Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Mendacity of Dispair.....(addenda alert...posted during the late evening hours)

The crowds of 666 people gathered into clusters of various cities and towns of the United States of America are the perfect collision of stupidity, ignorance, narcissism, conceit, and arrogance.   It makes for a really, truly tragic picture of the present state of America's left-oriented political thinkers and activists.
      We have attempted to avoid, frankly, this entire situation.   It genuinely does not interest us much.   The problem is that the participants have lead with their chin so much that one cannot resist pointing out the obvious.

      (1)      The first and most obvious thing is that the people in involved in the "Occupy Peoria" movement are fools, cads, and shysters.  Their ideas, as expressed by their own statements are laughable.   Their knowledge is shallow.   Their rhetorical and compositional ability is limited.  They are at once "against Wall Street Greed", and at the same exact moment, they demand that someone else pay their college loans off, provide them free medical services, and that someone pay them more than they are worth to do whatever job that they feel that they are entitled to walk into.   The entirety of their intellectual thrust is "What about me?  Who is going to solve this problem for me?"
      To the extent that they have problems, which in real terms they don't, they are demanding that the same people who caused the problems give them the solution to the problem.   The demonstrators are too stupid and/or unwilling to understand that the government does not wish to solve problems that the government has created.   The government creates problems so that there will always be something to blame on the testosterone-challenged Republicans every two years.    "The Republicans want women to die on the floor (?) throw granny off the cliff by taking away her medicare (?) have granny eating canned cat food because the Republicans want to take away her Ponzimatic Free Money(? my daughter liked cat food when she was around two years old) kill all Negroes and Eskimoes by taking away the O'bama Free Stashmoney Program....and generally kill everybody just to have the fun to watch them die."    The Free Money for Slugs, Dregs, and the Terminally Indolent Sleigh ride is even funded by Republicans at times, so that they can show that they too, are "sensitive"...."responsible"....."reasonable"....."bi-partisan"....."kinder and gentler"....and above all..."mature and moderate".   $15 , 000 , 000 , 000 , 000  of basic, simple debt is the basic result of this disaster.    Well over seven times that amount awaits the public in terms of union-negotiated unfunded and unfundable pension liabilities.   We can laud and magnify the union-member firemen and policemen all we wish, but paying full pension to a 52 year-old retired NYFD, NYPD, LAPD, or LAFD, bone-fishing in Belize or beaching, salooning, and Campechano-cocktailing in Playa del Carmen, or heading back to the Riviera for the Winter is not something that can be reasonably sustained by the body politic.
      Corporate hog-troughers, General Motors, Chrysler, General Electric, and the other stellar performers like Solyndra, etc. have demonstrated enough Queen for a Day begging power to soak up more "free money" that will certainly wind up having been a real drain cleaner as everything flows into the Septic Tank known as "Washington, District of Colombia' Programs to Help You Because You Are Special and Everyone Else is Rich".
      The Queen for a Day crowd, the Unions, and the ardent Left want the Gravy Train to continue.   Some want it because of their own indolence and sense of self importance and entitlement for having been "me".   Others want it because they hate anything good, anything that represents wealth, anything that represents quality, tradition, or civility, cleanliness, or comeliness.   To them, anything clean must be defiled.   Anything beautiful must be scarred and mutilated.  Anything productive must be reduced to ruin and ash.    Anything good must be perverted and made into evil...while evil, avarice, and self-destructiveness must be deemed sophisticated and  worthy of tolerance and "funding".    The last group...the control dedicated to the overthrow of America as a place of individual self-reliance and limited governance.    They deign themselves the "Queens of the New Anthill".    The Old Gringo, of course, thinks of them as those who learn naught from history and who in their conceit become the "....Dog who returns to his own vomit".
      The "Occupy" people are essentially filthy leftists, who are self-absorbed professional beggars, panhandlers, and gimme-or-else extortionists.

