rant and rave about...and the same firearms have been directly involved in the deaths of 400 some odd Mexican innocents...Mexican Army, Naval Infantry, civilian men, women, and children caught in cross fires between cartel cockroaches or military encounters where the cockroaches do not care where the bullets wind up.   These people were killed by Obamaguns....and yet he lectures us about assault rifles.
Ask next time, dear fifth column  of the fourth estate, "Dear Leader, What is your definition of an "assault rifle"?   El Gringo Viejo knows what an "assault rifle" is;  it is a rifle that is used in an assault...any assault.   Just like an assault pistol.  Or an assault jagged edge broken bottle.  Or an assault bottle of rat poison.  Or an assault Bowie's knife.  Or an assault baseball bat.  Or an assault electric heater thrown into an assault bathtub.

You, Barak Hussein Obama, are a poseur and a fraud.  You are a liar and a poor actor entertaining a dull audience.  Half of the nation sees through your every posturing and mendacity...and most them do not really hate you....but rather are saddened that such a great nation would have to put up with such a minor player whose only intent is the destruction of that nation for no other reason than just the pleasure that  a marxist has in  destroying something good and fine.    We know that you are a plastic man, without, and incapable of, original thought.   We know that you have been given social promotion to the point where the saying that "Anyone can become President of the United States" has become, sadly, a true statement.  Any untrained, un-churched, un-educated,  lazy, self-possessed parrot can be made to squawk the marxist line and if the stars are right and  there are enough stupid and ignorant and jealous and covetous, and dependent, and lazy people to form a political majority, then the Manchurian Squawking Parrot can be elected president, and his illegal  alien Auntie Zietuni Obama and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama can keep on living on the public dime in Massachussets for years, and years, and years while their high powered lawyers, paid for by "someone", keep them in the chips provided wholly by taxpayers.   Makes you proud..and you gotta love it.  No?

El Gringo Viejo signs off and drifts back to the old camp fire.  Saddle sore.  Bunches of
problems to-day.  All solved. the details about the linkages.
It is all fixed for the future.