Monday, 6 February 2012

Pants on Fire

Rueters, McClatchy, AP, and almost all news wires and sources:   We see through your deceptions.   We know that you are not stupid, so we must deduce that you think we are.  Sorry, you are out of luck.

(1)    Mexico is dangerous, a failed state, and the population is begging for an end to Calderon's War which is killing innocent people, especially Americans, by the hundreds every day.  No one supports him, and he is the most unpopular President in Mexico's history. The problem is that none of this is true.
      The fact is that a fundamental hard-liner has won the Partido de Accion Nacional nomination for President.    She defeated two other good candidates who were also committed to the successful prosecution of the War.    The present President has a 58% approval rating.  About 21% oppose the War....primarily the leftists and ultra leftists who are composed of the "forever marching and protesting" nihilists, anarchists, and marxists.  The other 21% are dyed-in-the-wool "reasonable" leftists and slugs of the old PRI party.   The latter are the ones who suggested that we should "let boys be boys" and traffick their marihuana and drugs, because, "after all, the use of that stuff is innocuous, it's a victimless crime, and the only ones damaged are a few Americans and a some Negroes."    Because the PRI was based upon marxist precepts and the notion that Man can perfect the condition of the human race, it dealt always in rationalism....let us be reasonable....we can control this thing....we have to accommodate these people and understand their point of view.
      Accomodating a Satanic gorilla as a house-pet usually results in the masters being shredded and eaten, and the house being destroyed.   "But I thought they were vegetarians.  Why did they eat us?"  And the voice responded, "Because they wanted to."
      The "knowledgeable" news sources are immediately going to begin to defame Josefina Vazquez Mota.   She is called "La Borracha"  because everybody knows  she's a drunk.   Everybody knows she's the ugliest woman in Mexico, even children call her '' the girl with the monkey face from the Planet of the Apes''.    And, after all, everybody knows she is corrupt and there are rumours that she stole billions of pesos from the secretariat she ran into the ground....etc. etc. etc.    None of the negatives are true, and the childish name-calling are symptomatic of the typical name-calling the left practices, while accusing the right of being the only ones who are insensitive and snarly.
      Furthermore, although people not want to believe it, and almost everyone knows that it is not true, the number of killings, murders in the first and second degree that take place in the United States of America is much greater in number than in Mexico.

     To continue in this vein, the press points out over and over and over again that there are two Missionaries who were murdered in the cartel plagued Monterrey area.   It's just too dangerous because of the cartel violence and the churches are sending their people over to security least the ones who are still stupid enough to go to Mexico....but everybody knows that misisonaries are being targetted.   Of course it turns out that the murders of that fine couple...actually really nice people who had moved to that beautiful part of Mexico 30 years ago from Amarillo, Texas and raised their family there....was an inside job.    The door was not kicked in, there were no shots fired, it was made to look like a random burglary but a well hidden wall safe was removed from the wall.   Neighbours saw no strange vehicles around the place, and the investigators and even family members suspect someone who is close to the family is guilty of the "intellectual authourship" and/or the actual acts.
     The press is purposefully misleading.   For instance, there have been four other murders in Texas during the time since that murder passed and this writing, and yet there is not the mournful mornings about how dangerous it is to live in .....say....Johnson County, Texas.