     (2)       They are hogs, pigs, and swine.   If a person goes to a Republican rally, a Tea Party Rally, a PGA event, a neighbourhood where the vast majority of the people are Republicans and/or conservatives,  EVERYTHING IS CLEAN...almost always.   After a Tea Party event, or a Glen Beck on the Strand deal....THE LOCALE IS LEFT CLEAN...CLEANER THAN IT WAS FOUND.    The childish, mean, self-centered zombies that have been shown on television by a largely sympathetic press are filthy personally in almost all cases.   Their personal areas would not pass muster in a sanitary landfill.   There is no sense about anything beyond  "I want,."   and/or " I need,.." ,  "America is evil...",  "Tax the rich or else..."
      The Tea Party people, in the main, talk about what they want for America.   They concern themselves about the future of their grandchildren.    Admittedly, it gave the Old Gringo pain when one would see or hear of some geezer at a Tea Party or Republican event talk about ..." I need my Medicare....or I'm scared about losing my social security"   Every time these statements were made by one of those on my side of the spectrum, it gave a wave of sadness and shame.     Such statements are the sign of a people becoming unthinking slugs and wards of a government that thinks that Hillary Rodham is smarter and saner and more qualified to run our individual lives than we ourselves.    It shows how seductive the idea is that "I am me, and you are only you, and you are obligated to give me what I want, simply because I am me and you are only you."

      But, at least The Old Gringo could point out that even when making snivelly, self-obsessed, me-first, whiney-winey statements, the offending geezer at the Tea Party would pitch in to help and/or help with the Garbage-to-the-Dumpster Detail.    With the Occupacionistas, it is obvious that they are the  99% who have probably never flushed a toilet or urinal.    On passing appearance, it would seem that many of them have a trust-fund funded nanny taking care of that.
       The respect for the sensibility and property of other persons is a hallmark of civility and a pleasant living environment.   These people not only lack such a basic communitarian impulses and sense of social reasonableness....they actively strive to destroy such cultural traits and social conventions.      Private property is to be burned, broken, and destroyed.    After all, it's cheaper to make a political statement with somebody else's possessions.
     (3)     Briefly, and especially to Geraldo Rivera:
                     Geraldo, you are a strange bird....but that you already know.    Last night on The O'Reilly Factor, Your typification of Glen Beck's "paranoia" about these people was absurd, shallow, and revealed that you are totally, and perhaps willingly, uniformed about this matter.   Rightwing alarmists and observers have been aware of this "spontaneous" outbreak being planned since shortly after the election and coronation of Emperor Apologesus.    It was  first going to be run out of the White House by the "Green Czar" who is a self-described communist and who is a convicted felon, and who is unrepentant on all counts.   His name is Van Jones.   It was later transferred to other venues after his sudden departure last year.   To this point it has been a flop.   The leftist American press is trying to breathe life into the event but it will take a lot more effort.   Their desire is to cause enough anarchy so as to force the O'bama administration to begin stringent crackdowns on basic civil rights in this country.   It is something like a "We can't change horses in the middle of a Kristalnacht" strategy.
      It is funded and organized very openly by pro-communist, anarchist, and extremely pro-socialist individuals and groups.   The re-constituted ACORN, George Soros, Move-on, Code Pink, SCIU, the UAW, the CWA, American Federation of Federal, State, and Municipal Workers Union,  the National Education Association, AARP, National Lawyers Guild (national lawyers guild convention 2011  click to learn how to circumvent new American and Israeli Laws), and several score other communist, anarchist, and extreme-leftist, America and Jew-hating organizations.

       In truth, Glen Beck came to this issue relatively late.   He maddeningly declares that he is the "only one" to have given a clarion call about this critical issue.  In fact, it is very much "Old Cow" to anti-nazi, anti-communist conservative strike-force people.   Many have been monitoring and moving to counteract this horrid movement.   His lateness gave him a chance to hone his predictions six to eight months ago to a fine accuracy concerning the world wide scope of this outbreak of lunacy, its timing, and its intent.   The rest of us were far ahead of him, yet he continues to set himself up as a "cutting edge" authority about these matters.   The truly violent stages begin next.    You, Geraldo, are either willingly covering up this story, or you are of the useful idiots, or you are gradually losing what little intellectual capacities you might have had.    In your youth you did a lot of right-brain thinking and you might well be returning to that sad stage of your life.

