Monday, 2 May 2011

Some Cause to Celebrate

    The Usama bin Ladin thing is pretty much big news south of the border.   Among the things bringing it up to the top half of the front page is the fact that about 100 Mexican citizens were killed at the twin tower disaster.   Another several were killed in the other two airplanes that went down.   There was a bit of karma, therefore, when a boy born of parents from Guajajuato, Guanajuato, was one of those who stormed the compound in Pakistan and participated in removing one of the stalking disciples of Satan from this life.
His parents, who were legal immigrants into the United States, had quite a scare yesterday, however. This is their conversation with a Mexican news service from this morning.

       En esa acción participó, el soldado Rubén Mejía, nacido en Estados Unidos, sus padres son originarios de Guanajuato, México. El joven fue ascendido a sargento gracias al operativo realizado contra Bin Laden y solo presentó algunos golpes, además ya recibió felicitaciones por parte de Barack Obama, quien espera reunirse muy pronto con los 20 nuevos héroes.       "Hace unas horas mi familia fue estremecida cuando vieron llegar a una decena de oficiales del ejército a nuestra casa, y cuando tocaron la puerta nuestra familia se estremeció y empezaron a llorar porque ya se creía en malas noticias. Los soldados nos traían una bandera de Estados Unidos doblada y cuando vieron que empezábamos a llorar nos aclararon que era un reconocimiento y un honor el traernos la bandera porque nuestro hijo había cumplido una gran misión por la nación”, mencionó Martín Mejía, padre de Rubén.
      "In this action the soldier Ruben Mejia, born in the United States of parents who are from Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico* participated.     The young man was promoted to sergeant today due to his participation in the operation against bin Ladin, and furthermore he only suffered a few bruises, and as well he received personal felicitations from the President Barak Obama, who declared that he hoped to meet very soon with the 20 (?) new heroes.
     "Just a few hours ago,   my family really stressed out when they saw a ten-count  of uniformed military officers come to the door and were knocking ....the family really stressed-out, some started crying because at that point they thought they were receiving bad news.     The soldiers were bringing us an American Flag all folded,  and when they saw that we had all started crying, they clarified everything by stating that they had brought the flag as a recognition and an honor because our son had complied in a grand mission for the Nation." mentioned Martin Mejia, the father of Ruben.
*(further research finds that Ruben's parents are legal immigrants to the United States)

     The article was accompanied by the obligatory pictures of UbL with his head blown apart....and a peculiarly dark beard again.     Such images will be spared you all.

Tomorrow, some ideas about how to cure all the problems again.
The Old Gringo