Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Banking on Stupidity

In Newton, Obama told the crowd at TPI Composites that companies like TPI will take a hit if Congress does not act on this item of his “To-Do” list.
“Nobody wants a handout. Nobody wants to get something for nothing,” Obama said. “But if we've got a chance to create energy and create value and put people back to work, why wouldn't we do that?
“So I'm here today because, as much progress as we've made, that progress is in jeopardy,” said Obama. “If Congress doesn’t act, those tax credits that I mentioned--the ones that helped build up the wind industry, the ones that helped to bring all these jobs to Newton, those tax credits will expire at the end of the year if Congress doesn't do anything. If Congress doesn’t act, companies like this one will take a hit.”

     The president has been in full campaign mode for 7 solid years.   He is deranged.  He needs to go to a "rest home".   More folks are seeing through the facade, and are realising that he fully intends to change America into a third world septic tanque.  More folks are daily grasping that the president's "hope" is his own.   He hopes that all black people who are conservative can be thrown to the crocodiles and that the part of the population that would never vote for him can be led into the long grey buildings, 133 miles southeast of Point Barrow.

     Even a Democrat with a graduate degree is not so stupid as to think (1)  TPI could ever stand on its own legs, no matter how much counter-productive tax money were to be dumped on it. (2) that ethanol, solar, wind, tidal, geyser, crematoriums, squirrel cage, or Gloria All Red all put together would provide 1 percent of the permanent employment that the Keystone project would accomplish.   Not to mention the stabilisation of energy supply, or (3) that any dumbass who touts Solyndra's 1,000,000,000 USD flush of tax dollars had anything to do with producing solar panel...(it did not, it was designed to pass money through the hands of Democrat moguls who would then pass it pack to Obamaham's perpetual campaign against America). 

     The President has changed from being a dangerous American hating, racist marxist to being an increasingly deranged aforementioned type of psychopath.   I hope someone can change him before it's too late for simple medication to calm him down.

El Gringo Viejo advises that little will be said on these pages starting to-morrow.   We shall probably be out for several weeks.   Efforts will be made to make submissions when possible.
We shall await the results of the Texas Primary Elections, to-night.  We shall see if Obamaham can carry the Democrat Party's nomination as their pick for president.   And, we shall see if, with reference to the race for the nomination to the candidacy for United State Senator,  Mr. Ted Cruz can upset the country-club, reasonable Mr. Dewhurst who is the choice of the people who do not smell bad and who have caviar smoothies for breakfast.   As everyone here knows already, we have voted for Mr. Cruz and an assortment of rightwing crazy troublemakers in the Republican Primary.   It should be an interesting night.