Monday, 12 March 2012

Hollow Victory...Dark Clouds Forming

     We are told to joyously celebrate the victory of the Proletariat when the Che Guevara Government Motors and Mao's Motors posted the great leap forward for the Democratic Peoples' Revolutionary Movement.  Ch.G.Government Motors, which has repaid all the investment made by the People and refined all operations to the highest level in keeping with the precepts as set forth in the Little Red Book, posted Great and Heroic Profits for use by the Peoples' Governing Committee of the Treasury of over 7,000,000,000 filthy, capitalist running-dog dollars.   During the earlier fascist period, the company never made any financial profit, while terrorising and brutalising an essentially enslaved work force.   Payment for their labour was frequently made in last year's professional sporting events tickets.    Now all has changed and families have many heads who can drink whiskey and beer and smoke marijuana before during and after their many rest breaks during the day.    Truly a Workers' Paradise.
     In the meantime, the fascist Germans, long notorious for saying horrid things about women on the radio, could only muster $21,000,000,000 in profits from the sale of their bourgeois conveyances (aka - Volkswagen) that are desired by nobody and bought by very few.  It is well known that the fascist holdovers from the Berlin regime of the 1930s take the vehicles, under cover of darkness, from the factories where many workers are chained to their work benches in their dark and filthy working areas and then dump said vehicles into the North Sea.   All their sales and income figures are made up from the thin air.
     Meanwhile, the World is arriving to of the great metropoli and success stories brought on by strict adherence to Marxist social management sign onto the lengthy waiting list for our automobiles.   The Chevrolet Chernobyl  and the Chrysler Commissar are the most popular, while the great concept car, the solar-powered Yugo Volt has become the "must have" of the young, cool, and "with-it" crowd.
         Here is a clip from the end of the last meeting of the old board of directors of the old General Motors and Chrysler,   where the last bond-holder and preferred stock holder was dealt with by majority vote.

For the First Time, many citizens could finally be proud of their
truly backwards and disgusting country.   LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL!

This message was approved by the the Committee for the Defense of the Popular Democratic Union of Auto Workers, 666 Che Guevara Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan S.S.R.