Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Father and Son teach each other....Usually the Father learns more

The number one concern
for all adolescent males
during the Walt Disney
"Zorro" Days - Annette
(What follows here in Georgian face is the writing of original blog text.   Other type faces are material that has been included from other sources, or derived from emails between my son and the Old Gringo.... hisseff.... as my Grampa used to say)

     My son sent me this concerning the contemporary of another adolescent femme fatale during my days at that age.   Marisol was the equivalent of Annette Funicello, who was the Queen of the Mickey Mouse club back in the late 1950s.    The thing is that this Spanish girl from the same period is a dead ringer for my granddaughters.   They are also derived from the same part of Spain, albeit from 400 years further back in time.   Their grandmother is more of the classical Malagena type, brunette, and is typical of  an area famous for stunning beauties. My daughter, thankfully, took after her mother in terms of appearance and composition.

Click on the above link to see a pleasant bit of puffery and a Shirley Temple level of talent for a child of that age.
This is Marisol in 1962 at the same age
as Annette.   Marisol, although blond, was born
in Malaga, the heart of the "Moorish" part of 
Spain.  Her natural name is Josefa Flores Gonzalez

What follows here are the Old Gringo's comments to his son concerning his unearthing this relic from the late 1950s and early 1960s.
         The video of the little Spanish girl is the one with which I am familiar.   She was quite the item during the Franco period in Spain.    She was used by the Franco government to point out to the world that "all the gueros had not abandoned Spain"  with the exodus of the communists following their defeat in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.   She was incredibly talented.   Wonder what happened to her???
      For instance, about 30,000 gueros (blond and/or light-skinned) children wound up in Mexico, sent there by their communist parents in order to find refuge from the war against the Royalists and Franco supporters.  Others went to the United States, others went to Russia and France.
      Now you know what important matters we discuss.    Actually, however the topics are somewhat important.   The "gueritos"  (little blondies, pronounced whear - EEH -tohs) were sent to Mexico because at that time the ultra-leftist, "Great Expropriator" Lazaro Cardenas was President of Mexico.   He invited the Spanish communists affected by the victories of Franco and the great majority of the Spanish people over the Soviet backed attempt to gain control of the entry into the Mediterranean Sea, to send their children to "his home" in Michoacan State.   This astoundingly interesting State is situated between Mexico City and Guadalajara.   It is a profoundly beautiful, cold highlands area which is home to the lower Tarascan Indians, who still are found in abundance throughout the State.   Many of the Gueritos settled in Morelia, Patzacuaro -Santa Clara del Cobre area, and around Uruapan.   The vast majority of those children did not return to Spain.   In a few cases, very few, their parents came to live with them in the hospitable, leftist environment of pre-World War II Mexico.

     Then my son sent me this article (below-linked) from the New York Times.   The article deals with a phenomena presently moving around Mexico.   It concerns the activity of a very popular, leftist poet.   The article bears reading.    It has a couple of points of inaccurate leftist cant and the rest of it has a bit of pinky drip.....BUT....incredibly....El Gringo Viejo gives OROGs permission to read it under the bedcovers and with a flashlight!!
     If the OROG wishes to read the article, it must be read in its entirity.   There are several very salient observations and conclusions towards the end and very end of the article with which the Gringo Viejo agrees.    The pinky poet...a "leftist Christian"  who follows Tolstoy (?????) and Gandhi....is actually a good guy, even in the Gringo Viejo's opinion.   Another thing is this critical point.....He is one of those very, very, very few leftists who would support a conservative Presidential candidate  in the upcoming elections or any future elections.    He has had good things to say about President Calderon and he has declared that most of the Conservative economic agenda will benefit the poor and the working-class Mexican more than the old government controlled economic models.    The growth of Mexico's economy by 10-fold in the last 20 years bespeaks of the obvious superiority of private initiatives in terms of how to make a bigger taco and make it more accessible to more people.
     (There is a joke Mexican socialists and other leftists who have become disenchanted will tell on themselves after a couple of hours in the bar.   "Hey, Pepe!  Why do you have that Conservative party bumper sticker? "   to which Pepe responds, "The Socialist Party proposes more of the same.   The same means more nothing.   They want to distribute nothing equally.   The C0nservatives want to produce something and let everyone have a chance at having at least a little something".   To which Juan says, "But Pepe, what if your neighbour gets more than you?"   It is a very sardonic joke about the Mexican pathos.)
     What follows below in normal typeface is my communique with my son.  This was sent to correct the say-it-enough-and-it-becomes-true gibberish about how the students at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas were all Holy Innocents demonstrating over the manipulation of parking tickets by an old corrupt meany down at the main Police Headquarters.    It was MUCH BIGGER and had overwhelming international implications involving the Soviet Union and the Castro brothers.     Ditto....by the way....with Salvadore Allende of Chile who was actually toppled more by a fratricidal argument between Allende's cabal of Maoists and Stalinists and other marxists who were trying to either deter or speed up Allende's nationalisation of everything in Chile.   Allende was surrounded by people who either wanted to boil the frog slowly or throw the frog into the fire immediately.   The other 66 per cent of the Chilean people who did not vote for Allende in the previous presidential elections had simply tired of his meaningless rhetoric, indecision, and pushing Chile's economy into what appeared to be a bottomless well.   Below are the Old Gringo's comments to his son:
      The New York Times article mixes saliency with absurdity.   The Evangelist for Peace and Justice has developed quite a following.   This time, however the leftist message has been blunted by reality.   The Evangelist himself has recognized that Mexico is dealing with something that goes far, far beyond political organization and direction.   The Times was big enough to point that out when it showed that Calderon successfully demonstrated that Mexico was dealing with Satan, not criminals.   The "Evangelist" had been coming to that same conclusion  along his way, and he has lectured the crowds that force will be necessary before a reasonable sustainable peace can be restored to Mexico.   I am sure he remains a committed leftist, but he has developed a good case of realityosis.
     Also, please be aware that the "specific issues" surrounding the Polytechnic disorders had little to do with why they were there on the Plaza de la Tres Culturas.    It is quickly forgotten that the grouping of upper-middle class, spoiled students to protest this or that was carefully orchestrated by the September 23th  Communist League, a Castro controlled "piquete" against the Mexican political order, and was actually and totally dedicated to the complete halting of the the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City.   They were trying to bring the City of Mexico to a halt, to promote riots, vandalism, and disorder.     Guerrilla snipers were filmed shooting both into the crowd and at the Army personnel deployed at the Plaza.   This is not debatable.    The total number of dead never exceeded 160 by any count.
     One thing was also certain.    After the event, the Olympics went off without any interruption from the "defenders of justice and the poor".    It was pretty much like campus demonstrations after the "Kent State Massacre".     As proof of what I am saying....(and this comes from the pro-communist Wikipedia gnomes)...try this vignette pertaining to the murder of Eugenio Garza Sada, the richest man in Latin America, founder of Ceverceria Cuauhtemoc, Grupo Alfa, Fomento Economico Mexicano, SA de CV, and several other heavy industries in the Monterrey area....

