Friday, 23 December 2011

Take Comfort

We take comfort in knowing that the minions of the left, the trodding masses of the oppressed who are forever "poor" (and therefore morally superior to the "rich"), and their marxist, elitist allies in the press and on campus are a shallow lot.   They are superior to us only in the sense that they know how to play three notes on the piano, over and over and over again.
      (A)  It's not fair.

      (B) The rich don't need that much money.

      (C)  Republicans want old people, children, minorities, left-handed pygmies, to
              (1) starve
             (2) die
             (3) suffer
            (4) lose their
                                 (a) Social Security
                                 (b) medicare
                                 (c) medicaid
                                 (d) food stamps
                                (e) AFDC
                                (f) Head Start
                                (g) student loans
                               (h) ethanol, GM VOLT, etc. subsidy
                               (i) school breakfast, lunch, snack, summer meals
                               (j) Supplementary Security Income
                              (k) Section 8 housing allowance
                              (l) Aunt Zietuni Memorial Public Housing free apartment
                              (m) Uncle Onyango Memorial free legal representation
                              (n) WIC program for women and miracle babies feeding program.
                              (o)  liberal Democrat Bankers, GM/Chrysler/UAW/Solyndra Welfare
                                      for the DNC and Obama Campaign Fund
    Print this and carry it with y0u.   It is the constitution of every leftist demagogue movement in the world.   Just change the formal names of the parties and players and you are there.   This list of relativist "realities, rights, and necessities" replaces the  American Constitution and any practice of common law.   Correct groups that are to receive will be deigned and correct groups to be taxed into submission or oblivion will be marked, identified, vilified, ridiculed, and driven to the margins of the "real communal core" of the nation.
We just want to help you.
     The deigned groups will always be those who are willing to be tagged "in need" because on the left, poverty and sloth and stupidity are superior moral positions.   "Unto each according to his need" becomes the method by which peoples' souls are bought and put into an incinerator.   "From each according to his ability" is the sickle used to slice off the producers' feet and the hammer by which they break the artesans' fingers.
      Take away vestiges of the past and the traditions of the past so as to make the transition to being a grey, blank-stare, drooling prole, eating two large bowls of gruel every day easier in generations to come.   Take Latin out of the Catholic mass, take Old English out of the Anglican mass, take Mandarin and Cantonese and Japanese and other calligraphic characters out of the Oriental languages and great writings (replace with western alphabet and pronunciation) and soon entire nations, ethnicities, races, and other diverse human groupings will have no past.....and therefore no future.
       What is left is a group with the guns....about 10 percent of the population....left with 90 percent to wait on them hand and foot or die.     That is the true "Occupy" formula.   Cuba perfected's taking a little longer in Red China, but they are almost collapsed  Russia, simply because they ran out of vodka that was not poison.....and there was nothing left to corrupt.....and it was just to cold to suffer any further.  From each according to his ability and to each according to his need finally becomes "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us". 

      Republican measures to blunt and/or turn back this "inevitable march of Progress" will win.    The reason is because conservatives think along a line that connects the past to the future.   We do not forget, and our decisions are based upon natural law, truth, and experience.    All extreme leftists deal only in the moment, always seeking the quick win, like a purse snatcher or a shyster artist at the Carnival.   They are erstwhile whitetrash looking to shout-down any speaker who dares oppose them, to foul with septic mess and garbage at every gathering the same environment they pretend to wish to protect.    No socialist country ever protects Yahweh's Creation.   They hate Yahweh and all the good in Creation.   They  love disease and AIDs, they love filth and squalour, and they especially love open sewers draining into the pristine bay.   It gives them something to blame on the "rich" although it is their same programs and policies that cause it.

She was great in Around
the World in 80 Days
     FINAL THOUGHT:    Remember the difference between high wage - high income people and "the rich".   It is imperative that the socialists equate the two.   "Anyone making 200,000 dollars a year can afford to pay a little more".... we are told by Father Obamaham.   The leftists among the truly very rich (estates of 100,000,000 dollars or more) do not want "little people" to crawl through the fences around the Chapaqua of Hillary's precincts.....Shirley Maclaine moans and whines to the local zoning authourity in Taos, "We have to restrict further arrivals into the community.   The reason I built here was to get away from all those people".... a very democratic Democrat Leftist fundamental belief system.
       Ranks up there with, "We'll have to vote for the bill to find out what's inside of it"....and Harry Reid's, "These people coming here as tourists really smell bad..."   And these are the leaders.    The indolently rich....Kerry and his catsup widow, the Kennedys...none of whom could ever fill one finger of the glove of John Kennedy....and 80% of the rich who are, in fact, liberals and socialists  dedicated to the idea of "let them eat cake, but only after we take away their bibles and their pick-up trucks and their tacky, you know.    But make sure that they use skimmed milk and low fat butter and the flour has to be organic and the oven solar powered.   Remember, the real stuff and the gas stove is only for people like us."

    Take faith that the GOP elected "officials"  will have an avalanche of ire dumped on them during the Kwanzaa / Solstice Vacation Period by other elephant-people in their districts.  The eye-0n-the- ball part of all of this for us is to put the Keystone Pipeline into service.   The next action to take is to allow the Social Security tax holiday to expire in the next (Republican) budget, and  simultaneously trumpet the attendant reduction of the income tax withholding back to where it was before the Social Security Tax Holiday period....and then start moving the Social Security Ponzi Scheme into a system more like the Texas Public Employee Retirement System and the Texas Teachers' Retirement System.   That way, the Democrats and the marxist elitists will not be able to flog that mule every two years to try to scare geezers to death (actually it doesn't work as well as the Democrats think, that's why they had to come up with the SSI bribe).  THIS NOTE:   The geezers know....80% see their checks as a payback.   But the Democrats hate them for lack of appreciation for everything the Democrats have "given" the geezers.    THAT IS WHY THE OROGs SEE SO MANY ADVERTISEMENTS BY BOTTOM FISHING ATTORNEYS ASKING US TO LET THEM "HELP" US WITH OUR SSI AND DISABILITY CLAIMS AGANST THE SS SYSTEM.

Thanks for your time and patience.   We'll be folding for the next couple of days...perhaps an entry or two more....Check out the Anglican Curmudgeon...some really good articles there concerning conservative and orthodox issues.
El Gringo Viejo