Friday, 11 March 2011

March Musings....and News

      There are bits and pieces of news and observations that you all need to know.....or better yet....that I need to relate for no particular reason.  

(1)      You can feed the fish.   Those multi-coloured fish that you see in the right margin can be fed simply by right-clicking onto the aquarium.    Deposits of black granules will immediately flow to the fish, and the fish themselves seem to appreciate it all.    You can feed them as much as you want and even choose favourites, if you wish.

(2)     Texas State University (more correctly known as Southwest Texas State University before a bunch of dumboes decided to "improve" the name) sent a delegation to the Debate Among Philosophers event in Cincinnati, Ohio.   I am given to understand that Cincinnati, Ohio is way over in northeast Texas somewhere.
      My son led the debate between the hayseeds and rustics of Texas versus the hotsey-totsey blue-bloods of Dartmouth (named for an orthodontological disorder common in the area where the university is located).   In short, Texas State University won, and my son received special commendation due to his  stunning performance.
       Thousands and thousands of crazed females filled the streets around his hotel after the SWTSU vs Dartmouth debate concluded, forcing the police to cordon off the area, and finally calling in the National Guard to restore order after six hours of near chaos.    As many as 20,000 shrieking females of every known race, colour, and creed were chanting "Christian, Christian" and three Muslim women burned their burkhas during a complete emotional collapse.   Several hundred of the young women were admitted to various hospitals in the area suffering from hysterical collapse. 
       (The above paragraph is subject to amendment as new details emerge from the scene)

        Christian is a lone rider in the scheme of things.    He is  found doing what he wants so long as he does no damage to others.   People always want him to "come back" to the places where he has been.    In the South, the term "come back" is not a term of is a term which means "Please return and be amongst us and be with us", and that is his young legacy.    He is  always employed, always advancing with his higher education....(heading now into graduate school at SWTSU....I mean Texas State University)....and generally being a Texas-style bon vivant surrounded by 2,558 of his closest friends, the bulk of whom are stunning blond, brunette, and redheaded women.

      His mother and I are always humoured by his life-path and pleased with his enjoyment and mastery of the art of living.   He inherited characteristics of both grandfathers....always pleasant, always dedicated to humour as a theme of life, always seeking spiritual, material, and physical improvement in his lot....and always contributive.    He is the quintessential "You-oriented" person.

      He has a fancy, rakish automobile (not from Government Motors or Chrysler), a nice little dump in the middle of San Marcos, and can walk, drive, bicycle, or jog to work, stores, TSU campus sites, restaurants, saloons, and other points of interest in downtown San Marcos.     Downtown San Marcos is kind of a stretch....but it does have an interesting potpourri of businesses and other services....all of which are well operated and pleasant.   He is even within walking distance of the AMTRAK, and right at the point where the new toll road takes off of IH 35 and goes around Austin so that he and his sister can exchange visits in less time than it takes people in Austin to make a bank deposit at their favourite drive-through.     (Round Rock and San Marcos are about 50 miles apart.)
      He has  geographically positioned himself so that, while the World is in heavy traffic, he faces none.   His sister and brother-in-law are in a very similar position because they drive primarily a very short distance east/west while most of the folks in the greater Austin metro area are involved in the mainly north/south US 183 and IH 35 "situation".

(3)     The next observation is a call for you all to begin raising money now for my defense fund.    The next time some slobs with a Lone Star Card buy 300 dollars worth of food(much of which is either not fit for human consumption or things we, as upper-income people, cannot afford) for a "family" that is on complete public support (AFDC, food stamps, rent subsidy, electricity subsidy, WIC,  extended unemployment compensation, etc.) and that "family" leaves the grocery cart in the running lane or parking area of the HEB parking lot en lieu of just pushing a few feet to the little corral for the carts.....I SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES OR MAYHEM....Therefore I want you all to be prepared to have money enough for my future successful temporary insanity plea.