Monday, 12 November 2012

El Zorro, shaking it off....

Once again, riding through despair and a crushed spirit, El Zorro has ridden through fog and mist, over his mountains and into mine.  We are both spiritually wilted.  This time he did not leave his message loudly, but simply placed it by the dogs' bowls, knowing that I would be there before dawn to deal with my canine obligations.

      We are equal in the sense of our devastation.  We are all but identical in our analysis of what went awry.  It is more my opinion that several million rightwing crazies just said,'Blah', after the Christi huggy moment, and the obvious set up that Christi fell for.   Who gets the credit? Obama.  Who gets the blame for anything that goes wrong?  Christi.  Why?  Because there are still millions and millions of people who watch the Obsolete Press.      There were, likewise, several million...perhaps the same several million...who thought, "If you're not going to bring up Benghazi, and if your going to endorse his "love the Muslim Brotherhood and hate Mubarak Obama Doctrine",  then to Hell with it all.  If Romney was going to say that Obama is a good man, after having been called a murderer, a tax scofflaw, a felon, and so on, by that same Obama, then....something is missing in the old complexion. 

     During the autopsies, there are still those who fail to recognise (or admit) that Obama was terribly unpopular among his own people.   His vote total fell off by 15%, which is ABSOLUTELY catastrophic for a politician running for re-election.   And pardon the grammar, but nobody who voted for Romney was going to vote for Obama, but a lot of Obama Un-voters should have taken the trouble to vote for Romney....but they did not.

     So, obviously the only solution for the GOP candidate is, was, and will be to stay hard centre-right, and pleasantly so.   That 15% fall off for Obama is nothing really to be celebrated, because those same people did not feel motivated to go vote for Romney.   No befuddled ex-Obama people, no rightwing pretty much leaves the campaign engineers for Republican presidential candidates in a box that should be labelled, "free kittens to a good home", or "unemployable".

      Don't even get me started about the "ORCA Project" that sucked up millions of campaign dollars for nothing.   But do allow me to advise that should anyone wish to access El Zorro, he/she need only request the cyber address here.   He and his lady have an idyllic setting in a place frozen back in the 1950s, somewhere in the Republic of Texas and I, more than he, am leery of exposing that situation to the flying saucers and black helicopters and groupies that are always following us around all the time.   So, while he posts his return address and so forth, I have  editted it out....perhaps in ensuing transmissions and will be left in the messages.   This particular transmission is worth the reading because of that onion-skin's difference in our analysis and methods of resolution.   99.9% is pretty close though.   Besides, his writing is more to the point and has fewer detours.


Hard to get over.

Not to beat a dead horse, or maybe better said a dead elephant, it is obvious that we conservatives are outnumbered. Call this what you want, sour grapes or whatever but it is the truth and we know what the truth is.
Obama had ten million fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008 and he still won the election over Romney who won two and a half million fewer votes than McCain did in 2008. What does that mean? It means that Obama is doing a terrible job and too many conservatives don’t care. Oh, there are a few who really do care but the number of us who do is diminishing. It means that something for nothing beats something for something. It is probable that Romney was not the first choice of many Republicans and so they shot themselves in the foot by sitting the election out. In his defense, Romney did effectively lay out the case for fixing the mess of the last four years. The last days of the campaign during super storm Sandy, Obama simply got a hug from Huggy Bear Christie then trotted off to something even less meaningful but that was more important to those who voted. He did nothing to help the situation but the photo-op impressed millions of the giveittomes.
I went to Walmart about 5:00PM on election day. At the checkout the checker said she hadn’t voted and would not get off work until 7:00PM so she wouldn’t vote. I told her, “At least your vote won’t cancel mine.” She said, “I really don’t think my vote would cancel yours.” She could tell I obviously would not be an Obama voter… This was a very disheartening event for me that day. Walmart would under no circumstances keep an employee from voting. How many Walmart employees are there and why did they not vote? How many businesses did not overtly or covertly not help themselves in 2012? We do not know the answer to that but it would occur to this writer there were thousands of votes, if not millions that could have been had.
Mathematically the turnout tells the story. The popular vote was close. Romney lost by 3 1/4 Million votes. The demographics gave the electoral vote advantage to Obama 332 to 206 (as of 11/12/2012). The House gained a few seats for the Reps to slightly extend its majority. The Senate lost a couple if seats to the Reps but the Dems still do not have a filibuster proof majority.
The balance of power remains essentially unchanged; however, the problem will be Obama has nothing to lose by opening the flood gates for his socialist/Marxist agenda. With the House in control of spending Obama will still have some problems with new legislation and what he doesn’t like he can veto. One thing we can count on, the confrontation will continue and most likely will be more extreme. It is hoped that the House will have the fortitude to manage Obamacare via the budget and funding.
The bottom line is not a bright one. We conservatives are outnumbered. Our army consists of apathy. Their army consists of the giveittomes. Obama has cut our army literally and figuratively. His army is growing and they are armed with free phones. Our society is becoming more decadent by the day. The voices that appeal for the sanctity of the Constitution and the ideals of the Framers are difficult to hear over the din of the ringtones.
There is nothing to do except to keep the faith. Those of us who care will continue to care. The hope might be that the drones will feel pain by 2016. At least by that time there will be no more Obama. There are some exceptional possibilities for the conservatives. The one most obvious is Marco Rubio. Let the campaigning begin!