Wednesday, 6 July 2011

And the Lord Spake, saying.....

"......Enough already with the praying for rain...I've heard you!" spake the Lord. And so it was. Verily didst fall the torrents. Awash, all living things crawling, creeping, or borne afoot. Fleeing the rushing and roaring of a River in a race to the Ocean as if driven mad by the rapidly falling elevations. Feathered beasts found their niches and crannies, nooks and corners to wait out the solid sheets of previously scarce rain.
Our little adobe hut on the Rio Corona, in front of the Sierra del Cautivo section of the Sierra Madre Oriental, picked up 18 inches of rain during the period of Allene, the Tropical Storm's landfall, up to and including Sunday night. Almost five days of intermittent heavy rains should wake up the vegetation and orchards of our beautiful area.
Rains in the nearby mountains were thought to have been perhaps double that amount. It seems a bit extreme, but remember OROGs, last year we had rainfall amounts in the mountains that exceeded 100 inches over a two month period. This year's rainy season is starting off in the same way. I shall keep you all abreast of everything, blow by blow, drop by drop.
Just a note. Thanks for your attention as usual.
El Gringo Viejo