Tuesday, 26 June 2012

United States of America secedes from Arizona

The Obama Administration served notice yesterday to the State of Arizona that the United States of America would no longer extend the protections and agreements that normally attend annexation of a State by the central government of the several united States.   In so doing, it became clear that the central government of the various united States is abrogating the agreement, the attendent guarantees associated with that agreement, and the equal protection of the citizens of Arizona provided by various elements of the Constitution of the United States of America, as amended.
     Although the Supreme Court of the United States of America held that the State of Arizona does, in fact, have the right to inquire concerning the legal status for presence in the State of Arizona of any person detained by a member of the constabulary and/or the posse commitatus authority of that State, it has been advised that the Executive of the central government will not enforce that decision.
      The central government has also taken a bellicose and hostile position against the citizenry of the State of Arizona by suspending any co-operation and co-ordination of law enforcement activities that could be construed as being based upon the State of Arizona's willingness to assess a detained person's right to be in the Arizona, either as a citizen of Arizona, or a citizen of any other State in the Union, or as a person of foreign citizenship who has the appropriate permits as a visitor or legal resident alien.   This refusal to back up a previous agreement, and to logically follow the legal processes involved in the arrest and removal of non-citizens who are in the State of Arizona (ergo: the United States of America) who are without the necessary permissions and attendent documentation represents a willful divorce provoked by the Central Government's executive.

     This is a first.   The Obama Administration has managed to set in motion a program that has, to date, been involved with the killing of over 400 Mexican men,women, and children innocent of any connection with the Cartels, semi-honest and honest State, local, and federal cops, and heroic Mexican soldiers and naval infantrymen working to defend their country and the United States against a demonic enemy.   At least two American central government police agents have also been killed due to the use of arms provided organised criminal entities by the American central government without the knowledge of any Mexican police or military or diplomatic agency, nor the knowledge of any agency of the State of Arizona.
     It has become clear, based upon the known "Brady Conversations" involving the present President of the United States that the program known as "Fast and Furious" was established solely for the purpose of defaming legitimate firearms dealers, owners, home defenders, hunters, and other legitimate firearms users.

     This separation of union and the unwillingness of the Central Government to abide by its responsibilities that normally pertain to a federal union of sovereign States has left the State of Arizona in a precarious situation in terms of its domestic tranquility.   The right of the citizens of Arizona to be safe in their effects, for the legal aliens, citizens of other Amerian States, tourists, and legitimate transient business people to be safe in their effects and persons, has been compromised by this deriliction on the part of the executive branch of the Central Government.

Alamo Battle Flag

                                                                    The Alamo Battle Flag

     Texan urge the people of Arizona to remain steadfast.   Enforce all laws written under the auspices of the police powers of the State of Arizona.  Film all procedures, because the central government agents are filming you, hoping to find any excuse to loose their police agents upon you, and to prohibit your correct exercise of Arizona's prerogatives and authority.   We shall hope that by 20 January 2013 we shall find a better solution.   We recognise the dangers that you are facing in Arizona.   We know that the majority of Latin people who are citizens in your State are also with you, that they are you.   We understand the invasion of people who are dedicated to death and violence, gang activity, kidnappings, home invasions, drive-by shootings, murders, graffiti, welfare and medicaid invasion, and other cultural blight.   We understand that frequently it is the citizen of Latin origin and the legal alien of Latin origin is on the front line of abuse by these agents from Hell.    We know the difference and you know the difference between who is good and who is bad.    We are with you and we are in the same war.

Liberty or Death
El Gringo Viejo