Thursday, 27 October 2011

Funny, Sad, and Possibly Hopeless

The Old Gringo was munching on his No-doze and drinking his Air-wick for breakfast while watching Squawk Box on CNBC this morning.   He was treated to the usual scene whereby they allow a psuedo-conservative Republican come on and say a few things that sound remotely free-marketish and reasonable.    Then, of course, there is the countering argument which is given by a person who "restates" the previous answer while pointing out the fact that  "this" is not a reasonable position and  "that" of course is "unrealistic" as "all reasonable observers" have agreed.
     The oddity to-day is that the psuedo-conservative, Congressman Ryan from Wisconsin, actually reached down into his inner-caveman and responded.   He had been accused by the "much wiser" liberal ex-governor of Delaware that his and other Republicans plans did not address anything beyond protecting wealthy millionairesandbillionaireswhoflyaroundinprivatejetsanddon'tpaytheirfairshareoftaxesand
paylessthansecretaries.   But! Ryan responded aggressively and made the ex-Governor to appear the fool his is.
     Congressman Ryan pointed out that the ex-governor's point about how the Republicans do not care about re-education of the work-force is false to the point of falsehood.   He advised the panel that there were 40 bills that had been passed out of the House and that were sitting on the Majority Leader Dingy Harry's desk that had never been presented to the Floor of the Senate nor to any Committee.   These bills approved everything from industry inducements to bring on-going education to existing employees and new-hires to consolidating the 55 overlapping, demagogic, union feeding, boiler-plate, afterthought "training programs" established and operated by the Department of Labour, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Health and Human Debris, and the Department of Education(?) etc., none of which have had any effect upon institutional unemployment.
      He also scolded the mentally defective ex-governor who had been oh so condescending in explaining how he was so much more superior to the other guest, a lowly Republican, because he "cared" about things other than helping rich people.    Congressman Ryan pointed out that over 95% of public education activity in the United States is handled by State and local entities.   He also pointed out that every central government initiative that had been forced onto the locales had taken away from the central mission of providing people with a common intellectual foundation to prepare that person for his own self-defense and prosperity.
      It is probably true that kicking Yahweh out the school-house back door and forcing Crips, Bloods, the Mexican Mafia, Marasalvatrucha13, and the Aryian Nations Blastercyclists into the schools is not really a good idea.    Unless, of course, it is the actual objective of the Progressives to destroy the Nation.    Which, after all, is the truth.
     It is well to remember, that save for certain military missions, almost all activities started and supervised or controlled by the central government either are abject failures or suffer astronomical cost overruns or both.    Every business and social intrusion conducted by the central government, and almost all that are conducted by local governments, are money-losers and almost always cause many more problems than they don't cure.
      The least money paid into a morass of despair and hellishness are the one that "help" people.    The home of the brave and the land of the free, in less than 40 years has become the "place where we stays" and "this is our barrio, you diss's us by bein' here, bangbang you dead".   We have quickly developed into a nation of 29 year old grandmothers who somehow are more important than people who are human.
      We are admonished that we are "against children" if we do not vote money to "help" them.  The money goes 70% portion to bureaucrats who preside over this insanity.  The rest goes to feed and house what are increasingly sub-human entities who know only violence and procreation.   The Old Gringo submits that we are "for children" if we do something to stop the production of children born into the welfare dependency industry and the babymother culture.
 Stupid Bird
      Without taxation to support this madness and to subsidize the agriculture, food processing, food marketting, and medicaid industrial complex, our populace would be in a better position immediately to provide true charity, directly and locally controlled by people who can sort out the father who fell of the ladder and broke his leg from Jake the Crackhead who comes around every Tuesday and Saturday and Maggie Ann who comes in once a week because he boyfriend came back, beat her up, and took her "welfare", leaving the babies aged 1,3,5,6,7 unfed.   All need to be attended, but the Salvation Army could handle the job easily, gearing up on its own over a couple or three years.   Government Departments of Human Services are designed to recruit slugs, barnacles, and blobs looking not only for a handout, but a life-style of lethargy.
      The under-paid welfare office workers are making 25 to 50 thousand dollars each by "helping" the "poor".   Each depends upon the existence of the other.   It is a Luciferine symbiosis from Hell.    Throw in the Banks and the Grocery Chains and "voila!" a perfect Hell on Earth.    Before long, Americans will vote in a central government program to punish and flog the few Little Red Hens left.    They are already sawing open the Goose.
Stupid Bird!  Run!  Don't you see
the 666 Bastille Committee coming
over the hill?

Awake finally.   Maybe I can make another round of coffee.  More later, about Mexico.
El Gringo Viejo