Monday, 24 December 2012

Off to make a joyful noise

We are heading off to midnight mass in a minute.  Wife and Son and El Gringo Viejo.  To-morrow Daughter and Granddaughters and Son-in-Law arrive to visit and pay homage to the Great-grandmother of the little ones.
In a way it leads to notions of guilt.  I have so much and others have suffered so.  But we are left to judge matters based upon our own ability to understand.  Under the laws as written by the  Ruler of the Cosmos, however, we must speak of the Peace which passeth all understanding;   We cannot understand.   So we must content ourselves in simply doing good, as best we can, in our own way.
It is left at that.  Good will win.  The balance will be maintained.   I shall do my small part.