Saturday, 5 May 2012

Of RINOs and other worthwhile things....

     A million years ago, in a different Universe, when up was up, and down was down, the popular culture tolerated things like PUFF.   Little did it matter that we knew that the blond
Amazon girl and the bald guy beside her were communists like Pete Seeger and Woodie Guthrie.  We knew.   There was a thing called the John Birch Society that wildly branded all kinds of people as communists back then, and two of the three in the PP and M trio were so scarred.    Other poor innocents like Alger Hiss, Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, and the like suffered having the Red Letter "C" carved into their foreheads.    It was all a bloody mess.
      At least the third member of the PP and M trio was just a "democratic socialist", so we felt no real guilt about enjoying their profound talents.   While some still smirk about how the song was really about marihuana..."Puff!  The magic drag on a roach, dude...get it?  Huh? Do you get it, dude?   Cool groove, man!".....Charlie Gook saw it a bit differently when another PUFF the Magic Dragon, a C-47 outfitted with three rapid-fire Gatling guns on the port side would lumber around in circles, putting down a "cone of fire" into Charlie's camps, usually at night.   The controlability of the C-47 with its slow speeds made it a marvel of accuracy.    Almost everyone on this blog knows that a C-47 is the military version of the DC-3, perhaps the most serviceable aeroplane ever built, but some people who read this were not born a million years ago.

      All of this relates, somehow, to the the title of this post.   Allow El Gringo Viejo to try to stretch the point.   RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are people who say they believe as Republicans, but who will frequently "reach out" and "be reasonable" when dealing with people like Bill and Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Jesse Jackson.   They have their poll-tax receipts stamped "voted Republican Primary", but they get to go to the fancy saloons and the cocktail parties in Chappaqua and Aspen.
     They really don't like their saloons to have "those" and "them" around, so they read the society pages of the Los Angeles Times and  the New York Times and decide it's better to be accepted by people who serve 112 year old brandy and scotch than to hob-knob with Joe the Plumber who is know... "one of 'them'" and, at best, drinks Mexican beer.   So much cleaner, you know.   And where does all that sawdust on the floor come from in those places?
ROGER MILLER tells it best
     Our problem is that the Poofy, Pinky-pants, Country Club Republicans who are "reasonable" and who "know how to get things done" and who can "reach across the aisle" cannot win an election without the Rightwing Crazy Republicans.   And the Rightwing Crazy Republicans cannot win an election without the Poofy, Pinky-pants Country Club Republicans.  And of course, the Rightwing Crazy Republicans are dangerous because they will go up and upset the apple-cart in Washington and HEB Grocery Stores will go out of business overnight because there will be no one to feed the 666 spawn of the AFDC Monsters.
      So, we are locked in an embrace of Death. And the Spawn of Satan continues to breed, and the American people continue to accustom themselves to the very largess that will finally destroy them.
     But what do we do?    We have seen the advertisement placed by "friends of Dewhurst" or whatever, on our sites and frequently visited pages.  They are the good people.   They are the ones who like 112 year old scotch and brandy.   They do not like nobodies who are not under absolute control by the Absolute Control Committee that is housed in the Republican National Committee's in Das  Untergruntblunderbunker.    They decide who is a witch, who is a Beverly Hillbilly who hunts, kills, and strips mooses, and who can or cannot call a communist a "likable fellow".

      They are the ones who are really against discretionary abortions unless it really, really important that we take that snow-skiing trip to Aspen next month....they have those really nice trail rides and pretty when they do them as dusk and the moon comes up over the glinting snow.  Goodness...and Irish coffee when its mixed with 112 year old brandy.   There really is a know.... a presiding force type god....of some know what I mean. 
Ted Cruz, Candidate for the Republican
nomination for United States Senator
from Texas

     In any regard, El Gringo Viejo will be voting for Ted Cruz.   It is verily hoped that he can refrain from responding in-kind to the Dewhurt Zombies, who obviously either trained or worked with the Friends of Romney superpac people.   There is no need to respond.   The Texas Republican Primary voter is not stupid.   We know that Dewhurst is a RINO.   We know that Cruz can win the General Election.   We know the Country Club Republicans will work against him just like the do against all moose hunters and witches and nobodies.   After all, they want "reasonable" candidates who know how to "reach across the aisle".    But the time is now.   We must stop the crony capitalism.   We must stop paying to feed other peoples' children, housing them, clothing them, providing "free medical" and other such benefits that only provoke the production of more dependency, feelings of entitlement, and decay.   And we must do it now, or we shall certainly lose the Republic.

Thanks for your kind attention!
El Gringo Viejo