Monday, 25 June 2012

Stroke of a Pen, Law of the Land

   We should all be very thankful that Obama decided to confiscate General Motors and Chrysler, and redistribute those two companies to the United Auto Workers.   With the sales of VOLTs shooting through the roof, both companies are now rolling out their solar powered, horse drawn freightliner called the Conestog a.    General Motors stock price shot through the roof almost immediately, signalling another great economic success as we march toward the brave new world of the workers' paradise.   Forward.

GM - General Motors Company (NYSE)‎

20.26 -0.34‎ (-1.65%‎)
Jun 25 9:41am ET - Disclaimer
Open: 20.24
High: 20.39
Low: 20.23
Volume: 3,666
Avg Vol: 8,365,000
Mkt Cap: 31.79B
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     One notices that shares of common GM stock are edging ever nearer to that magic 67 dollar per share level that will result in GM becoming a free and clear, no-cost success story.    Two years ago, the necessary pay out would have been 55 dollars, but because of the policies of the Bush Administration and the Japanese Tsunami and the damage to Obama's #3 driver and #6 iron, that cash-out price has risen a bit.   Some opine that not even 75 dollars common stock value would come close to resolving the issues confronting General Motors.   Chrysler is little better, if at all.
One takes solace in the reassuring words of Barak Hussein Obama, Timothy Geitner, and Mr. Summers, and all the company of Satan's Court who reassured us that Unions were better stewards of profit making industries, and that General Motors would have its stock trading "well above" the 55 dollar level required to make the socialist largesse actually pay out in net -0- (break-even).   We can even remember when the accomplice from ATT was brought in because "....running one big business is the same as running another....", all was going to be well.   When he left after less than a year at the helm, he stated that his term had been a success because all the government "loans" had been paid back.   He lied.  The press lied. Blatantly.  The loans are in worse position now than when the lick-boots came grovelling for Free Money from Father O'bamaham.   Both companies are well beyond critical condition again.   Both companies are counting on solar powered VOLT sales in Communist China in the next quarter to "make everything right".
First order of business for Obama's next great leap forward after the election will be another bail-out for General Motors and Chrysler, and another quantitative easing so as to allow for infrastructure and 2,093 weeks of unemployment compensation.....because after all....UC is the only economic development program that actually works.