Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Lot of Nines (with corrections)

Nine lives can be really fine when you
have your own organic heater!

99% - of the wealthy had nothing to do with any of the economic problems being faced by our nation.

99% - of the Occupationistas fall into the category of being ignorant, stupid, self-absorbed, narcissist, dirty, and devoid of any intellectual or critical thinking ability.

99%  -   of the Occupationistas do not care a whit about other people's property, about impeding other peoples' comings and goings, or actually doing something that would help themselves or anyone else towards self-sufficiency or self-reliance.

99%   -    of the rest of us who are in the 50% who actually pay income taxes actually worked our way through college, trade school, or technical training, or served in something called the United States Coast Guard, the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy, or the United States Air Force. Some who took out loans did something called, "paying the loans off". We are called "self-reliant".

99%   -   of all central government income taxes are paid by 50% of the taxpayers. The other 50% are called "those who pay no income tax to the central government".

99%   -   of all the people who work in the finance industry, who work in the Wall Street environment are innocent of any legal or moral breach in terms of their professional conduct.

99%   -   of all the guilty, who are few in number, are people like yourselves....atheists, narcissists, egomaniacal, self-absorbed people who think they had or have the right to other people's property just because they want you, the Occupationistas. You are the Bernie Madoffs and the Mark Riches. You are the ones who want a job "given" to you, who want "free" this and "free" that, who want someone else to pay for what you want because you are the one who wants it and you want someone else to pay, because that person is only someone else, and you are someone much more special.  So you think.

       The number 9 is really working overtime.    Herman Cain wants to 9 9 9 the various taxing processes for the central government.   Unfortunately that would keep the amount of money going to the Central government about where it is now.   The Old Gringo would like to see at least a 20 percent across the board cut in the first Cain budget.   Also, the idea of taxing corporate income, capital gains, or the worth of dead peoples' estates is a terribly bad any rate.    But his 9% national terminal sales tax, 9% personal income tax, and 9% corporate income tax  would be a good beginning.   Basing the activity of the economy in the area of 15 trillion dollars per annum, it would be adequate to fund what the government is doing at this time.
      A Texas-style iron-clad balanced budget mandatory Constitutional Amendment would be another thing to tack onto the  9 9 9 overall approach.    Then, the abolition or significant reduction of scope of the Departments of Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, FEMA, and Homeland Security would be a huge step in the right direction.   An overhaul of the Department of the Interior, the National Park System, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs would further accompany this "fundamental transformation" of the central government and its power over the daily affairs of the American People.
       With these measures in place,  increased economic activity in the United States would cause budget surpluses to occur.    The unused money would be used to systematically pay down the monstrous debt in a steady, moderate manner.
       Any further war or wars which require American participation would have to carry the weight and authourity of  An Act of War approved by a two-thirds vote by the United States Congress, and all bellicosity would be financed by War Bonds purchased by the free will of Americans and citizens of any country allied with the American War Effort.    The name of the United States Department of Defense would immediately be changed to the United States War Department.

     The problem with our fiscal house is not the amount of money we have coming in.   The problem is that the Parliament of Public Women that we have will find a hundred different ways to spend any money that is sent up to their lofty precincts so as to perpetuate themselves in office on the dime of the taxpayers.   There has never been a stupider,  more brain-dead comment at the barber shop or saloon or the church picnic than when Goober tells Barney something like,
      "Well, I think we oughta be right proud of Congressman Jehosaphat Bladdersplatter, cause'n he went up there and he done brought home the bacon to New Gizzard Gut.   Yessir! He got that money for the Old Folks' Free Lunch Program and for that rebuild on the dam at Old Lake Frog Liver.   That's why we're meetin' up tomorrow at the City Hall, cause'n we're a-gonna name that Lake up somethin' a lot better."
      "Better'n Lake Frog Liver?"
      "Absolutamundo, Barney.   We're a gonna name that lake up proud.   This is a secret, just you and me....but Andy is goin' to move that we name it  "Earlene Snodgrape Bustlebuster Bladdersplatter Lake" know, with Earlene's maiden name thrown in.   And then change the "Lake" part from the front to the back of the name.   Yessir, Mr. Honorable Congressman Bladdersplatter will know we're all really proud of him for bringin' home the bacon."
        An owl hoots in the old loblolly pine in Andy's front yard, and the calico tabby who has to wear a tinkerbell to keep her from sneakin' up on the mockingbirds, jumps down of'n the New Gizzard Gut Police cruiser's fender.    It's 'bout time to bother Aunt Bea for supper.

       Barney finally speaks, "Goober, if we're so proud of him bringin' back the bacon...why'd we send the bacon up there to begin with?"
 Happy times back at
 Lake Frog Liver with the Gang
      A long silence ensues, while Goober and Barney fiddle around with tuning their guitars.    Andy is in the back room rehearsing one of his AARP advertising plugs about how Republicans want geezers to die quickly, but AARP and Obama will save them.   Aunt Bea is rocking on the porch, doin' a bit of her fancy crochet work,  waitin' on the cat and thinking about which tin of Sheba they are going to share tonight.   Crickets are chirring.   It's a warm, calm night in America.    Tomorrow will be the dawning in America.

Tomorrow, the Old Gringo will have been very grateful that you all stopped by to visit.
El Gringo Viejo