Friday, 2 December 2011

Posting on Dream Act...

The considerably less than honourable Congressman Ruben Hinojosa, representing the XVth District of Texas in the national Congress in Washington, District of Columbia went to the floor of the House yesterday to moan about how Republicans hate Mexican-Americans and children and families.    His time ran out before he got the part about how Republicans have secret places where they waterboard babies and left-handed lesbian Eskimales.

     In a very serious vein, he pointed out how failure to act on the "Dream Act" which would allow children of illegal aliens to attend college or enlist in the military in spite of the fact that those foreign born children  are not citizens....caused the suicide of a boy here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

     To be perfectly clear, foreign-born children of illegal aliens are not, and do not become, citizens of Texas or the United States of America upon their 18th birthday.   Children, both foreign-born and native-born, of legal aliens can choose the citizenship of their native country or, if they keep their mouths shut, of the country of  their parents' origin.

     The mainstream press story is that George Bush forced this boy to commit suicide because the "Dream Act" was not passed and he was afraid that he could not attend college to study engineering.   Of course, both King George H.W.  and King George W.  favoured legislation like the "Dream Act" during their public careers.    That is beside the point.

     The next thing is that this boy who was afraid that he would not be able to attend college and study engineering HAD ALREADY BEEN ACCEPTED FOR ATTENDANCE IN THE FALL ENROLLMENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, PAN AMERICAN IN EDINBURG, TEXAS!!!  He would have been one of several hundred who attend on a waiver, a waiver which is always granted to a person who does not have anti-social issues (criminal record), and the necessary test scores and grades from an accreditted high school.    Further, at worst, he could have attended as a foreign student while arranging....with some but not American student visa in Monterrey at the American Consul, or in Matamoros at the American Consul.

      That he could not attend college because of his immigration status is either a lie or a macabre windmill that was set up in his mind by "open borders" extremists and "sanctuary city" radicals who are intent on destroying America by flooding our Republic with people who are unqualified for residency and/or citizenship.     Before this blog is taken out of context, we are not saying that people of Mexican or Australian or Japanese ancestry are not competent to assume American citizenship.   We are saying that the marxists and anti-American elements both domestic and foreign who hate liberty and America are the bigots.   They see Mexicans as stupid, dull, parasitic, degenerate, licentious, filthy slugs.   They think that by flooding the United States of America with stupid, dull, parasitic, degenerate, licentious, filthy slugs who produce bastards by the boatload who have to be fed and later housed in huge prison complexes located at 20 mile intervals.....that they can destroy the Greatest Nation in the history of Planet Earth.   They are the ones using people to essentially make war on the United States by injecting rot and septic contaminants into the veins of the Statue of Liberty.

     True conservatives see this issue more clearly.   Years ago, about 85% of Mexican and other Latin-American immigrants who waited in line and filled out the stupid forms and went through the hoops and passed the tests became great citizens.   Military heroes, skilled blue-collar people with their own mechanic shops, teachers, doctors, small business people, executives, astronauts, nurses, policemen, etc.   Some remain as legal aliens but married an American and produced families worthy of their keep and the respect of those around them.
      About 85% of the people normally typified as "Anglo" did about the same.   We had our strange members, like my Uncle Don who liked to make license plates for the Governor of California during the 1940s and 1950s.

     Therefore, let the Gringo Viejo point out.   This boy, the one who committed suicide, did so because of some other personal conflict or because of a horrid lack of understanding about the nature of how "doughnut hole" children attend college in Texas.   This boy's mother, for instance is a legal alien...papers and everything....he came early when she and her husband we visiting in Mexico.   The stork put him there.   An immigration lawyer could have obtained this boy a set of waivers that even Santa Claus would have accepted and any judge would have signed.

     So, Ruben are another mendacious demogog, walking on the grave of an unfortunate, for your own purposes,  caught in the act of being of mendacious slug.    You sealed your divorce papers.   You told a tightly controlled "town-hall" meeting...with 20 people permitted inside...that  " I am going to give the minority people the free medical care that has been denied to them for so long by the society"....(??????).   That is how you explained your support for the O'bama Socialized Medicine Initiative.

File:UANL rectoria.jpg
Central Campus and Rectory of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
This is the setting of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo
Leon, which straddles the limits between the adjacent cities of
San Nicolas de los Garza and Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
     This boy....a very handsome boy....a very intelligent boy....had a very bright path lain before him by the angels.    His failure to inquire, his own internal demons, something clipped him away from us.    For instance, because he was on a local Registro Civil in Mexico, in the Monterrey, Nuevo Leon area, he could easily have barged in on family in that area and attended the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon which happens to have an excellent college of engineering.   It also excels with a fine medical and dental school, law school, liberal arts, business and computer technology school....etc.    There are 200,000 students there, with about 2,500 being Gringos who even look like run-of-the-mill gringos.   The environment is such that adaptation time would be minimal,  his Spanish would have improved and there would have been no lack of people who speak English fluently within arm's reach at all times.
     It is in no wise unusual to find Americans in the School of Medicine graduating ranks.   It is a really good medical school, not a mill, and produces excellent country GPs and excellent general surgeons and dental surgeons.   The gringos who attend are frequently very intelligent under-achievers who "grow up" suddenly around the time they finish college and have a bit of trouble getting into a "school of choice" in the United States.   Once in Monterrey they are thrown in the pool to learn how to swim.   The Old Gringo has never met a doctor who went to the UANL program who did not say that the experience was the best thing that ever happened to him....including the federal field service (one or two years, depending upon specialty).

Part of the last graduating class from the Universidad
Autonoma de Tamaulipas.   There were 3,700 graduated from
13 different Colleges within the University

     On top of that, there are excellent pre-engineering prep-schools in Reynosa, and a full pre-engineering program at the Universidad Autonima de Tamaulipas in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
Fairly typical scene of the large UAT campus in Ciudad
Victoria, Tamaulipas

SO,  Please spare me!   There are, there were, there will be alternatives and rabbit paths for everyone with the drive, vision, and aim to at least shoot at the target.   I am crushed that this fine child could not see his silver and gold horizon.  Devastated.

Leave me alone for a bit.  And thanks for putting up with an Old Curmudgeon who really does hope the best for each child....each person.
El Gringo Viejo....