Monday, 29 October 2012

Following Up on El Zorro's Friend's Point....It is truly inescapeable.

 What disaster looks like in graphic form

       This simple graph demonstrates perfectly....the perfect point of El Zorro's friend, the not-too-distant relative of Nathanial Hawthorne.   If such money, taken at the point of guns held by central government tax enforcement agents, had been simply delivered in the form of a treasury check or automatic bank deposit, every "poor" family in the United States of America would have received 60,000 American dollars.   That number of people, following as closely as possible whatever is defined by the Gomorrah Census Statistical Service, would rise to approximately 16,5oo,000 family units.   This includes femmes soles (Auntie Zietuni Obama), hommes soles and widowers alone (Uncle Omar Onyango Obama), baby-mothers with between 1 and 13 babies, whole unit traditional families with multiple incomes but reporting only one to welfare authorities, and illegal aliens sponsored passively and/or actively into the United States by various politically motivated "community organisations" and "religious community service groups",  (reference above,  Auntie Zietuni Obama and Uncle Omar Obama who are now most representative of the "Huddled Masses"). 
     Remember, this graph does not include Social Security standard payments, Medicare disbursements, Military Pensions, or Railroad Retirement Payments.   It does not include the catastrophically compounding Social Security Disability payments....of which almost half are probably fraudulent at this point... but it does include the Supplemental Security Insurance which is provided various Queen for a Day winners who were never intended to be part of  any national outlays of the already Ponzi-infected central government program to "protect human dignity".
     As a divergence, had the intent of the legislation concerning Social Security been one to protect the estates of the common man and provide for substantial wealth during the golden years, the meddlesome law would have simply stated,
 "One-percent of the earnings of the employed or self-employed person will be invested in a conservative, private account, to include United States Savings Bonds or Treasury Certificates, Preferred Stock in the following list of major United States private companies, or in the Bond Issuances of any United States political subdivision that is maintaining a AAA bond rating.  The account can be modified by the holder to become any combination of these alternatives on any anniversary of the holder's enrollment date.  These deposits will be the property of the account holder and exempt from taxation by any and all government(s).  These accounts pertain to the estate of the holder and  are transferrable to his/her heirs and assigns"
    Still, even this would have violated any reasonable interpretation of the 10th Amendment, but that is another, even more sound argument against central government institutionalised vote buying programs.
     With 16,500,000 "family units" receiving an average of 60,000 American dollars per year of largess from the central government, we can further calculate that this number translates to about 80,000,000 people who are living like bunnies in the bramble.  They are unseen by most of us.   They live in an culture where they think "work" is that process by which they learn of the terms and conditions required in qualifying for Section 8, food stamps, AFDC, utility payment assistance, free year round school lunch, food-bank registration, medicaid, and many other programs designed to help the poor.   First and foremost of these qualifiers is to make certain that there is no adult male living with the family, especially if his DNA can be traced to any of the minors living under that same roof.   The next qualifier is to know how to respond to the questions of the welfare intake officer and/or the welfare case worker.
      Usually the intake and case officer is the recipient's friend, because the paycheck of that person is made more predictable by the level of "overwork" that he/she must endure in order to "help" the poor. 
     It genuinely leaves the rest of us, in places where there is a close contact between the "bunnies in the bramble" and the human beings in the line, waiting for the checker go through two or three complete grocery carts of junk food and items that we cannot afford, because we are categorised by Obama as millionaires and billionaires, and while we as human beings have to suffer the noise, disorder, filth, and grabbing of things from every display by 3 to 7 wild animals in the form of indisciplinate children....then further having to wait while the 'poor person' goes through three or four different Lone Star Cards before finding one that will cover her charges.   This is a reality that many people in the United States are unaware that exists.    In Hidalgo County of Texas, it is the norm.   In many, many large cities and urban areas throughout the United States, it is the norm.  
     Here is it complicated by the fact that "baby-mothers" who are illegal aliens immediately qualify for all forms of public assistance...."for the good of the 'citizen' baby".  The "baby-mother" knows to have a baby every two to three years so as to keep and expand the gravey-train.   She also knows to find a medicaid doctor who will diagnose one or more of her miracle babies with a condition or learning disability so as to qualify for more "free money".   This also helps in obtaining a maid or "home-help" person to help watch telenovelas while four children wander around with baby bottles full of Coca Cola and Red Soda glued to their mouths and Pampers full of whatever, on every child from 0 to 4 years of  age, inclusive.
     A conservative sociologist can foresee these things happening even as the programs were set up, but in mentioning the obvious, he will be assaulted with charges of being "racist".  However, the people who cat call and complain loudly and openly in the grocery lines are most often the Latinos who are in the productive classes, whether blue or white collar, who just finally go into a dithering melt-down when assaulted by these scenes of profligacy that would shame gambling addict.    Which, of course, brings up the other observation that half of all lottery tickets in Texas are sold to people who hold Lone Star Cards. 
     Lone Star Cards that are obtained to pay a debt (or in the payment for crack or marijuana) are frequently passed around between and among members of the Amalgamated Corner Pharmaceutical Apprentice and Master Plumbers and Crack-pipefitters Union - local 666, as are other government sponsored welfare "credit cards".   Truth be know, it is estimated that 30% of social security payments are used in the purchase of lottery tickets and in gaming expenditures at the numerous casinos now available to the public throughout the United States.

