Sunday, 20 January 2013

Called to Mean Old Joe's Saloon in El Diablo, Texas

El Gringo Viejo had a bit of a different deal of the deck this time. He was picking up stuff that he couldn't find in at the General Store in Dusty Gullet Gulch, so he came over to El Diablo where Old Felipe has a store that is quite a bit better, but it's futher away and Felipe likes to talk (and pick up gossip, the number one sport in El Diablo). Felipe's sons had finished loading our two-ton buck and were getting ready to re-tack and hitch the two mules after their watering and otherwise being spoil't, when a little Latin squirt came running up with a message. "Sen~or Gringo, Sen~or Gringo, El Zorro esta' por alla en la Cantina del Viejo Jose, el otro Gringo. Me mando a decirle que quiere hablar contigo! Pero, de urgencia!!" So there we had it. Urgent! It is? Why, when, and where did all this come about? But, such an earnest child, complying with an adult's orders, just had to be obeyed. I thought I knew who it might be, but it was odd that such a meeting should be called out in the open and without regard to El Zorro's normal secretivity. El Gringo Viejo strode over the one block to the west and across the dusty street, to the somewhat ramshackle, but clean, saloon owned and operated by Old Joe Wilkins, who had never been known to smile in 30 years of running his bar...weekend restaurant...and-on call blacksmithing service.
Upon entering, there were no other clients to be seen, save for one old lady, looking the worse for wear for various reasons. Nope, nobody else around...but little "Chon" , the messenger was pointing purposefully at the old lady, and motioning that I should take a chair at that table.
As I sat down, the Old Lady stood up and took of her dress and wigs and began to wipe off the makeup....It really was El Zorro! "What's the point of all of this," I laughed.  Thankfully, El Zorro had his trademark black outfit on underneath the dowdy-looking dress...and his hat nearby.   The cape thing was always overdone, something he almost never used or uses....except, now that we up in years...I use the old over the head goat's wool poncho, and I would imagine that El Zorro would have liked to have that cape with the January night setting up clear...crisp...and more than cool.
 He responded,"I don't really care who sees me leave, I just don't want anybody to know that I'm here or that I arrived. Look, here is something that I wrote up. This issue becomes more serious every day. We need to remember our in shooting a rifle, or pitching a baseball, or heck, just doing an arpeggio on a piano. We have to practice our thought and thinking process. We've been poisoned by the mainstream marxist press to think that a President is like Fidel or Hugo or Kim or Ho. We need to push the default button on our own people and allow them to remember what it black and white...what it is that we are fighting for. Franklin's words, de Toqueville's words warn us about that. Adams and Jefferson as well. Madison speaks to it. But this paper here is what I want published to remind our folks....we are fighting for the maintenance of processes that were wisely installed and that also work when used."

Mountains to the west of
El Diablo, Texas, near the border
And then the preaching was over. It was not so much an instructive, but rather an order. And the message is more than worthwhile. El Zorro says little, ventures away from his two or three haunts and recesses only rarely, and for that reason the observations and conclusions that are made in his messages are arrows whose shafts are .925 silver and points are 18k gold. After a few rounds of Old Mean Joe's best Mexican beer, we went into the darkening hour. The mules would know the way home. I noticed that Old Felipe had put two carrots on the bench for each of the mules upon return to our little adobe hut about 5 miles to the west...towards those mountains.


January 21, 2013 - another inauguration of the executor of the will.

Does it occur to anyone that the executive of the United States, aka President, is in function, simply the "executor" of the Constitution as opposed to the "manipulator" of the Constitution? The job, as is expressed in the inauguration oath, "...I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States...". It is unfortunate that the phrase "to the best of my ability" is in the oath because it has given something of a loophole for this president to wriggle through.

There is a racoon in our stable that coexists with 3 cats. It is impossible to coax this critter out and we get no assistance from the felines. We have to daily clean up the mess of the previous nights' pandemonium. There is a mechanical door with collar sensors worn by the cats that allow the door to open and close for their entry and exit. Obviously the racoon does not have a collar but he is very satisfied to live in the building where there is food, water, and warmth.

Actually that has nothing to do with the president or the inauguration except for the frustration we have in that, despite all our efforts, we cannot rid ourselves of this varmit.

Back to the point we would make, most responsible individuals have a will so as to protect their heirs from government looting of their inheritance. Also with a will the responsible individuals will have an executor whose responsibility is to enforce the conditions of the will. The executor has no power to change the conditions of the document without the express direction of the originator. This is where we make the analogy between a will and the Constitution, the legal executor and the President of the United States. The definition of executive in the context of our government: "the branch of government responsible for carrying out laws, decrees, etc.; administration".

Article I of the Constitution establishes the legislature which is the sole authority to legislate (make laws). Article II establishes the executive branch and specifies the powers of the president which do not include making laws. His job is not to be the boss of the Congress or the Judical branch established in Article III of the Constitution.

We have three branches of government, estalished in order of priority, which none we now have seem to know what their responsibilities under the original law of the country are, nor do they understand the premise of our form of government which is a constitutional republic, not a democracy as our elected officials so often suggest. What this means, for low information voters or low information anybodys, our government is established to protect the the rights of the minority from being abrogated by the majority.

The esteemed Senator from New York, "Chucky Schmuky Schumer" as he is affectionately called, showed his hand on the issue of the rights of the minority off handedly in a recent conversation with Joe Scarborough of the Morning Schmo. To paraphrase, he said that he thought the next four years would bring more compromise between parties in the Congress and the President. He said Leader Boehner was working to bring more comprimise to the House but for 50 rebel members in his chamber. He and his ilk would have us believe compromise / good, but standing on principles / bad. The 50 members are the 2010 Tea Party members who are the hope for the nation. These junior members will ultimately prevail with help in the mid term elections of 2014 to increase their numbers in the House and gain a majority of the same quality individuals in the Senate.

This President continues to campaign. He is not to be underestimated. His gains in his first term are historic. He will try to be even more effective in this second term with immigration and gun control to name a couple. He will continue to bash us over the head with "all Obama all the time". His blathering about compromise and those bad representatives who refuse to bend over will be in your face at every opportunity. He is already using his campaign staff from 2012 to defeat us in 2014. We have to start looking now toward a candidate for 2016.
Yours truly likes Ted Cruz even though he is a junior Senator. He has all the values conservatives should rally behind (in our humble opinion). Senator Cruz already has more experience than did Obama at his first inauguration. He will have four years experience by the 2016 election. It would be a grand occasion to hear Senator Cruz repeat "...I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God."

El Zorro

('nuff said, and well said.   El Gringo Viejo)