Sunday, 15 July 2012

What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine.

     We are entertained by the minstrel show being provided by Obama, officers in his re-election campaign, and officers of the Democrat National Committee concerning Mr. Romney's money.   Would that they concerned themselves with the money they are in charge of administering more, and with Mr. Romney's money less.   It would go better for them if their own people were not doing the same financial manuevers as Mr. Romney.   Such is the way of forward leaning hypocrits.
     At the root of almost every economic and social ill we are undergoing in these days is a central government program, funded and controlled by economic and social engineers who are either fools or purposeful saboteurs...or both.    (We remember Col. Klink of Stalag XIII)
The Food Stamp program is designed to prevent us from having to step over dead bodies of the children who starved to death overnight, and it was only going to cost so much.   Now we are told that because of Republican indifference,  50% of minority children are morbidly obese and have diabetes, and we are not providing enough taxes and contributions to address that problem.   We are continuing to feed "the children" two and a half meals per day at school, "free", and "school summer lunch" program, "free" and various food bank programs. And still we are admonished by the Democrats that the Republicans want children, especially minority children, to starve.
     We were told that people had a right to own a home and that the government had a vested interest in facilitating home ownership.   Franklin Raines and Barney Frank and Christopher
Jim Ready  and Cong. Barney Frank
at their 7 July 2012 nuptials in Massachusetts
Dodd were the grand shamans of Home Ownership.   A weak system that had a least a mediocre record in muddling the free market in housing as best it could, finally broke apart.  With the Frank, Raines, and Dodd trinity from Hell, it became some thing a free housing in  markets instead, and promptly collapsed.    But they blamed it on Bush, who had the least to do with it.   He was scoffed at  and ridiculed for suggesting that it was dangerous and counterproductive for the Government Wise Men to give minorities, polars bears, and welfare recipients 400,000 mortgages.   It broke apart because of the ridiculous derivatives market gaming and hedge fund smokescreening.    It should be noted as an aside that both (Sir Edmund)Hillary's and Nancy (Pass it to find out what's inside it) Pelosi's daughters were employed by hedge fund operators during the "Flip This House" days of frenzy.

     We were also told that Social Security would keep us from having to step over the withered bodies of geezers who had starved to death and frozen in the gutter overnight, after losing their utility subsidy while bleeding to death cutting themselves with the sharp can lids of dog food they were eating.    But every two years the Democrats send mailers, publish newspaper advertisements, and run hours upon hours of warnings about how the Republicans are going to lower taxes on the rich and take away Social Security checks from the geezers.   Was the program really designed by marxists to terrorise geezers every two years?

     Since Ronald Reagan would do nothing to advance renewable energy, or fight HIV,  Obama has had to show the way.   His way is Solyndra....and a myriad of other programs, subsidies, loan guarantees, and outright crony capitalist deals.  We have loans and grants going to Red China, Finland, Mexico, Canada, and other places involved in Green Energy (what in the Hell is green energy?) and this qualifies as "doing something for the middle class".   We look across the pond to our Spanish friends, so often cited in 2007 - 2008 as the example for spurring employment and providing clean energy.   The Spanish "green energy initiative" had even been identified by its original advocate as a complete and total failure by 2008.   It did nothing for employment levels except to reduce them, and did nothing about the Spanish "energy" picture except to make it worse.

     So, in the words of the Great Communicator, "Mr. Obama, tear down this wall.   We know your intent is to enslave people in a New East Berlin....we know you want to remand Americans and America to the ant-hill so dear to marxists.   But we say, "no!"   We shall not march meekly to the ovens....the gulags....the re-education camps, or submit to your elitist desires to give us  scripted and orderly dull grey lives.   We shall rise, resist, and turn back your plans to involve us further in your Great Leap Forward.  We shall overcome.

El Gringo Viejo