Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sorry, Dave.

We received a pass of the hand of serendipity yesterday.   We were in need of doing something that we have never had to do.   It will be necessary for El Gringo Viejo to be away during the entire period of the run-off in the Texas Republican Primary.   It will require that El Gringo Viejo actually reduce himself to filing for an absentee ballot by mail.   Yesterday, we called the county voter registrar, and asked the deputy to send an absentee ballot request application to our address.
    She was very nice and said it was as good as in the mail.   Imagine our surprise when, boom, an absentee ballot request showed up....that same day!!   Looking at the mailing carefully, it soon became clear that it was an interior mailing by a run-off candidate, running in the run-off of the Republican Primary.   "How advanced!" we thought.    The request for an absentee ballot has been mailed back already and El Gringo Viejo is a little more at ease.
     Oddly, and in this case truly ironically, the mailing had come from Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, the country-club approved Republican in the US Senate candidacy run-off.   We did not want his mailing to go to waste, so we will use the ballot he helped us to obtain.   It will, however be used  to cast a  vote for his rightwing crazy opponent, Ted Cruz.
     Lt. Gov. Dewhurst had just re-initiated his deceptive, mega-blitz misinformation onslaught against Cruz again.   He seems to be unaware that for every advertisement that runs, he probably loses another vote.   There is so much evidence on the internet and the outernet that contradicts, decisively, the things these advertisements are purporting that it makes the Lieutenant Governor appear to be a fool.   Sad.  Before the primaries, it had been my determination to vote for Dewhurst...but I wound up voting for Cruz.    Dewhurst will recieve my vote only in the unlikely event that he wins the Republican nomination so as to avoid the even worse alternative of having another Democrat Socialist in the United States Senate.   Incredibly, Dewhurst is down by 1o points at this writing....and falling.

El Gringo Viejo