      Then there is the story about three scumboes tresspassing on a ranch next to a junior high school in Hidalgo County, Texas.   One scumbo is shooting a rifle at nothing in particular.   There are two brothers hit by errant fire....almost 900 yards distanct....waiting to try out for the junior high basketball team.    FOR ONE WEEK, press demands in the shrillist of terms that something be done about hunting next to schools....AFTER ALL...THE CHILDREN....AND THE MINORITY CHILDREN......
      Schools all over the area that are adjacent to rural settings begin building masonry walls and begging forgiveness.   Legislators rush to the legislature to submite bills demanding rifles with barrels that will select only non-minority students to kill and only students that are older than 55 years of age.  And...prohibiting the shooting of students before or after dark or sunrise.   And demanding that something be done about "all this uncontrolled and irresponsible hunting that is being done in the middle of a school area"....NOW!!!!!
     But, the story comes out that the landowner had been extremely compliant with the hunting procedures at his particular ranch.   There had never been any incident involving a hunter...still has not been.   The thugs who were there had broken into an otherwise inaccessible part of the ranch, tapped one of the pasture water lines, and made up a marihuana plantation under the mesquite and ebony forest.   While tending their "farm"one afternoon, they drank too much beer, smoked too much dope, and one of them fired his rifle at some fertiliser containers (for the marihuana plants), and two errant bullets hit the two boys.   The Sheriff's Department did some good work sorting it all out, detained all three of the dumboes, and charged the guilty party with an especially heavy set of felony charges.   All three remain in custody.   None were hunters.     AND NOT ONE PEEP FROM THE MEDIA ABOUT THE OUTCOME AFTER ONE (1) WRAP UP STORY.   NO IN DEPTH ANYTHNG, NOTHING.    Just another opportunity to disarm the public gone to waste.

(2)    The United States has to join the ranks of the "adult" nations and provide socialised medical services to their populations.   And further, we must continue to adjust disparities in housing options for the "middle class" and the "poor" by means of programs administered by Fannie and Freddie and DHUA.  THOSE NATIONS ARE BROKE, BUSTED, and BANKRUPT.
     Canada, for instance, is gradually moving away from its "free medical services"  where dogs could use the hospital's MRI, while humans had to wait, so as to be "fair".    Canada also provides minimal involvement in the housing industry, leaving their citizens to freeze to death in the cold....because, after all, if the government doesn't give you your free house, who will?
     Mexico's INFONOVIT housing program, while still troubled, solved 90% of its problems when Zedillo, Fox, and Calderon gradually weaned the program from central government control and turned over the accounts to the ones who were paying into the accounts.   Now the "government housing program" originally aimed at the lowest paid workers in the formal economy, now includes everyone, low paid or high....but under his/her own identification number.   And, the workers can use the money when the time comes to rehab an existing house, build a house over here or over there, or participate in a privately built row-house...(lower-middle and upper-middle townhouse type developments)...which used to be insta-slums, but are now better built and almost ideal as a "starter home" or a "moving-on-up" home.
     Mexico still stumbles along with its fully socialised  Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social and fully private medical sector independent of the IMSS, simultaneously.    The rightwing governments for a little over a decade now, have further instituted a "poor folks and otherwise uninsured" program called Seguro Popular which covers those not in a private plan, or cash pay, or IMSS.   Although subsidised, it provides substantial coverage for a couple, for instance, for only about $180.00 per year.    Much of the subsidy is covered by the draconian 16% national sales tax and the incomes taxes, once again levied entirely on the middle and upper income groups.

(3)     Next, and it grieves me to mention, because it exposes the Old Gringo to reprisals that are not easy for a normal American to believe exist, one must understand certain facts about the dangerous positin in which the nation finds itself.    In previous bloggings El Gringo Viejo pointed out that there had been quite an encounter involving bad guys being trapped between American and Texan law enforcement and the Mexican Army on the Rio Grande near Mission, Texas a few days ago.   It was recounted that the Army had inflicted numerous casualties while the Texas-side authourity had joined in the shooting of those trying to flee the Army while swimming to the Texas side.   Because the malefactors chose to oppose both authourities simultaneously, they were essentially shredded up by both sides.   The American and local Texas authourities took one dead, two wounded, and several others prisoner.   The Army was left with as many as 12 expired criminals.   Only one helicopter was seen and verified by everyone, including civilians, and it was seen backing up the Army over Mexican territory....and it was an Texas helicopter, not DHS, and it crossed into Tamaulipas from Texas...for all to see.   It happens both ways, not too frequently, but not too rarely, either.
     Further, there was an English language transmission from that helicopter to the effect that "....we are taking hits...we're going to back off." 

