Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Basic Problem with Everything

The obvious needs to be re-stated every  now and then.    This is a short reminder to all what the basic, radical, fundamental problem is with every trainwreck presently affecting our governance and culture.

     (1)     Hubris of homo sapiens  who think they can violate the Laws of Nature as established by Yahweh.

     (2)     The provision of subsidies to the poor, ie Section 8, AFDC, Food Stamps, utility subsidies, school feeding programs, WIC, and several score other programs designed to "help" the "poor".   The programs sustain intergenerational decadence, dependency, deviancy, and degeneration.
      They also pay for interests in farming, food processing, large scale food sales, banking, home rental and leasing interests, and a myriad of other businesses that latch onto the Government trough of "free money".   These otherwise good and properly involved producers fall into the quicksand of sewer sludge by thinking that they are "helping" people by facilitating the addiction of intergenerational slugs to public assistance.
      If all the above programs were to be phased out completely over the next seven years, there would be a reduction in housing costs and less overall tax and spend justifications "for the children".   There would be an overall decrease in the cost of foodstuffs due to the inviolable rule that dictates that the price of anything must rise as a function of the amount of government money that is applied to the issue.   This is because the government money provokes the overproduction of goods and the overconsumption of goods that are not justified by a free market environment.   Prices will seek the limit of the money available to spend. 

     (3)      Every bureaucrat's number one objective is to justify his useless job.   After that, he is involved in a quest to demand, require, and establish an assistant bureaucrat, a secretary for him and his assistant, and an increase in staff and successive budget increases to address a problem that was much greater than previously thought and becoming worse by the day.
      That way, the Office of Compliance with Metric Conversion, Commission for Conversion Studies of Weights and Measures, Assistant-Secretary of Defense for Civilian Impact Programs and Studies, Army Corps (Korpse) of Engineers,  InterAgency Working Group for InterGovernmental Studies, Applications, and Environmental Impact in Civilian Environments,  New Orleans District, Southwestern Regional Office of the Executive Office of the President.....(whew!)..... can address critical issues affecting women, minorities, children, and Eskimoes.....and white Hispanics.....and transgendered parking metre attendants of partial Polynesian and/or Oriental Ancestry.

The solution, obviously is to abolish not only the Departments and agencies named below, but also any of their functions.

     Transportation Security Agency
     Federal Emergency Management Agency
     Department of Agriculture
     Department of Education
     Department of Energy
     Department of Health and Human Debris
     Department of Housing and Urban Decay
     Department of Veteran'' Affairs
     Department of Homeland Security
     Department of Commerce
     Internal Revenue Service
     Bureau of Indian Affairs
     Army Corps (Korpse) of Engineers
     Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency
     Interstate Commerce Commission
     National Labour Relations Board
     For Starters.
(Before OROGs jump El Gringo Viejo's bones about the Veterans, it is our position that each branch of service...including the Coast Guard, which would be re-militarised under our proposal, would be required to deal with its own veterans.    Each of the services would do a better job of taking care of their own brothers and oversight would be better for hospitals, pensions, etc.)

Thanks for waking up with the ravings of a terribly frustrated laissez faire nut-case.
El Gringo Viejo