Monday, 14 February 2011

Back to Court

     We have a long term guest coming to us at  the end of the month.    This is a blessing for an operation such as ours, as you all might imagine.   Long-term in our business is anything over a fortnight, and this particular guest might become almost semi-permanent.   So, I shall be going down soon to make final preparations, oversee the post-freeze pruning and gardening necessities, help with a minor interior repair to the mansion de la Quinta, and also to oversee the distribution of a large dump-truck load of gravel.    We shall be putting about 60% of the gravel on the road that runs in front of our property, while 40% will be dedicated  to freshening up the perimetral drainways that surround the house, the parking area, and the pathways that lead to points down in our "controlled wilderness" adjacent to the Rio Corona. 
     The client will be going down on the bus from McAllen.   It is the client's desire that we deliver on our promise of "absolute boredom".....tranquility is the number one requirement on the list.    The client is also a reader, a walker (5 miles per day), a veteran of living and travelling in Mexico, and a person of multiple interests.    As well, our new guest is a non-drinker and does not smoke,  likes dogs and cats, is an early riser, and I believe is a bit of a bird-watcher.   So, we have a pretty good fit.     I shall provide a couple of weeks of to catch the busses....we have what must be the best, most deluxe rural bus service in North America, with nice, fancy busses going by in each direction about every 12  - 16 minutes.   The client is an expert on Mexican bus that helps.   Later the intent is to bring the pickup back down, but for right now there is no need for it.

     My biggest problem, if it can be called such, is that I have another jury summons.    I receive more jury summons than final offers for AMEX, Visa, MC credit cards.   Normally I serve without whining or moaning because I really do look forward to jamming up a punitive damages lawsuit filed by the guy who wants $32,000,000 in damages because there was no warning posted on the chainsaw that he bought stating that he should not brush his teeth with said chainsaw.
     Sometimes I really am down in the remotest parts of Mexico...on the edge of telephone service....and attending to clients.   So about a third of the time I request to be "re-inserted" for another date....not exempted or excused.  The rest of the time I show up.   My last case was a criminal proceeding....sexual abuse of a child....and we were fixing to go to final selection of the empanelment.   The charges were dropped about 90 minutes before trial because the defence attorney (a newly retired Naval Adjutant) had indicated that she was going to call the other seven men that the aggrieved had filed charges upon during the preceding two years.
     The final potential jurors on this case thought they had been over-paid, abused by a dunce-like assistant prosecutor, and generally imposed upon by being assigned into a case that could never have resulted in a guilty verdict even if the accused had been 100% guilty.

      This time, I have a federal court summons.   It may be for Grand Jury service or it might be for petit jury.   It will be necessary for me to be present in the McAllen area on March 5th.    The  procedure now is to call on the evening before the appearance date to receive recorded instructions concerning any changes/lack of changes in the summons date.    If service is not required, the potential juror is also advised at that time.     We shall see how that works....apparently it has served well to this point.   It makes more sense than the State's system of having 600 people trundle into an auditorium, listen to a dull repetition of what is already commonly known and/ or written down, and then wait around for a week to be put into a pre-trial pool or not.
      My mother served on a federal grand jury back in the late 1950's....and that involved over a year's coming and going to Brownsville (65 miles one way from McAllen) at various times during the session....It might have been 18 months, now that I think about it.
      Now everyone knows more about my future than anyone cared to know, but I shall strive to keep you even more well-informed as the paint dries. 

Thanks you all for your kind words, questions, and interest.
The Old Gringo