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The Left Never Respects....

What is mine is mine, but what is yours is negotiable.
The reason those people are poor is because of institutional weaknesses in the present form of distribution of wealth.
The reason those people are poor is because  of institutional patterns of racial and class discrimination.
The reason for my failure in life is because somebody did something to me.
There is no need for any person to benefit from the death of a relative.   The assets of the dead should be delivered to the Crown and distributed to the benefit of all, depending upon the will of the Crown.
Everyone has the right to a good paying job, a home, medical service, and a comfortable life.    It is the duty of those who have resources to provide such to the rest of the population.

     One of my favourite images of the attitude of the left is to see the aftermath of their gatherings.    Leftism is the blossom of a weed that is composed of arrogance, narcissism, conceit, and elitist self-importance.     "If I say there is homo generative global warming, then the debate is closed"
      To begin with that long topic, there is no debate.   The evidence is in, it is overwhelming, and it is absolutely irrefutable.   The terms "global warming'' , "climate change", "nuclear winter" and the like are political and not scientific.    They are convenient terms for Captain Planet and half-wits to use for the purpose of scaring and depressing children into supporting idiotic schemes that could never have any possible effect upon any macro-climate issue.
       Remember....always take pictures of the Arctic and the Antarctic during their Summer episodes.    AlGore says,"....The people are so stupid they will always think the North Pole is cold and that the South Pole is cold.  And when we show them pictures of baby polar bears having to swim to their deaths because the ice floes are melting because George Bush would not sign the Kyoto Accords, we will be able to shut down American industry and everything will be better.  Damn! I am smart."

And then we leave the "Save the Earth, Kill George Bush Rally'' and it looks like this:

Notice at the end of the film, an attractive and well-spoken Mexican young woman who expresses some sympathy for the peoples' right to express their greivances but who is also appalled at the litter.    In Mexico the rule is the same...PAN rightwing rally - no litter, PRI "centrist-opportunistic-say-anything-that-means-nothing Party, some-to-much litter.....PRD extreme leftist party rally....tons and tons of gargage, pampers, and graffiti per person.
      This and every public event of the leftists always results in this kind of disrespect for others, for the Earth, for public order, and self-discipline.    It's rather much like a lecture from Michelle O'bama about how to travel responsibly.    Or any of a number of tree-hugging hollywood hypocrits who tell us what we must do so that they can use a B-52 to go down to the corner store.

And then we have the "respectful, peaceful" demonstration by the leftist and pr0-communist forces of Lopez Obrador during the last Presidential Elections in Mexico.   They took over the main political plaza...the venerable downtownmost Mexico City  AND the totality of the Paseo de la Reforma for FIVE MILES and occupied said areas for almost 2 months.   In this article....totally points out that the "people" are demonstrating and demanding a recount of the vote.    It does no point out that the Federal Electoral Commission was already underway with the Constitutionally required recount which was done under the view of several score live television cameras from various entities from throughout the world. It was widely regarded by all sane parties....even Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, an influential and leading leftist the most transparent, accurate, and honest Presidential election in Mexican history.

Imagine this boulevard, the most travelled thoroughfare in
the entirety of Latin America, a true beauty mark in the noble
if problematic City of Mexico, closed and occupied by several
hundred thousand littering slugs, essentially living and using
the famed street as a restroom and garbage dump for the
 masses, for three months following the elections of 2006.

     Much of the observation and grounding complained in the blog cited below represents the actual facts of the days surrounding the Mexican elections of 2006.    It was the tarpits of demagoguery.
The Leftist's Credo:
Promise everything, aim hatred at anybody who has anything, respect nothing, bring the people to a frothing frenzy, and then go back to your home in the (choose one or several) the Hamptons, Lomas de Chapultepec, Nob Hill, West Palm Beach, Puerto Vallarta....and let someone else pick up the garbage.



Mexico’s PAN-PRD Alliance

January 28, 2010

by Arjan Shahani
Mexican politics are frustratingly fascinating.

This seems like a paradox, but then again, so does our history as a modern state. With presidential elections 2.5 years away, unlikely candidates and alliances are already beginning to form. This leaving me wondering if this country has any recollection of the political roads we’ve traveled and the costs they’ve instilled on us.
Let’s retrace our steps for a minute. The Mexican Revolution that started 100 years ago was supposed to set the basis for a system, which would alleviate the poverty gap, provide better worker conditions and at the very least, treat citizens with respect and provide the political rights that people lacked.
But this complex era in Mexican history resulted in what Luis Aboites Aguilar called (in a very politically-correct manner) “a political arrangement which made stability possible in the long term.” Along came the time of the PRIismo, an authoritarian regime with a masked one-party system run by the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI). As they had with Diaz
Tired of instability and revolt, society happily welcomed a structure that turned huelguistas (protestors) into sindicalistas (organized union advocates). Far from a democracy, this electoral system continuously rigged elections and left the poor-rich divide unattended, replacing it with a constant rhetoric of “institutionalized revolution.” The message during the first decades of PRIismo was “we’re working on it.
After their 70-year chance at “institutionalizing revolution” a strong opposition led by a right-leaning party (Partido Acción Nacional–PAN) that had been denied access to power at the federal level was able to bring PRIismo to an end. A young (mostly middle class) generation filled with hope rallied behind soon-to-be-President Vicente Fox under the cry of “Sí se puede” (“Yes, we can”). And on July 2, 2000, yes, they did.
But the 2006 election was characterized by a polarized and heated debate between PAN candidate Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and a charismatic left-wing radical, Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD). Left and right battled it out. One crying out against “the rich tyrants that oppressed the peoples” and the other promising that development would result from attracting FDI and promoting employment via a partnership with the private sector. Calderón got the job with 35.9 percent of the vote, only 0.58 percent more than López Obrador.
The aftermath of the 2006 election is well-known: López Obrador did not accept the results, labeled Calderón “The spurious president,” set up camp in Mexico City’s Zocalo, and blocked off Paseo de la Reforma (the city’s most important street).
Now there is a new twist in this long-standing political telenovela. The “Yes we can” promise has not produced expected results, leaving Mexicans disillusioned to the point that many believe the next elections will be a landslide. The assumed victor: the PRI.
But how is the incumbent PAN party preparing to avoid this? With the most unlikely (and ridiculous) of alliances. César Nava, national president of PAN has publicly accepted that his party is working on a deal with the PRD to have joint candidates for the upcoming state elections.
*Arjan Shahani is a guest blogger to He lives in Monterrey, Mexico, and is an MBA graduate from Thunderbird University and Tecnológico de Monterrey and a member of the International Advisory Board of Global Majority—an international non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of non-violent conflict resolution.
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