Friday, 13 April 2012

Not Exactly George and Martha

We were so pleased to note that Golfcourse Barry and Suitcase Michelle have trundled into the comfortable amniotic confines of the Mainstream Media to condemn one of the comments, of hundreds upon thousands made daily by the marxist machine, this time by an obscure, but very highly placed National Socialist Democrat operative.
     Their "apologies", as usual, follow the same tired formula that marxists always use.  "If someone took offence for something I have said, then I am truly sorry."    That is usually followed by a caveat, such as,"It still does not change the fact that Republicans want women to be tied to the bed post, denied contraception, and Negroes to be hanging from every tree, as we all know".
     Beyond being "sorry" that someone took offence, instead of "I apologise for the pain and suffering that my stupidly chosen words and works have caused.   It is my fault, and I should not have done it.  I recognise that only one person is wrong in this issue, and (he, she, it) is I."

     But, Michelle of a thousand aeroplane rides, does take the ridiculous blather statements even one step better.  "All women deserve respect."    Unless of course, they are pigs with lipstick that are referred to in the most basal, disgusting ways possible.....or unless someone wants to use her daughter for a convenient "knocked-up" joke.    Now, that's not really disrespect, that's just having a little joke among our closest  three or four million fellow National Socialists.   Heee, heee!
     But, Suitcase Michelle, your blather is banal to the extreme.   El Gringo Viejo points out in terms the left can understand thusly:
           The crack whore who is on complete public assistance and has 4 illegitimate babies a la stairstep, none of whom who have had a  diaper changed in two days, does not deserve my respect.
          The "clean" waitress who pays for child care and works 10 hours per day, and who pays taxes, does not take food stamps, volunteers to work the extra banquet, returns the lost purses and wallets, and gardens up her nice little rental cottage, does deserve my respect.   She does deserve my respect.
           The crack whore does not respect the waitress, and El Gringo Viejo does not respect the crack whore.   He does recognise, however, that she is the daughter of Lucifer and the socialist welfare system, which creates multi-generational depravity and dependency into which she was born.   Father, forgive some, for they could never imagine what wounds they do to themselves or others.
          And, Madame Suitcase Michelle,  She of the Extra Airplanes because I am too good and important to be delayed for three hours from my vacation time,  we can try something like the three lesbians who go into a lesbian saloon in a fancy, superior, more sophistacted urban environment that red-staters cannot understand, and drag out another girl, and haul her to a previously selected place where she is brutalised, beaten, sex-toyed, and then finally driven over to a convenient Dempster Dumpster and thrown in like a piece of garbage. 
         Here in the red-state zone.....those girls who would do that to a friend are not worthy of my respect just because they are women.   Not all women, men, children or anyone is worthy of any respect unless it is earned.   Mrs. Romney, Mrs. Palin, Mrs. Bachmann, and scores of millions of other women have earned my respect.   You, Suitcase Michelle, have not.
       And, Golfcourse Barry, Mrs. Romney does not "seem" to be a "nice person".   She is a nice person.   Your wife is the kind of person who takes a job that pays 300,000 dollars per year and has a desk with no telephone, no Rolodex, no computer, no nothing in some hospital.   She is that kind of horrid person who tells America one Summer's night, that "....for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of America".....solely on the basis of a racial measure.   And, Golfcourse Barry, that is for a person who is definitely running to be a "Black President" when he has not one drop of  Negro blood that is derived from the American Negro experience.    He never had his Jim Limber moments, his Frederick Douglass moment, his Willy Mays or Jackie Robinson moment, his Nat King Cole moment, his Booker Tecumseh Washington his chromosomes.   Golfcourse Barry has never suffered any of the cheap tripe that American Negroes had to go through, and he never did anything to justify any especial reward.   Golfcourse Barry is unaccomplished, a paper-tiger of the lowest sort, who has to have people ghostwrite his "profound" tomes about his favourite topic....he, himself.
    Golfcourse Barry is an insulting, low-class slacker who could not even hold a job in the carnival, because he is so over-disposed to mendacity, to sloth, and to being  smarmy white-trash like most communists and other extreme leftists.    He would even lie about his mother's insurance coverage.   About his dead mother.   Saints preserve us.

      Facts are facts.   The Democrat National Socialist Labour Party invented the "contraception issue" in order to say that the Republicans have a "War on Women", it rode the Limbaugh slut-statement into the dust, and then continued to do their victory lap, all the all the while spitting on women who are either Republican, conservative, or (gasp) both.    This time, thankfully, the Democrat - Socialists  rode their horse named "Hubris" straight into the muscilage machine.
      Therefore, and finally, Suitcase Michelle and Golfcourse Barry....There are women and there are women.   There are Negroes and there are Negroes.   There are White folks and there are White folks.   There are Japanese folks and there are Japanese folks.
       You are the ones who say there are women's issues and assume that you know what those issues are.   We are the ones who say that women's issues are largely, if not exactly, the same as the issues all people face.    To us there is no such thing as "Hispanic Issues"....because the Latins among us, are us.   There is scant or no difference in the issues that affect all peoples' lives.   It is people like you and Harry Reid who think that it is impossible for an "Hispanic" to reasonably vote Republican.  It is you people who are the racists.
       You are the ones who want a large dependent, consumer class.   We are the ones who want a large, independently self-supporting skilled and professional producer class, based upon normalcy, natural law, and family organisation.   We fear the man who comes to the door and says, "I'm from the Government, and I am here to help you"....We fear him because he is you, Golfcourse Barry.

As always, thanks to all the OROGs for their patience and indulgence.   Diana continues to compose, and we are looking forward to a return to normalcy for her soon.
El Gringo Viejo