Friday, 22 July 2011 OROG's Lecture

"Your inflated feelings of entitlement don't authorize you to rewrite history, exaggerate the accomplishments and/or suffering of your ancestors, or to demand payment for things that happened to somebody else."

    An OROG sent me this hopelessly offensive message, just because I was whining for reparations.    I had made a petition with my trial lawyer from New York to seek recovery for the pain, suffering, misery, post-traumatic nightmares, psychological disorientation, night-sweats, loss of interest in baseball and stamp collecting, and many other things that I have endured over the years.
     On the 3rd of May of 1863 my grandfather's brother was engaging a Confederate position on the outskirts of Salem Church, near Lexington, Virginia.   During a planned, co-ordinated advance which was to be covered and reinforced by the 5th Maine Infantry Regiment, he was seriously....mortally wounded.   He died in a private doctor's office in Lexington some days later, being tended by a physician and  civilians of the enemy's population.
       It was established that the 5th Maine, which had artillery support within its composition, abandoned, nay,  fled the field upon an advance by a Confederate company...much inferior in number and with no artillery support....and left their comrades in the 96th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment to face a Confederate onslaught that reduced the Keystoners' ranks by almost a third by the end of the bloody day.    The further effect of their in the fall of a house of cards....was the complete folding of Hooker's entire center and the forced retreat, finally to the precincts surrounding a place called Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.   There the DamnYankees would have to make a last ditch effort to keep the Confederate Armies from encircling and isolating Washington, D.C.  from northern industry and population centers.
        The the incidents of Gettysburg being resolved, another of my grandfather's brothers (actually a 1st cousin who had been taken in during his early childhood by my grandfather's father)....was killed a month or so later,  while skirmishing with Confederates covering the retreat of Lee's forces back into Virginia.
Iconic black and white photograph of Lincoln showing his head and shoulders.
President Lincoln, who
conspired to kill my
poor Great Uncle.
He stood by and did nothing
       So, the Plaintiff does file suit for damages in the form of reparations for pain and suffering, etc. etc. that was endured by his grandfather, whom he never knew since he died long before the Plaintiff's last reincarnation.  The Plaintiff's  father must have suffered indirectly from this loss which occurred 48 years before his birth, due to implied and subliminally  perceived statements and actions by his father.   Those same psychological inputs were certainly imprinted upon both the Plaintiff and his brothers, thereby causing irreparable harm, damage, suffering, loss of hair, and psoriasis.

Secretary Stanton
War Secretary of the
United States of America
One of the murderers
of my Great Uncle Charles.
His hands are hidden to
hide the Blood of Guilt
     This suit names Abraham Lincoln,    Secretary Stanton, and all General Officers of the Armies of the United States of America during the time of the Rebellion of the Confederacy.   It enjoins all heirs and assigns of the abovenamed perpetrators, living and dead.   It includes all estates of said heirs and assigns.     It further demands reparation from the living and dead heirs and assigns of all members of the 5th Regiment of the Maine Volunteers serving at or near New Salem Church, Lexington County, Virginia during the first 10 days of May, 1863. 
     The suit further names any person of the Negro Race who had been transported from Africa into the New World from the years 1540 through 1851 under bondage or by free will, their heirs and assigns, because their presence on this North American Continent did have an oblique but important bearing upon the Death of my kind Uncle, and he died due to that oblique but important bearing.

image 1
Booker TalliaferroWashington
Strong, Brilliant, Risen from
 Dust. Great and True American
Example for All Times
      The Plaintiff will also demonstrate that no one, not a soul, representing any of the above named miscreants or active or passive co-conspirators, past or present,  have ever expressed any lament, any sympathy, or any concern about his profound loss.   It is for that reason that we pray for supplementary punitive damages to be paid in reparation for the furthering, deepening, and sharpening of  pain and emotional withering.   Plaintiff especially points to the person of Booker Talliaferro Washington who was one of America's most notable figures in social advancement, education, philanthropy, science, industry, and general productivity.   Although he was born a slave, neither he nor his heirs or assigns have ever asked for special treatment or demanded special privilege.   Although dealt a hand with no high card, he ascended to the highest levels and left the Earth a better place, as another might have said....."with malice towards none and charity for all".    His example makes it especially difficult for the Plaintiff to forward his ridiculous case for reparations, therefore we are including him in this petition for redress of grieviance.  Therefore, we pray for the prohibition of the mention of his name or example, or the mention of the name or concept of God or religion during these procedings so as not to injure the Plaintiff's sensitive feelings, and due to the Constitutional Provision requiring separation of drycleaners and Thursday afternoon.   
Filed This Day, before the the Bench of the Perpetual Whining BellyAchers, Office of Special Victims Without Claim, but Who are Therefore Especially Deserving....The Hon. Reverend Al Sharpton, the Hon. Jesse Jackson, the Hon. Rosie O'Potamus, presiding