Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The President's Speech

It is well that the President spelled out his vision for America.    He wants to guarantee that Americans have a chance to be in the middle class.   He was to make certain that all people will have what is necessary.   He wants to be sure that all Americans have those four basic rights that come from a government that cares about its citizens....The right to a good home, to provide shelter against the cold and stormy blast and a dry place for the children when it rains.
      A certainty that the larder will never be empty and the table ample, especially for the children and the elderly.....but certainly for all Americans.   Any nation as wealthy as the United States is obliged to provide nutrition to all citizens, and others who might arrive at our table hungry.
     In this land, the government makes certain that from one ocean to another the land belongs to all.   That each person has a chance to his own corner, his own piece, and the government in Washington is obliged to make certain that right.
      All Americans are certainly entitled to a living wage, a job which provides a sense of worth and a manner by which a person can provide for his family, friends, and neighbours.....and where a person's family, friends, and neighbours can likewise provide for him.    And further, that when events so dictate, and decent labour is not available, that he can be sure of support from his government to provide for those vital, basic needs he might require.
      And all Americans should rest assured and content knowing that they can access thousands of hospitals, with hundreds of thousands of beds, scores of thousands of nurses and doctors and other medical workers, to attend to any medical necessity without charge.  It is a basic human right, and not one which tolerates profit derived from illness, injury, pain, and dispair.
     This is a basic, fair, and reasonable humane appoach to the organization of a civilized, caring society.   No winners, no losers, only people...all the concerns....producing as they can, and deriving from the citizenry what they must.   A fair deal.   A square deal.  A New Deal for all people.   Nobody can deny that this is better than a system which allows some to make so much the efforts of those who gain so little.   How can such a thing be called Democracy.   In a Democracy, everyone is equal.   There are no winners and no losers....such thinking should not and cannot be allowed....We establish the fair deal, a square deal, and a new deal where everyone finishes in first place.    And the Government guarantees it.

And if you don't want it, that's okay.   We're all the same.   We just want to take care of you.
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