     Now comes the sad part.   The FBI has been brought in.   Inter-State, International, you know.
       From one day to the next we are given a new account of what happened.  First of all, the Texas and American officers on the Texas side of the Rio Grande did not fire their weapons.   Secondly, the entire affair is part of a well-known exercise of the corrupt Mexican military to "stage" combat-like situations where they overwhelm a superior force and kill them and/or take them prisoner.   Then they burn all the "marihuana packs" that are actually filled with shredded newspapers and make a big press event out of it a few days later.   There was no Texas or American helicopter involved, it was a Mexican Army helicopter that had come from the interior of Mexico.   The supposedly "dead" smugglers were probably released for another operation later.
    The FBI account was so far removed from the actual events, that were witnessed by many and various, that it moves one to believe that no only did Lee Harvey Oswald kill Kennedy, but everybody else did too.     Mayhaps,  all conspiracy theories are possibly right.    The local press is rabidly anti-Mexican, but very pro-food stamps and victims and the "poor", and the right to throw pampers where one might deign.    But, the first couple of reports were closer and moved closer to the truth and then came the FBI.
     The private group that advises the United States government on these affairs states that nobody in Mexico has any faith in the Army and everybody knows it, so that's why they have to keep it a secret.    Once again, do not doubt, that the Army is 99.8% straight and narrow.  It has the complete backing and trust of the overwhelming....overwhelming.... majority of the people.    One reason is because the bad apples in the military are investigated and severely punished by the military.   Another reason is because they almost always can account for almost every centavo in the military budget.   Another reason is, when the average Mexican dumboe calls and makes an 'anonymous denunciation" a fight normally ensues that involves the Mexican Army running into the fight and the malefactors running away....or being seen with various internal body organs and parts lying around on a bloody field of encounter.   And the caller does not receive any reprisal....and people being held for ransom in a filthy safehouse are liberated, meth labs are uncovered, tons of COCAINE and HEROIN and Marihuana and prescription drugs, are found and destroyed.
     THREE HUNDRED PLUS  Army and Naval infantry personnel have been killed.   ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND NINETY honest to somewhat honest cops have been killed in defense of the Flag and the people.
      In "Fast and Furious", the Obama administration's move to "Disarm Americans Now"  passed firearms into Mexico that have been found to be involved in over 400 incidents involving casualties.   Most of those do not concern me and should not concern you.   However, 10 cops, 2 soldiers, 15 children, 10 women is the best count of the innocents and unjustifiable killings that have resulted from this insane effort to close down legal arms sales to American citizens.....directly tied to the guns involved in the stupid program.

      This is not in dispute.   That at least two American officers have been killed as a direct result of this fiasco is not in dispute.    Were it to have been Richard Nixon, he would have been dragged out and hanged like Mussolini....such is the monstrous difference in the measuring of the ill of Republicans versus the good of marxists, Democrats, and other leftists who always leave the woodpile empty, the grounds filthy, and the blame to others.

(4)    And then the wondrous and deft handling  of the issues in the Middle East.   Let us depose this and/or that horrible dictator and put in democratic reforms.  Hooray, hooray  we deposed the horrible dictator.   Now we have democracy and everyone is better off.   Go put on your burkha or you will be stoned to death.  Death to America, Death to the Hebes, Kill, Kill, Kill....kill Shi'ites, Kill, Kill Kill...homicide bombers to the attack...there is another funeral procession....kill, kill, kill....Look there are the pilgrims....Kill, Kill, Kill....Ours is a religion of Peace, not like Christianity and Judaism....KILL, KILL, KILL.
      The only two places where we deposed something and put something more or less in place that looked like some remote kind of sanity, Obama, Hillary, and the marxists in the administration have managed to destroy.   The destruction came when the cowards were certain that the last Gringos were gone from Iraq.   And now that Panetta has let the camel out of the tent in Afghanistan....the murderous cowards will drag their country back into the 7th century and proceed with the female circumcisions and stoning of adultresses as the correct national pastime.
Kill, Kill, Kill....Muslim Brotherhood be praised.   Cornerstone of Father O'bamaham's foreign policy.   Canada and Mexico provide the vast majority of America's imported oil.  If Father O'bamaham is re-elected, neither will sell to us nor will the Muslim Brotherhood.   And Father O'bamaham's policies to reduce America to its proper place of a slum in the ashes and rot of socialism will have been accomplished.

Thanks for your time
El Gringo Viejo