Saturday, 23 June 2012


Democrats know how to respect the
White House.   Maybe if we could just tax
the rich for once, we could be proud of our
 country for the first time in our adult lives.
     Michelle is going to England to raise money for the campaign.    The GLTG-NAMBLA crowd is invited into the White House for their "special appreciation" day.   Obama invites people to send money to his campaign en lieu of sending a gift from the registry for weddings, baptisms, baby showers, and heck....who knows....en lieu of flowers or a charitable memorial donation.   The lesbians played their roles predictably by taking turns making an obscene gesture in front of the official portrait of Ronald Reagan.....and proudly photographing themselves in the process.
     Pure class.   Pure low class.   Pure whitetrash.   Narcissistic, egotitistical whitetrash.   Books full of lies. Uncle and aunt, both illegal aliens, both on the dole, both law breakers, one under ajudication for repeated DWI....but they are still here....on welfare....and angry because ain't nobody done enough for them.   And they have legal services normally reserved for people who drive off of bridges with their secretaries paid for by "somebody".
     Chicago rules.  Whitetrash rules. Perversity, duplicity, marxism, arrogance.   What part of Hell do these people crawl out of?