Friday, 10 June 2011

Private Letter to Newt and Mitt


   The news yesterday about Newt Gingrich was not pleasant.   It affected the Old Gringo naught, however, because he will never forget that the Speaker invited Jesse Jackson to a joint session address by somebody or another back in 1990's.   The specific event is not remembered.    The right-wingers in the GOP were stunned, because if he were going to invite a person of colour, there was the number 3 guy in the GOP caucus, J.C. Watts, who is and was an accomplished person, also an ordained preacher, but also a normal person, a member of the GOP, a member of the GOP leadership, a noted athlete, an eloquent and forceful thinker among conservatives, etc........and NEWT invites Jesse Jackson, a slug of an extortionist, poverty pimp, philandering hefty bag full of  %^#&;%%^ and camel guts as a guest of honor.    Good-bye Newt, since 1995, I think it was.    One must remember that Newt is not from Georgia, which is neither here nor there, but rather from the more enlightened Northeast.    Newt is also from the Rockefeller wing of the GOP and quite closely associated with the "reasonable" people who call themselves Republicans and are generally found at the Country Club, dreading the arrival of Jed Clampett and me to their meeting.
       However, the Old Gringo will abide by Reynaldus Magnus's instruction that one Elephant shall not speak ill of another there.

       Nor shall the Old Gringo raise his voice against Mitt Romney, whom he regards as the perfect candidate for President.....until he says that he believes Al Gore and a hoard of Bolshevik scientists .     Mr. Mitt, one medium volcano spews more pollutants....serious, toxic one day into the atmosphere than what has been spewed into the atmosphere by all humankind since the beginning of Creation.   Mr. Mitt, please remember that in the 1970's Jane Fonda told me we were all going to die....because of NUCLEAR WINTER...Global Cooling!!!!    Mr. Mitt, what are you going to say when the next crowd comes out of the St. Frida Kahlo's Chapel of the Church of Karl Marx of the Latter Day Bolsheviks and declares that all cats have to be burned because they have a parasite that endangers left-handed lesbian Eskimos?

Forgive my ire as I crawl back into my darkened cave.
El Gringo Viejo