Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sent by an OROG close to the inner circle

     Norman Thomas was the Harold Stassen of the left.   He ran for President many times on the combined tickets of various hot pink, red, and other lunatic groups.  Eleanor Roosevelt wanted him as a member of the White House time, but Franklin Roosevelt decided to have another communist, the once "liberal Republican" from Iowa, the renowned and esteemed Henry Wallace.   It was Wallace and his friend, Harold Ickes, Sr. who came up with the brilliant idea of burning wheat and cotton fields and  slaughtering calves and swine by the millions, and pouring raw milk into the streets of farming communities in order to terrorise the producers into adhering to the ridiculous New Deal program for the nationalisation of farming efforts.   Wallace and Norman Thomas fought after the death of Roosevelt over Wallace's insistence that the Bolshevik Revolution was doing wondrous things for Russia and the Soviet Union.    Thomas, also essentially a communist, was more of a Trotskyite, and thought Uncle Joe Stalin was just Hitler in another form.   He was right...but then again...Trotsky was just Hitler and Stalin in another form too.

     Thomas is worthy of study because he shows the arrogant tenacity of the "progressives" and the socialists in their various evil and perverse manifestations.   They are all bent on running the lives of the stupid people, because only the Norman Thomases of the world are clean, good, smart, and enlightened enough to know what is best for each and every person in the world at each and every second on the face of the clock  and each and every day on the each and every page of the calendar.