 Solyndra, of course, was touted as
 the Salvation of the Universe
 by Obama and his Department
 of Energy.  When it wentbelly-up,
 Obama put the blame on Bush.
 The fact is that Solyndra was
 set up during the Bush
 Administration, but it was
 denied financing help or
 guarantees.  When Obama came
 in, Solyndra people came to
 collect on theircampaign
 "assistance" and they were
 rewarded...with $800,000,000
 worth of loan
 foisted off on the American
 tax-paying public.
     And yes, Virginia....El Gringo Viejo, and El Zorro, and El Zorro's friend who is related to Nathanial Hawthorne are every bit as opposed to corporate welfare as they are to individual welfare.   Neither works.   For one reason, corporations really are people.   A corporation given its daily ration of fish will soon appear to be like the faux high speed rail projects in China and other Red Chinese public works and "infrastucture" disasters.   The eleven major "Green Energy Initiatives" funded by the stimulus that failed were all headed by a board of directors or management group that consisted either totally or substantially of  Obama campaing operatives and donors.   The amount of money lost by the taxpayers on these "betting on Losers" tactics is more than $3,000,000,000 .    It is very easy to play and lose when the money belongs to evil millionaires and billionaires who make 22,000 t0 1,000,000 dollars per year, who are not Obama donors.

     Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, Eli Whitney, Henry Ford, Wilber and Orville Wright and hundreds of thousands of other inventors and entrepeneurs developed their own financing and/or backers, or sold rights of participation to potential investors and waded though the darkness of doubt and debt and negativism without the aid of the central government.
    The old saw about the Robber Barons and the Railroad Barons being backed by the government is not a functional counter-arguement.  Even with the land grants, all of which were drawn from the public domain, there was no guarantee of profits and competition was used to impulse production, service, and profitability.  Furthermore, there was only one bite at the apple in the sense that transferring public domain assets from the United States central government meant that it became private property with titles held by small and/or large private individuals who would be involved in the establishment of the town-lots, organisations, farms and ranches,  businesses, lateral staging and dreyage companies, Indian Reservations and services, tourism and travel accommodations, etc. etc. etc.
     We introduced two of the best immigrant populations into the fabric of the nation...the Japanese and Chinese, we stabilised another group that was "over-run" and "taken-in" which were the Mexican/Spanish group that had to digest and adapt to the peculiar Anglo/Teutonic obsession with "progress''.   These four very general groupings, in the great main, learned how to handle the blustery, bull-in-the-china-cabinet Calvinists and other assorted religious wierdos, adapt to their strange desires to eat familiar food while adopting chow mein and enchiladas as "American food" all without community organisers teaching us how to get along.
     (For those who think this is a 'Pollyana" rendition of
Historical American Sociology and Modern Anthropology,
 please feel free to object, but we warn that you will be
 walking into the door in the dark.)

We are compelled to repeat the inclusion from yesterday's posting, from the line that was sent by El Zorro's friend who is a not-too-distant relative of Nathanial Hawthorne.....
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El Gringo Viejo