     (4)     And Finally!     To Geraldo and all the Press.   Do not tell me or any of the other critical thinking people anything.   Do not explain to me the motives of these sub-human, anti-humanitarian narcissistic  (self-described) anarchists and communists.    Those of us who give at church, worry about the fine points of stewardship, give to charities and funds, work in charities and service organizations, invest our money, keep things clean, and still consider ourselves unqualified for Holy Grace or forgiveness do not need explanation from useful idiots in the press, who are by thought, word, and deed proudly ignorant  and willfully supportive of any person or movement that is dedicated to destroying America and ridiculing Americans who have any traditional catechism.
Some of Armand Hammer's partners
planning improvements for the
Russian/ Soviet people
Picture of Hitler and Himmler reviewing SS troops during Reich Party Day ceremonies in 1938.
 German  Ruhr Valley Capitalists had
this man under their control. (?)
      The Old Gringo is not to be equated with people who wish to destroy all forms of legitimate private enterprise, including capitalism.   Simply because these anarchists and communists want to tear down the banking and heavy industry operations in this country does not mean that their motives are the same as mine, by ANY stretch of the imagination.    Those of us on the true conservative right have no use for the Ruhr Valley Bankers and Capitalists who see a chance of profit by joining hands with leftist extremists the likes of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei or the Armand Hammer and Al Gore, Sr. types who saw glorious opportunity coming from investing with the Bolsheviks, who are seen gathered here appropriately on the left, although Lenin himself is positioned on the right, for once in his life.   It was not long before the Communist thugs declared that "....the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we shall hang them, and they will sell it to us on credit".

     If a company fails, let it declare bankruptcy and/or reconstitute by merger or some other measure.   The world will not end.   Hundreds of carriage and  gas light operators went by the wayside.   The Stanley Steamer was an excellent motor-car.   My great Aunt Maggie played the devil in 1926 trying to find a good, new replacement  long-whip for her "Sunday team" that pulled the fancy go-to-church surrey.   (She used it to scratch the horses behind the ears while they trotted.   She could never bring herself to "....beat them for doing something I wanted them to do anyway.   They always seem to know where I want to go and how long I have to get there.")
     The Old Gringo's desire for companies like General Motors was that should simply go out of business.   Something better would have replaced both them and any other company stupid enough to allow for the edification of a stupid, lazy, ignorant, drooling, drunken, pot-smoking Union work-force that was (and continues in many ways) to be vastly overpaid for the work they pretend to do.    Really, for a company to pay nearly 80 dollars an hour for a sluggy slob to bolt his side of a front bumper on a Volt is a bit ridiculous.   The new wage and benefits package is all the way down now to 49 dollars/hour.....and they require the union workers to keep their morning rest breaks down to 2 six-packs and 3 reefers per person....and that the normal 1 hour break mustn't take longer than 2 days.   Spare us.

Grumpily submitted.     As an aside, the Old Gringo and wife had a pleasant episode of things with the brother-in-law and wife, and the sister-in-law and husband. Our older children mixed well with their cousins and the batch of first cousins, once removed melded well....We had no problem "mixing the litters" or with noise or in-appropriate activity during the Rosary or funeral or the interment associated with the earthly departure of the Old Gringo's father-in-law. He was buried with full military honors, the service was 101 on the scale of 100. All went well.

Someday, perhaps, the Old Gringo will post the Eulogy which he composed and delivered at the Catholic Church funeral for his father-in-law. Some say that it was pretty good....although the Old Gringo thinks that it sold the Noble old fellow very short.

El Gringo Viejo.


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