Saturday, 8 October 2011

Let's All Pile on Herman Cain....He ain't no real ZuluKwanzaaintergalacticIgottadreamkilamonjarosymbionezeReal African American

"But, Mr. Old Gringo, you always use the word Negro when everyone knows you're supposed to call 'them'  African-Americans."
To which the old fool, Mr. Old Gringo, responded, "I always go out of my way to say 'Negro' because Ernesto Guevara always referred to 'them' as "N-words" in Spanish.   So, in order to spite him and his extension of the Cuban Revolucion into the the remainder of of the Americas, the Old Gringo uses the correct anthropological word, which is 'Negro'."

"Yes, but....out of respect to our African-American President, you should defer to his wishes, don't you think?"

"No.   By his own false assertion, he is not African, in spite of what his blood relatives say.   He adamantly asserts that he was not born in Africa.   Also, he is not American because he cleaves to a policy and ideology known as "marxism" which is irrevocably dedicated to the annihilation of the United States of America and to the concept of individual liberty and responsibility and self-reliance.   He is a 'spread the wealth' person, not a 'produce the wealth' person".

"But, Mr. Old Gringo, you have to admit that it was time to elect one of 'them' as President.  You know that it's just not fair for 'them' not to have a first place trophy like the rest of all those old white men."

"I do not believe in the apportionment of representation.   I do not believe in having Negro districts for State and central government congresses.   I do not believe in have Mexican districts, or German districts,  or Bangladeshean districts.   Under the precepts of English Common Law and the Constitution of the United States of America, all men are equal before the law.   It would not bother me to have every elected official in the nation to be Eskimoians, from dog-catcher to and including the Presidency were they literate, sincere, and qualified.   I have voted for Latins over Anglos, Negroes over whites, and almost any combination one can imagine of racial and ethnic selections.   Lamentably, the occasion has not presented itself that I could vote for or against an Australian-American to this point."

"But you have to believe in 'Hope' and 'Change'."

     "The Old Gringo does believe in Hope.   She was the scrawny girl who was a cheerleader for the McAllen Bulldogs back in the early 1960s.   She was about 5'4" and probably weighed about 86 pounds.   She was always nice to the underclassmen.   I believed in her.
     "Change is a bit more complicated.   I admire my son-in-law, because he could handle the change, but I could not.   He is a better man than I.   So, for better or worse, I never changed a diaper during my entire service as a father.
     "It gives the Old Gringo some solace to see that many have played back the magnificent telepromptings and studied the actual words, ".....and we will bring them to their knees, all the whitetrash, all the conservative Negroes and Mexicans, all the rich, all those who have anything you do not have....if you will HOLD them, I will put them in CHAINS."

      And now, a special note to Senator Ried.    Have you ever stopped to think what kind of a basal piece of bigotted bilge you are, when you say that you cannot imagine how "a Hispanic" could ever vote Republican.    Or, Senator...could you imagine, perhaps, what would have happened if George Bush or Sarah Palin or even Rudy know...the guy who eats lots of spaghetti with his elbows on the table and talks with a funny Italian accent....if any of those people had said something like..,."O'bama is electable because he doesn't speak with a Negro dialect."   Such a statement proves that you know nothing about linguistics and even less about Barak O'bama and even less about not being a dumbass.
      Finally, Herman Cain is an American who can trace his Americanism and his racial identification back together....he is truly a Negro with the complete American Understanding.   He knows about real slavery, real governemnt intrusion, where a person could or could not eat, swim, or drink water,  Jackie Robinson, Mahalia Jackson, the Platters, Willie Mays, Jesse Owens, the Buffalo Soldiers, Jim Crow, Jim Limber, John Brown, Negro Confederate Veterans, John Henry, Booker Tecumseh Washington, George Washington Carver, Stephen Foster and the Camp Town Races and on, and on, and on.   He knows those things and a million others and understands them as an American, as a black man, as a conservative, as a man who knows what he knows and knows what he does not know.    In short, he is not a fraudulent personality, and in that way he is entirely, thankfully, completely different from the present occupant of the White House in Washington D.C.
A vote for any of the declared candidates for the Republican nomination for the office of President of the United States of America....even Congressman Paul....and appreciation for your indulgence as an esteemed OROG.   More Later!
El Gringo Viejo