Saturday, 30 July 2011

Update and Obituary for Tropical Storm Don

     The first point does not have anything to do with anything, per se.  It is just necessary that we all whine and complain to FOX News.   They should desist with their dumboe insistence on announcing a "FOX News Alert" with all the fanfare and graphic....and then announcing "Charles Lindbergh says that he is planning a trans-Atlantic solo flight!"     So many of their alerts are "old cow" that sometimes I wonder if Rip Van Winkle was left in the FOX News Alert control room.    FAUX NEWS Alert! "Gen. Grant allows Confederates to retain side-arms, and horses fit for travel and plowing, in terms of surrender agreement at Appomattox!    More after these announcements."

      Now, after that perambulation, the Storm, Don, came up to Boca Chica like a tired, drunk sailor.   The voyage over the Yucatan, the upper reaches of the Bay of Campeche, and the southwestern Gulf of Mexico ended, partially over land and partially over water.    Please be aware that the "official" readings of the storm's track did not match the facts.   It tracked about 50 miles to the south of what was being cited by the Hurricane Center.   The circulation center was ill-defined, but it was readily detectable by anyone following the storm on a home computer, linked to Weather Underground's sources.   Oddly, the circulation center's strongest moments were its last, when it almost formed a complete rain shield of 360 degrees.    Areas just to the east of Boca Chica had up to 13 inches of rain...all over water....McAllen had a trace
      Of particular note was the forecasting of the path after landing.   It had no path.   It literally evaporated and died on the beach at Boca Chica, the mouth of the Rio Grande during the twi-light and early nighttime hours of 29 July 2011.   The weather service followed a dry, spin-off vortex across South Texas, saying that it was the "post land-fall depression".
       Normally the Weather Service and the private services do an adequate to excellent job in their dealings with tropical weather.   This time was wierd.  The Old Gringo does not understand why there was such a breakdown and an unwillingness to just say, "We are having a hard time fixing a center of circulation due to the lack of organization on the part of Don".     The probability is that the area to be affected, deep South Texas and northeastern Mexico is really of no importance or significance.

       Finally, if the word "compromise" is used again, the Old Gringo will puke some more.   Compromise in the issue of the debt terms of the issues like the national government's budget what has gotten us into this quagmire.    The word 'compromise' infers that each party has a valid position, from which a new and stronger weld can made of two fine metals.
      Compromise to a marxist and or most Democrats and to too many Republicans means...."Let the Party continue, more champagne and caviar , Jeeves....let the little people have Lone Star Cards....make sure the gate is locked at the subdivision entrance....are Rosie and Whoopee here yet?"

     Anything that is recommended that will really cure the problems is immediately met with, "What will we do about the firemen and policemen and teachers and people who need help to not starve and Social Security Checks and veterans' benefits?"    Geitner pulled that one off the other day like a six year old threatening his mother with burning the barn down...after the six-year old was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.   He even glowered slyly at the reporter...almost like, "Bet you hadn't thought of that answer, had you? Bet you don't really believe that we'd pull that off and blame it on the Republicans, do you?"     What a disgusting, marxist thug.

       Geitner and Bernacke are a pair of slugs who were purposely put into their positions to continue the destruction of America.    Imagine a head of the the Federal Reserve actually saying, "I really don't understand why" when asked about the unresponsiveness of the TARP and StimuPork programs.    Imagine the Secretary of the Treasury actually suggesting a THIRD StimuPork program to build upon the successes of the first two labour union funding projects.

      Special announcement:    The Old Gringo has found a good supply of well made Sylvania light bulbs for various applications.   They are long life, incandescents and they are made in the United States.    There are some made in Mexico and Canada.  None that I have found recently have been made in Red China.   These are being carried by the normally Red Chinese friendly HEB company.

Thanks for helping me leave Grumpyland this morning.
El Gringo Viejo