Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The New York Times Outdoes FOX News?

Every now and then a person has to recognise the truth for the sake of recognising the truth.  In yesterday's New York Times, a good article came to the surface about corruption touching the O'bamaham campaign funding process.   The activities are concentrated around a place called Chicago.   The issue involves people of the infamous Cardona family, well known in a place called Chicago and in the semi-legal gambling casino business in Mexico.
     As in the old movies, the family members are very good about saying, "I'm just a regular businessman.   My business and my life are an open book, Mr. Ness.   I've been clean ever since I got out, Mr. Ness."    They are not good people however.    The article attached to this linkage provided below shows some of the ins and outs, and some of the interlocularity that this horrid family has twixt the underworld, the overworld, and the politicalworld.   Next, the Gringo Viejo surmises, the New York Times will be obliged to run a less accurate article trying to implicate the Mexican National Action Party, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, All Republican Presidential candidates, and the Bishop of Rome in dealings with this horrid family of mafiosi.   The entirety of their activities in Mexico, in terms of politics, has been with the Partido Revolucionario Democratico (weird left) and the Partido Revolucionario Institutional (old, dull, centre-left).
     It should suffice to point out that  when the Cardona sister-in-law says that "the family is really nice people....that I know this really looks bad....Pepe is really good people"....that the reader of the article is at liberty to draw his own conclusions.    Pepe was a marxist radical student organiser at the University of Iowa during the 1990s and also managed to get in some training for his later life by embezzling funds from the student government accounts over which he managed to gain authourity during his time as president of the student body.   Before long this will spill into all aspects of the family's life and into the methods of operation of the President who declared that everything would be on C-Span, there would be no special interest funding, that there would be .....blah,blah,blah.

Special Note to OROGs:    Immediately upon posting this message, the linkage went dead.  We urge OROGs to access the New York Times directly in their own manner and exercise their own ample intelligence to track this article down.   It is probable that the human beings flooded the linkage after the article was posted on Drudge, and after various news outlets in Mexico began citing the article.   Therefore it would probably serve well to just go to the regular front door and search from there.

Onward through the Fog.
El Gringo Viejo