Monday, 9 July 2012

Beat the Drum...Beat the Drum Harder

An assembly of notions and observations follows:

(1)    We learned to-day that the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, USA has determined in its wisdom, and by authorising vote of the the House of Bishops, that no parish within any diocese affililiated with the Episcopal Church, USA can refuse to hire a person for any matter associated with sexual orientation or practice, including cross-dressing, for any position, volumteer or paid, working as a sextant, a teacher or teacher's aide, or Sunday School or catechism instructor, or secretary, vestryman, or any other such position including vicar, rector, deacon, music director, choir member, lay reader, or acolytes.
     That will solve all the problems in the Anglican Communion.   Saints Preserve Us.

(2)    Obama celebrates the employment of 56,000 new, full-time hires during the month of June, 2012.   His real celebration was reserved for the 85,000 Social Security Disability new hires.   Ninety percent of the latter will be Democrat votes.

(3)     There are still folks who seem to be intelligent who say, "We have to make O'bama understand that his policies are hurting the country!"
     Virginia!!!  Read my lips!!!  Obama's intent from the beginning was to do the work for which he was programmed.   Demonise the wealthy, ridicule the police, jam up the Department of Justice, muddle the immigration issue for demagogic purposes, block advances in production and processing of oil and natural gas, disregard orders to desist, issued by federal judges in matters pertaining to the closing of the Gulf of Mexico to deep water drilling, sabotaging the Keystone Pipeline agreement, and hundreds of other actions, small and large.   The entire reason for Obama to have been placed into the Presidency is to fundamentally transform America into an organic law, national socialist state, and to relegate the Constitution to irrelevance.   He will be remembered as the man who waved his hammer and ordered insurance companies to provide "free" contraceptive medicines for women, and who cancelled the preferred stock and bond holdings of private investors in General Motors and Chrysler Motors, again with a wave of his sickle. 
     He is following his orders from the internationalist marxists who have groomed him for twenty years into the robotron that he is.   Imagine saying the same lame campaign line for five years.....mendacious, illogical, and demeaning to the intelligence of reasonable productive people.....but wonderful for those seeking parasitic, dependent status in a Brave New World.
(4)      Colombia University really thinks that Obama might have gone to their school in New York City for two years....they have the records.... they are almost totally sure that they do, really!    No one really knows much about his transcripts,  and very, very, very few people remember him being in attendance, on know, like....being a student.   One pr0fessor did say that he had Obama in his class, and he gave Obama an "A"....
     Uh...Sorry, Mr. Professor.   Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Dwight Eisenhower, Herbert Hoover, Howard Taft, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush...even James Earl Carter.... turned over their transcripts and medical records to the public view.   William Jefferson Blythe and Barak Hussein Obama did not.    Only one of those men happen to have an illegally obtained, out of sequence Social Security Card and number.   Three guesses.
(5)     Al Gore, this is just for you.   While the press was going nuts about the "terrible storms" and "3,500 high temperature  records being broken" in the northeastern quarter of the contiguous forty-eight States, in the British Isles it's wet and cold....record setting cold is the rule.    Russia's eastern areas are beset with rains and summer chill.   So...go back to your inundated ocean-front, San Francisco lover's nest, Al....Oh!  The Pacific has not risen to swallow your little cottage de romance?   But you said the oceans would be 19 feet higher if we were to continue burning "fossil" fuels, and that this would occur before 2010!!!   Al...Al!  Is that another one of those stupid polar bears diving in your Dempster Dumpster?   You didn't finish all of that second pizza you took over to the massage parlour?

Guns and butter, to-morrow.   Thanks for being here, to-day!
El Gringo Viejo