Friday, 2 March 2012


I am ordering the institutions that employ people within the Roman Catholic Church to include free of charge contraceptive and abortion coverage within their employees' group insurance....thus spake the King.

     Then, after considerable gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, "Okay, if that is not okie-dokie with everyone, I am ordering that the Roman Catholic Church and any other religious group that does not provide contraceptive and abortion services within their employees' benefits,  provide said benefits free of charge through a parallel private insurance policy.  Ihave spoken". 
Okay, okay....I get it.   Republicans and church-type people want women to be pregnant all the time.   The only way women can obtain contraceptive services is for such to be provided to them. They are so stupid that they cannot go down to the pharmacy and pick up a package of birth-control pills.  They are so stupid that they cannot go down on their own and determine if they want to pay 50 dollars for this brand at one store or go to WalMart and pay 6 dollars for something similar.
Now here is a sad fact for Father O'bamaham, Nancy Pelosi, and the entire gaggle of mendacious carnivorous vegetarians who make up the socialist cabal in America.   This is gleaned off of a readily accessible "girl-talk" web-site, so I would propose that the woman giving testimony before Mrs. Pelosi's Democrat Committee on Reproductive whatever might want to "go shopping" instead of instantly demanding that the Gringo Viejo pay for her birth control pills.....or for her anything for that matter.

replied September 21st, 2010
Don't NEED planned parenthood. Check out walmart, walgreens, CVS, etc. they all have lists of Rx's that are $4, $9, and even 3 months of an RX for $10. Ortho Tricyclene and Ortho Cyclene are both on the cheap list at Walmart for sure. If you are paying more than that you are not so smart.        

      Now, this is a bit dated, but just checking, in person, at a couple of Walgreen's  (which are like upper-middle class convenience store/pharmacies) and at WalMart (which is like a working-class general store, with a pharmacy where a lot of rich people I know also shop), a girl can buy effective pharmaceutical contraception for as little as 16 dollars for a 3 month supply.    That is as of this date.

     This means one or several of the following things.    Considering that she says it will cost 3,000 dollars during her time as a law student enrolled at Georgetown, a Jesuit university of very high prestige that SHE  chose specifically because it did NOT have contraceptive coverage, so that she could make her so-salient point about her human rights.....

(1)    The young woman testifying before Mrs. Pelosi's committee is a lazy shopper, or...

(2)    The young woman is stupid, or...

(3)    The young woman is of the opinion that Americans are too stupid to understand that any single woman going to a prestigious university such as Georgetown, with financial assistance on top of all of that, certainly could afford to pay like the hoit poloi, or...

(4)     The young woman is an ardent communist who believes that everybody must submit to a plan by which the government controls issues of matters such as contraception and the method by which contraception will be financed and dispensed, or...

(5)     The young woman is an arrogant, conceited, full-of-herself thrippit who thinks that she is the first one to discern that all men are jerks and that she must save woman-kind from the slavery of patiarchy, or...

(6)     The young woman has an overactive interest in sexual activity, or...

(7)     The  young woman has slugs for bed-mates who do not think she is good enough for a cheap date at MacDonald's or to provide for methods of contraception for which she would not have to pay, or...

(8)    The young woman has not been to a Planned Parenthood Abortatoreum to pick up essentially free prophylactics and other discounted pharmaceutical contraceptives and her 2 X 1 late-term infanticide coupons, in the convenient drive-through near you, or...

(9)    The young woman is so self-consumed that she thinks that the government should pay or require someone to pay for her Bandaids, fresh asparagus,  roller-skate repairs, or anything else that comes into her obviously narcissistic, conceited mind or, ...

(10)   The young woman does not care that the beneficence of the central government has painted the Republic into a chasm of 16,000,000,000,000  (16 trillion) dollars of debt.   This means, that as an adult, she is already in debt by 80,000 dollars, but that she does not give a damn so long as she can obtain something for free that she should pay for herself, or...

(11)    The young woman does not care that her daughter will be left to pay off a debt that might total 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) almost certainly ensuring that her daughter will live a miserable, spiritless, drab life of enslavement to her betters...the marxists elitists.

(12)    The young woman does not give a whit about any moral sense of self-responsibility or chastity or self-control or self-value.     She scoffs at such notions as being out-of-date and unrealistic.   She thinks that only her whims, erstwhile needs, desires, and demands are of any value, and she wants them addressed, now!    And, of course, she wants that guy over there to pay for them.   And that waitress over there to pay....and her parents to pay, and that guy over there.
            She scorns the joke about the aspirin between the knees as the best contraceptive, know what?.....It Works.    Even the rhythm system works.  Even paying your own way works.

     Finally, of course, we know that this issue was foisted up as a windmill to humiliate the Republicans.   We shan't brake lance against it.   We take your windmill and spit on it.   None of us care about whether this woman or that woman  uses contraception or not.   None of us have even thought about meddling in this matter which lies strictly within mates and within the mind and conscience of each woman.   The demand that this deranged young  woman makes of an institution that has decided the issue as a matter, literally, of canon, is what any reasonable person finds flabberglastulating.
     They are saying, "We shall tear down all walls of tradition, moral code, reason, dignity, and self-reliance in order to establish the Brave New World, and to destroy the productive, the rich, the wealthy, the believers in superstition, and those who believe that creation was not an accident.   No permit?  No baby!   No babies without a government permit!"
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi was caught unaware this week when notified that
the College of Cardinals had decided to depose the present Pope and put her
in his place.   Her repeated demonstration of knowing more about the canons,
dogma, writings, and other Church law than the old Pope gave her the nod.
Unfortunately, during the 139th face lift, the liquid nitrogen effect did not
wear off as anticipated.    Vatican officials are putting the finishing touches
on a special 3,000 ton 24k gold mitre for Her Holiperson to wear at all times.

More later.   Thanks for the attention and time.
El Gringo Viejo