Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So What Do We Do With a Dead Cartel Boss's Carcass?

Every time there is a significant advance by Mexican military units...any great success...a few moments go by and then the press begins to remind the public that the success is not all that important.    It is quickly intoned that for every head that falls, two more grow in its place.    Reporters line up to scoff at the "parade arrests" which finds a bunch of thuggish looking thugs being presented to the press with one or two soldiers, heavily armed, standing behind each hapless thug.   Analysts are quick to point out that these line-ups are almost always staged, and usually the arrestees don't even make it to arraignment before they are released for lack of evidence.
     The scoffers continue, with almost pre-fab paragraphs that are always.....and I mean always....employed by the reporter or commentator.   The prisoners who make it into prison are always "sprung" by Cartel invaders and they all disappear into the fog of war.   All of the judicial and constabulary personnel are corrupt and the whole matter is hopeless.   While there is a grain of truth in these reports, those grains are used to perpetrate a false sense of futility.   And, one thousand grains of sand do not make a beach.
      These last two events are a good example.   The Lascano take-down was so important that when El Gringo Viejo was driving up to Texas on the day of the events people were celebrating at the news.   Because of my little fever, I stopped a couple of times at little pleasant restaurants, and in each case, the clients and staff were standing in front of the television cheering the news about the fall of Lascano.   It would be best not to translate the names and epithets employed to describe the Lascano bum and the depraved "El Ardilla" on this blog.
      The next point is simpler.  The leftist press celebrated with hilarity the news about how Lascano's body had been taken off, stolen by the heroic cartel thugs, who like the American Marines, never leave a fallen comrade on the battlefield.    Absolute camel puke.
      Once Lascano's body had been forensically identified, it is no longer of any use in Mexican court or legal proceedings.   Perhaps the reporters would prefer that the Mexican Army or Naval Infantry take these bums and head them at a taxidermy and hang the trophies on some museum wall somewhere.    The best news we can develop is that a group of people came and took the remains in a bronze casket to the church in Lasano's nearby hometown.    The Catholic church in that  community was rebuilt at considerable expense by Lazcano (something that is rare in Mexico, but not rare enough) and the viewing and rosary was conducted there, interment followed the next day.    To set aside the predictable argument that Lascano's body was not Lascano's body, all should be aware that he was forensically identified and also confirmed by various acquaintances.
     The Naval Infantry spokeman relevant to this particular case did make a perfunctory statement to the effect that "efforts to relocate the body are underway".     My opinion is that there will be pictures of a very eleborate interment either in Progresso or Sabinas, Coahuila, not far from the Texas border coming out in Gazetta Policiaca very soon.

El Gringo Viejo