This clarifying inclusion was taken from the normally pinko Wikipedia.   Once again, however, there can be accurate reporting and archiving on the part of the pinkies, at times, occasionally.

Kidnapping attempt and death of Eugenio Garza Sada:
     During the 1970s the Mexican political situation was difficult, with several groups looking to destabilize the government, including communist guerillas who sought funding for their activities. One of those guerillas groups, Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre, planned to kidnap Garza Sada for ransom. On the morning of September 17, 1973, a small group of 23 de Septiembre guerillas ambushed Garza Sada's car at a red light in downtown Monterrey. The kidnapping attempt turned into a gunfight when Garza Sada's bodyguard intervened, and Garza Sada was killed by multiple gunshot wounds received while reaching for his own gun. Garza Sada's funeral was attended by more than 200,000 people.
       In 2006, a Mexican Secret Police document filed in the Mexican National Archives uncovered that the Mexican government was aware of the kidnapping conspiracy a year before it actually happened, yet did not prevent it for political reasons.

The reason for failure to intervene was because the leftist Luis Echeverria Alvarez, President of Mexico and a butt-kisser for pay for both the CIA and the KGB and a monstrously dedicated statist, socialist, and free-enterprise/capitalism hater, had information from international, American, and Mexican intelligence sources about this assassination plot and never transferred the information outside of Los Pinos.   He essentially became a co-conspirator in the plot to kill Mexico's premier industrialist.    Also, there were over 600,000 people who attended the funeral....not 200,000....and this was proven by blow-ups and pin-to-the-head counts.
      The irony is that Echeverria was also Secretario de Gobernacion under the Presidency of Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.   As such he was the XO of the government and was the ranking civilian officer at the Plaza de la Tres Culturas during the "Dia de Infamia", and gave the orders to return fire into the crowd of students.    Later, right-wingers would say that he did that in order to provoke what all the left-wing wanted....full-scale riots in Mexico City by illiterate peons, well-to-do "students", and communists. EVERYONE IN THE NORTH OF MEXICO WAS OF THAT OPINION A YEAR AFTER THE EVENT AND SO STATED OPENLY.   WE BELIEVED WITHOUT CHALLENGE in Texas.   The communists had said that they would halt the Olympics in "solidarity with the World's rejection of American Imperialism in Viet Nam and elsewhere, and in condemnation for Mexico's collaboration with the Imperialist."    They were humiliated when the Olympics were pulled off without a hitch....

       Thanks for your patience.   This is a complicated posting.   My children are very deep thinkers and sometimes manage to pull their father out of his cave and into the light of reason.    Please forgive me for my lecturing tone.   Sometimes a person fears that he left some instruction and insight out while he allowed his wife to do all the heavy lifting in terms of raising the children.   It would be dreadful should the my children be as dull as their father, but it is also necessary that they know why the Old Fool thinks in the manner that he thinks.    They are both more mentally and intellectually quick than their father.
Thanks again.
El Gringo Viejo