Wednesday, 22 June 2011

More Good News - Additional rains

The Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre has received substantially beneficial rainfall.  The bulk of Central Texas and South Texas has also received anywhere from "some" to a "substantial" amount of rain.   Our place in Texas on the border had between 3 and 4 inches.    A station near Zapata, Texas had over 10 inches and the area around Harlingen, Texas had from 4 to 8 inches.   This will help.    Yahweh is greater than our problems.   He had better things to do for a while, and now he got back to us.
    Now it's tomorrow, Thursday, later on in the afternoon and we have had a light to moderate rain most of the afternoon.   It seems to have been about an inch, according to the 24 hour cumulative sweep from the weather service.   The radar looks like a little depression was trying to form, but right over Brownsville, hope for any real development, but it is producing a goodly amount of much needed rain.    This second day of rain is slow enough that all the water will go into the subsoil.    There is a slight chance that the Highway between Matamoros and Cd. Victoria might be flooded over about 20 miles south of Matamoros.    A similar chance might occur later to-night along US 77 just north of Harlingen and then at another place just north of Raymondville.
       Who would have thought 10 days ago that we would ever see rain again?   In thanking Yahweh for getting back to us, the Old Gringo forgot to remember  the contribution Al Gore made to the issue, considering that he invented rain, while ploughing with mules on a rocky hillside not far from this father's mansion that was surrounded by tobacco barns and beautiful leafy fields of bright-leaf tobacco.
    You have to admire Al, the pride he has in his father who tried to keep him in school at Harvard and Yale....where he flunked out of the schools of divinity and law.    Al was probably proud of his dad's old Boss, Armand Hammer, whom he aided during those bonding moments with Uncle Joe Stalin.   It's enough to make a guy want to call the masseuse.
Later...and thanks for your time.   I'm out to play in the rain puddle for a bit.
El Gringo Viejo