Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Special News for OROGs

El Gringo Viejo informs his public of the lamentable and heart-wrenching news  that he has withdrawn his favoured presence from the Facebook service.    We are aware of the high number of young women who have taken poison and/or slashed their wrists under the faucets of their bathroom lavatory, as well as some of America's finest young men sprawled on the sidewalks below their 30th floor apartments on Park Avenue in Manhattan......not to mention all the little people who will be perhaps totally psychologically impaired for the duration of their miserable, insignificant, little lives.     But, such are the costs of a life such as mine.  

     It was, after all, troubling that I could arrive upon my own personal "homepage" and find tout le monde esconced there....advertizers, lonely hearts...not talking to me....but talking between themselves.   Persistent attempts to join in the merry-making, and commiserating always resulted in the same outcome.     Nobody ever responded.
       It said up the corner...."El Gringo Viejo".....it was where my page went when I entered my email and password....It said, in various places.... the home page of El Gringo Viejo.    But alas....I was a stranger in my own land.   Two responses from my daughter....one from a friend of hers.....and couple of cranky "Why do you want to know why my boyfriend is rebuilding that old pick-up".....I mean, how does one start a conversation with a niece with whom one has not had any contact for 30 years?    "Hi! Sweetie!".....???    And besides that, just exactly why was I trolling around on my own Facebook page?
      My Old Best Friend...Robinson Crusoe....from high school days and thereafter wrote me yesterday about some spam emanating from my Facebook page....we made a pact....and yesterday early in the evening, we both jumped off the Chattahoochee Bridge....just a couple of old Viet Nam  era veterans (Robinson Crusoe much more than The Old Gringo), leaving life without Facebook to escort us into the journey to Eternity. (my ankles are still painful....we forgot to see if there was any water in the River)

I Jumped Off Settles Bridge into the Chattahoochee River  You can see what could have been our last view of our times on this Earth to the left.    Thanks for the memories.  I appreciate your time and attention to this matter as we attempt to adjust to  LIFE AFTER FACEBOOK.

The Old Gringo