Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Time to Give Up

LOOK!   This proves it.   CBS and The New York Times did a survey....and this proves that we are right and the Tea Party Geezers are full of it

chart wealth distribution poll money (Credit: CBS News)

Forty-six percent of Americans say "Occupy Wall Street" represents the views of most Americans,  CBS and the New York Times...!

      This proves that the American people are convinced that no one should have the right to his own stuff, money, cats, cans of tomatoe soup, nothin'....It all belongs to _(nancypelosi and pete seeger?).. to "redistribute" fairly in a way that they determine.   From each acorning to his ability and to each acorning to his need.    And Maxine Waters is in charge.   And Jane Fonda.   And Michelle LeVaughn Robinson.   and Hillary.    and Barbra Striesand...I mean it's really awesome, like totally know?
It was in the New York Times....they did the survey with CBS,,,,,if you can't trust them, then who can you trust?

El Gringo Viejo