Friday, 17 June 2011

Zetas leader 'El Lazca' killed in Matamoros | matamoros, sources, close - Brownsville Herald

Zetas leader 'El Lazca' killed in Matamoros | matamoros, sources, close - Brownsville Herald

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Sources close to The Brownsville Herald have confirmed that Heriberto "El Lazca" Lazcano Lazcano, the leader of the Zetas, was killed today in Matamoros after a gruesome firefight with the Gulf Cartel.
Since shortly after 2 p.m., firefights broke out throughout the city as the two forces clashed. Sources claim Lazcano was killed near Avenida Del NiƱo and Lauro Villar.
This is the second firefight between the two cartels in as many days.

The following is commentary by El Gringo Viejo, and includes other information that has been garnered from other reliable sources.

      This is something of a bulletin and a matter with direct impact on the Gringo Viejo. This particular individual, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, has been associated with the turn to the macabre by the Zeta cartel.    He is, or was, noted to purposefully choose incompetent foot soldiers because of the enjoyment he received in learning about their deaths. It made him think of himself as someone very important because so many people would willingly die for him. He is, or was, associated with the leadership of the San Fernando cell of the ZETA group. The Army chased down El Lazca's immediate lieutenant, Raul Edwardo Martinez Lugo in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon yesterday....along with two 14 year old "boyfriends" and another ZETA veteran in a motel, The Sunset (actually a nice place) on the old Laredo Highway, but still well within the metropolitan area adjacent to the northern sections of Monterrey. Those four were taken alive. The lieutenant was the fellow in charge of warehousing and other initiatives of violence in the county where our little adobe house is located. He and his boss, La Lazca, are implicated with certainty in the assassination of the gubernatorial candidate of the PRI party last year....just days before the election which would have resulted, beyond any doubt, in the candidate's election. His brother served as a stand-in candidate, for instance, and won with 70% of the vote in a three-way race.
The lieutenant is also implicated in the assassination of the Presidente Municipal of the county where our place is.....and many other very serious crimes, both in Mexico and in Texas. La Lazca himself is, or was, wanted for questioning in various matters that have taken place in Texas over the past few months. These developments started with a tectonic rumble about five months ago, and with each passing day, the people have taken up the challenge and have begun to make more and more "anonymous denunciations" on the military's equivilant of the 911 emergency line.
Two weeks ago, the two cartels of interest began a firefight in Matamoros which proceeded up the Rio Grande to a place called Lucio Blanco. There the Gulf Cartel gunmen shredded up the bulk of a group of about 40 Zetas, while taking significant casualties at the same time.
     The Mexican Army had taken up positions near where they figured the two cartels would shoot it out, and towards the end of the engagement, the military came in and assaulted both bands of delinquents. According to the locals the number of dead and seriously wounded among the cartel people was "staggering"....perhaps as many as 60 dead with all engagements included. Most of the damage was inflicted by the Army.
Remnants re-initiated hostilities inside of Matamoros again yesterday, and the Army duplicated their tactic of moving in to engage both sets of gunmen and hit the jackpot with the killing of La Lazca and several of his closest buddies.

All of this has pretty much followed the time-line that the Old Gringo was anticipating. The effort is far from over, but the battle is well joined and the Mexican Armed Forces are excelling at every stage.

Thanks for your attention!   This story will be up-dated during the night as additional details become available.
El Gringo Viejo