Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Queen, a Princess, and a Wall with an Egg sitting on it

Argentina protests
Photograph: EPA
The affairs of Cristina, La Reina de Argentina become more and more interesting, sad, and dangerous.   She is now proposing a suspension of interest paid to holders of Argentine paper, both foreign and domestic holders, for the foreseeable future. 

       So, Argentina protests: thousands marched through Buenos Aires as part of a nationwide "cacerolazo", a protest in which demonstrators beat pans and pots.    She just suffered a huge humiliation when her own tactics were turned back upon her.   Hundreds upon thousands, official and reasonable counts indicate that as many as 700,000 women banging pots and pans with their spoons....(can the poor OROG imagine the din?)....must have been quite a sight and sound.   The protesters say they had 1,000,000 people but the hard count was high, but not that high.   The AP, always sympathetic to leftists anywhere in the world, but especially in Latin America, states that the demonstration was huge, probably more than 400,000.
     All members of the Order of the Readers of the Old Gringo need to truly and totally understand that the assault upon the "2%" , to make them "pay their fair share" is actually an assault upon the entire class of the productive.   It is the effete, mindless marxists drive to produce an egalitarian society, essentially by force.   Cristina Fernandez has confiscated private pensions...and public employees pensions....and now is proposing a form of wealth tax that will hit everyone who has anything.   There is no exchange now for Euros or Dollars or Pounds or Yen....(except, of course, for Cristina and a few thousand of her closest friends).
     The Obsolete press is trying to point out that as many people in Argentina oppose the opposition as oppose Cristina....but such observations are essentially hopeful drivel.   Like Mexico, Brazil, and now the United States, approximately one-third of the populations found therein have no idea what planet they are on or what century they are in, and that third could care less, so long as someone gives them food and free cellular telephones.
     Recent elections in major cities resulted in few surprises.   But, in the case of  the city of Nun~ao, adjacent to Santiago, he daughter of Salvador Allende did receive quite a surprise.   She was running for a mayoralty in that suburb of Santiago.  Maya Allende de Fernandez was first declared the winner, but because of the closeness, the law required a recount.  There is some irony because the recount has to be public, so it was held in the same soccer stadium where the leftist press declared that Pinochet's soldiers executed "thousands" during the turbulent end to Allende's comic-opera presidency.   It is said that he committed suicide rather than be taken away from the Presidential Palace by CIA thugs.   The fact is that several factions were arguing about how to resist against the fascist counter-revolutionaries who were swarming throughout the city of Santiago de Chile at that moment.
     Best indications are that members of the "Maoist wing" of the Chilean Revolution finished the argument when one member of that faction strode up and put a bullet through the President's head.  This, supposedly, was because Allende was declaring a willingness to negotiate with the various factions arrayed against him.   The least of them was the often cited "CIA funded" private transporters association...of some 60,000 commercial truckers who had "parked it" until threats to nationalise their businesses were called off.
     The "Maoist faction" people were known to have been in the building at the time, and apparently had made their escape in those final couple of hours.   There is film of them on second floor parapets, heading for fire escapes....and there is some record of some of the same personalities being seen later involved with the FARC in Colombia.

      The legally required recount did in fact reverse the outcome of the election.  Instead of losing by 50 votes out of about 60,000 cast, it turned out that the dirty old "centre-right man" had a margin of 200 or so more than poor Maya Allende.   There was no dispute.  Recounting the recount came up the same.
       This is important in a way, because this district was one of those working-class communities that is primarily working class, but has always voted to the right.   This time massive money from Mitterrand-type foreign sources (for a mayoralty!) had been brought in and "students" had been busy registering people who actually did not live in the suburb of Santiago.   Oddly, almost no one came from the "0ppressed masses", but a large group of working-class long term residents of the neat, clean community did quietly watch the proceedings, and then applaud quietly before returning home, nearby.


     The Queen of the Universe remains in Australia.  This is her third absence, literally to the other side of the world, during important events.  Perhaps she is really practicing her ultimate exile.  Perhaps she just really likes wine tastings of wine that tastes like vinegar.  Perhaps she is awaiting the sudden fall of the present president which would give her the opportunity of ordering Air Force One to come and return her to the Throne Room.
     We can only imagine how slowly she will speak if she ever is brought before any forum that researches the activity of her office during the Benghazi episodes.  Will the killing of the Hamas Commander bring her back from swilling and swelling?  Does she serve any purpose?  Would putting her under oath have any effect to a woman who would lie about something as simple as landing an airplane in the Balkans?   Can anybody ask if she thought her hubby-wubby maybe, kinda, you know....jeapordising national security by talking on open access lines to his chubby little intern?   Or allowing her to come and go without clearing the normal White House checkpoints.   Did she forget about the hissy-fit that Monica threw at at the east-entrance when the White House uniformed police would not let her in without the necessary clearances?   And perhaps it might have occurred to Madame Corkscrew that the girl might have been acting stupid because she was a Mata Hari spy?   Oh, well -  Nothing you people do rises to the level of crime or immorality, because none of you have souls.    (Sir Edmund)...can I call you that?  Do you people see yourselves in mirrors, or are know, like...special?

Some gentle winds still blow.
El Gringo Viejo