Saturday, 3 November 2012

FEMA: I knew you too well

Already, Congressmen are coming forth to call for an expansion of funding for FEMA.    One just finished speaking on FOX saying that he was submitting legislation to authorise a increase of 12,000,000,000 dollars in order to back up spending and to maintain a reserve for disasters that everybody know are coming.
     It is striking, of course, that FEMA demonstrates with each disaster that it is a useless, incompetent deterrent to recovery.  It was established by compulsive central government totalitarians to displace personal responsibility and the exercise of local control and response to a local emergency or disaster.
      Presently, in what little is functioning that is sponsored by the useless central government response force, the locals were pointing out to the Obsolete Press reporters that "Those 'n-words' over are making their third trip through the line, and in that other line over there, that 'n-word' crack-whore is the sister of the ones in the first line" .   It should be pointed out that the speaker in this case is a well-presented, otherwise well-spoken Negress who was apparently escorting two older ladies, perhaps relatives, also well-presented.   This was at an urgent relief centre on the east-most part of Brooklyn.
     It brought to mind similar stories that occurred at the AstroDome in Houston with the arrival of the "Katrina Refugees".   The "Katrina Refugees" immediately upon arrival, set about to gain the system.   We shan't delve into the hundreds of horror stories about their actions and general deportment.   Much of the problem caused by those people was compounded by FEMA.
    But we remember, therefore, and now point out that FEMA learns nothing because it does not have local familiarities.   The idea that, once again with five day's certain notice, that this illustrious, magnificent "Federal" agency composed of Angels and Supermen could not implement the simple, basic, PLAN I - A, that says, "Move 5,000 small and medium-sized spot generators to within 50 miles of (in this case) that point slightly to the right of the strike point of the centre of the storm.    Mobilise and direct 2,000 fuel delivery trucks to that same area, dividing them proportionately according to brand-name of receiving fuelling stations....and keep them "nimble'' so as to respond to changes in landfall target.   Also avoid allowing these first deployments to expose themselves to entrapment by quickly rising water.
      Stand back 100 miles from the strike point and urge that the Governor take control of the supply warehouses of WalMart, K-Mart, and other such great storehouses of "stuff" (diapers, formula, canned goods, water, etc.) and to deploy National Guard elements trained in logistics and supply management under combat conditions.
      If there are inordinate rainfall probabilities, move back to 200 miles and request that appropriate governors communicate with the fire departments of towns and cities that have serviceable fire engines with pumping capacity to immediately begin converging in ten medium sized towns within 50 miles of the strike points...towns with parking lots that can accommodate 50 - 100 pumpers, and that have available diesel fuel to refuel at least twice.
     Suggest strongly the governor(s) that executive orders requiring preference be given at the most adjacent refineries to the strike point to transporters involved in delivering fuel back into the nearest possible fuel retailers, and to the resupply of the fire engine/pumpers once they begin backing up the water removal activities of  the affected areas.
     Mobilise to the highest extent, National Guard fuel tanker-trucks  and the double-axle personnel and asset delivery trucks for delivery of medical personnel and consumer items such as food, water, personal necessities, baby things, etc.   An availability of 2,000 would be a minimum, and might require three to five States to "order-up".
Now, you all know that El Gringo Viejo is a fool for even thinking about such a pie in the sky scheme....but....this is essentially what the electric power and deliver companies do as a matter of course.   We have several hundred high-skilled linemen, installers, drivers, and other very highly trained personnel who have left the AEP service area here in South Texas and already arrived in the the disaster zone...sometime last Thursday.   Large contingencies have moved in from Alabama and Tennessee (and were denied permission to work in New Jersey because they are not "union members") and from the Province of Ottawa, Canada and I am sure from other entities quite distant from the strike point of this particular storm.
     The local press here beat the drum and sang the praises a couple of days ago, of the one and only greatest help agency in the world...the Red Cross... because there are two (2) people leaving this part of South Texas with about 1,400,000 population to go help out in New Jersey.   The local Salvation Army had already dispatched 30 volunteers and regular personnel two days earlier without any press coverage or fanfare.
     In short, FEMA only clouds the issue and strives to make the people think that it has powers and abilities that it doe not, and could never, have.   It is designed to train people to audition in try-outs for Queen for a Day, and to learn how to beg for adult pampers and a can of Wolf Brand Chili and a new house and a Porsche  from Father Abraham or Father Obamaham or whoever the Great White Father  is at the moment.    NO FEMA CAN EVER HOPE TO FIGHT THE LOGISTICAL SUPPLY WAR IN WHAT ARE COMBAT CONDITIONS AND DEAL WITH THE VAGARIES OF RECONSTRUCTION AS CAN LOCAL INSTITUTIONS, POLICE POWER HOLDERS, AND THE PEOPLE RELYING UPON THEIR SENSE OF OBLIGATION TO THEIR NEIGHBOURS.   FEMA is designed, purposefully, to degrade the Samaritan sense that is...or used to be...inborn in the great American Class.
      FEMA is designed to make people realise that only Chairman Mao can provide you with your grey Mao tunic and your two changes of underwear per year....and a toothbrush.
Finally, the Governors, even the crummy ones like Blanco and Sibilius, will perform their police powers knowing that they will be backed up by the other governors.  The businesses will yield to the police powers expressed by the governors and compliance with repayments to the impositions upon the various public and private assets can be reimbursed much more quickly and much more fairly in this matter.     And with less cost.    At times the less "efficient" path is the more effective path.
We resign with an expression of dismay that our electrical company workers....all paid, but all volunteers...went to the trouble to leave hearth and home to go forth and help during a time of need....then to be barraged by people throwing eggs and tomatoes at them, calling them scabs, along with anti-Southern and  ethnic slurs, even as they continued their work to re-establish electrical service.   We'll remember.
El Gringo Viejo