Thursday, 1 March 2012

Even Rush Says It....Even Gretchen says it. Let us try to avoid it

     We need to wake up in the morning....struggle through the routine....while repeating the following, "I shall not say that O'bamaham doesn't understand......   I shall not say that O'bamaham needs to understand.....     I shall not say, 'Someone should tell O'bamaham that more drilling in the deep-water gulf would kill about 5 birds with one stone in terms of the American economy".
    It is okay to finally admit to ones conscience, brain, and heart that Father O'bamaham is in favour of 10 dollar gasoline because he knows it will break the economy and destroy much wealth that is held privately.
     No one will be punished if he is fully confessed that he knows that  Father O'bamaham wants to raise taxes on the rich because he hates rich people.....even the ones who flood his campaign war-chest with money.

     We all make the that error of saying, "Why doesn't somebody tell him?"    We do not shoot back in the face of the stupid and the marxists that the reason for us having the mere mention of the contraceptive topic in polite company is because Father O'bamaham brought it up by "ordering" the Roman Catholic Church specifically that their institutions would be required to provide "free" contraceptive prescription coverage in the health insurance scheme of the employing entity.
     We remember Georgie Stephenopoulis badgering Mitt Romney during one of those "debates" not long back.   It seemed at the time to be a off the wall, obnoxious question with absolutely no pertinence.   At best it was designed to eat up clock time so that the Republican candidates gathered would not be able to talk so long about things like Keystone and deep-water drilling.    Or so we thought.
     It was actually seeding the ground for the coming blast from the marxists...."Women run for the hills, the Republicans are coming to take away your pills and chain you to the kitchen and bedroom!!"    The fact was that it was also a full-scale attack on Christian institutions and the beginning of the establishment, once and for all, of an Official State Church.    That Official State Church is the Official State Church.   The Pope is Father O'bamaham, and the saints are Margaret Sanger, Mao Tse Tung, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Robert Stalin, Woodrow Wilson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Fidel Castro, and the panoply of Utopians too numerous to mention.        

IN COURT: Onyango Obama, left, a...
Photo by AP
IN COURT: Onyango Obama, left, a half-uncle
 of President Obama, stands with his lawyer
 P. Scott Bratton yesterday in Framingham
 District Court.
Father O'bamaham favours the kind of immigration that proves America's broad shoulders can take on the task of taking in the huddled masses, those people who come to this country to honour our presence and theirs through their good works and contributions to both themselves and their community.   These are the people we need to forge a new America.   An America that is kinder and gentler.   An America that does not judge.   An America that gets its birth control pills and permit to bear children from the Reich's Ministry of Health and Population.
Good luck on your trial Unkie Onie.  You and your half-sister are on complete housing, food, medical, utility, and even legal funding.   You are both illegal aliens.   You are both septic slugs who are as deranged as any person who takes because he can.    You are a perfect emblem for your nephews vision of Hope and Change.   Please try to pay back the 200,000 dollars per year you and you sister are costing the someone....The formula is "From each according to his ability and to each according to his need" I believe.
Pray for liberty.   Pray for America.
El Gringo Viejo