Tuesday, 13 March 2012

So All Know El Gringo Viejo is only daft a' smidgen.

     "Grandma, what's wrong with Old Man Stanford?"
      "He's alright, Davy.   It's just that he's a tad teched."
       That resolved everything.   So we go on about our business trying to find out where the wild chickens had been puttin'.      Grandma Mamie kept about 60 hens in their cages, and let the roosters to light in the trees overnight.    Some hens, who apparently were claustrophoic, preferred to stay out and take their chances with the coyotes, foxes, feral cats, bobcats, and o'possums.  The roosters were so dumb...well, you know...they were males.

      We found a dozen and a half, some were poulet eggs, and as we went back to the side entrance of the rambling, frame farm house, I asked my grandmother, "Grandma, what do you think bein' a tad teched is like?"
      "Well, you know.   Go and put'n those eggs in that bowl of fresh well-water.    Bein' a tad teched is like being daft a' smidgen," Mamie said after a bit of contemplation.
     El Gringo Viejo, who is daft a' smidgen, includes this scanning from the main economic events newspaper in this part of the frontier so that OROGs will know that their blogmeister is not totally fallen off the edge.   The article deals with the environment from whence I came, where I dwealt, and what is actually going on in the 99.9% area of what is Mexico.   The security issues are real, but it is not what one deals with 99.99% of the time when tending to birdwatchers, loafers, and photgraphers in some corner of rural Mexico, for instance.
     Every day things become a little bit better.   Every day things become a little bit better.   Two steps forward and one step back.   And we have the Mexican Army and Naval Infantry.   Those two institutions have given Mexico, and El Gringo Viejo, frankly...a reason to be ultimately optimistic about an increasingly positive future.   A future with no Obama and with a Mexico Retaken, an America Restored, and a Canada establishing the clear path to leaving socialism in the rear-view mirror.    The above article was published in Texas Border Business, vol. 7 no. 9 March, 2012
This is what we see and experience.   This is the trucks on the highways hauling stuff from the
United States and Canada, and hauling stuff up to the United States and Canada.  We have
a front row seat on a fascinating place that never seems to change, yet is always changing.
It's like a trip with no dope, dude. 

Thanks for your time and attention.   More Later.  We shall be heading north to babysit the granddaughters for a bit.   We shall try to make some more salient observations while up-state.
El Gringo Viejo